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  1. Finally finished all 14 exams; first time passes - Commercial Flight School in Feb Happy Christmas everyone
  2. I used them in FSX once and whilst there was NO perf decrease there were a lot of new stutters; removed them and stutters were gone. i really hope the HD buildings don't do the same.
  3. I flew the 08 Approach today! this scenery is beautiful absolutely stunning and good perf too. im so glad the church is there for right base reference point.
  4. That's a nice and refreshing bunch of replies - Good On All Of You Chaps I will wait a while before I dive in, however, I am pleased to be reading this :-)
  5. Its Nice to read something positive - Good for you buddy :-) feel free to elaborate on your experience...
  6. Ive been watching, listening and reading all the press, reviews and opinions. I wonder (NOTE I SAID WONDER) if they have 'simply' realised they are 'way' out of their depth and NEEDED to throw out early access for some revenue? Id have been happy with vanilla FSX, Fading (not popping) Autogen and 64bit - nothing more!
  7. I do need to do testing and a LOT more flying; I have not installed LIBS yet, BUT From what I can see so far, LOWI is absolutely ***** STUNNING***** Amazing REALLY BEAUTIFUL
  8. Hi Nick finally got the files. I removed all original files from Default FS folders and I have now retrieved the new Orbx folder, some new textures that went into the textures folder and some effects. So Far so good. I will see if it works if I manually install it all and then add to scenery library. Not sure what to do about Libs yet..? I think il just run the libs installer on the pc's for the safest bet. if I remember correctly, the object flow only checks for updates once.
  9. Hi Nick installed FSX and FTX C3 on laptop Deleted contents of all FSX folders and then will install LOWI to see what appears. ill let you know...
  10. I don't know the answer here; however, if you start your own thread it will get answered. jumping in another thread will make it very easy for the post to get lost.
  11. Hi Nick Thank you. That sounds like a good idea and I will do that! How would I identify the files; especially all sound and effects files? At present there are no libs in my sim as FTX G and LC does not install them. is there a separate libs installer I could use for this? thanks again a
  12. Hey Guys and Gals I use FTX Global and EU LC ONLY at present. I would like to purchase LOWI and am unsure how to do this. The only FTC installed on my PC is the old V2 one. Can I I buy LOWI on a different PC to my Sim PC and then instal it after? really don't know where to begin anymore :-(
  13. Hi Frank Long time no chat buddy; glad to hear you are enjoying your sim mate. Well deserved after your efforts. Thank you for your advice, I feel reassured now. I will go ahead and do complete fresh installs including FTX C v3. I'll definitely take a look at your channel mate. A
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