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  1. Just getting back into flightsim, and with the upgrades done through FTXCentral, I noticed that this runway marker on 18 for 74S Anacortes was never fixed.... Still upgrading old sceneries, so I'll get back to ya... Don
  2. Jarrad, Any further progress on the patch you said was being worked on for 74S? Thanks!
  3. Sorry about taking so much time in replying. Have tried adjusting the light levels with FTX Central and the runway lighting is still way too faint for accurate night lighting approach and landing.
  4. Jarrad, The runway marker at 18 is incorrectly marked at 36. I find the runway lighting to be very faint and difficult to use. The default lighting forr FSX is much brighter. Any way to brighten up the lighting easily? Anacortes Skagit (FSX default scenery) Thans
  5. G'day Jarrad, and thanks so much for piping in on this thread. I guess I was being a little abstinent in wanting the patch for this old free add-on from WestSim, and realize that just turning crash detection off is a simple fix.Guess I'm not quite ready to belly up to the bar for the new version yet.
  6. I think this is a developer problem as the scenery add-on is NOT a default FS9 issue. This seemed to me to be the most obvious place to post this query as one of the former WestSim developers, Jarrad Marshall, is listed as being with FTX (http://fullterrain.com/about.html) 'Meet the team behind FTX': "Jarrad Marshall is well known for his excellent quality scenery released through WESTIM, with classics for FS9 such as Jandakot airport SW of Perth. An exceptional designer and gmax modeler, Jarrad is working on projects for Orbx including YMML, Jandakot for FTX and the Perth Cityscape add-on." I thought I might be able to get his attention to the old problem here on this forum, or maybe someone else that had this scenery add-on would know if the patch was issued and could pass it along to me. Thanks to all that has and will reply here!
  7. So I will need to PURCHASE the later version to overcome this issue?
  8. I'm looking for the 'crash' patch that was supposed to come out for the WestSim Group version of the YPJT Jandicot 2003 (also could use this in FS2002 I believe). I still have this on my machine in FS2004 and just started flying it again and noticed I am getting 'Object Crash' at the end of runway 12. The PDF file included said there would be a patch issued that addressed this issue. Anyone have it? Thanks! Fragmentum
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