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  1. Can anyone tell me weather taxiway B is meant to be one continuous taxiway through to the international terminal or at B7 does it turn left back onto A. It appears that I am missing one section of taxiway B as I near the international terminal. My charts show me it is been continuous all the way through to the international terminal. If anyone else is having this problem certainly like to hear from you and what can be done to rectify it. Many thanks Richard
  2. Hi Everyone it’s with deepest regret that I inform you of the passing of Frank Cooper. Frank past away late Thursday evening after a short illness at Brisbane’s Wesley Hospital. As some of you are well aware Frank was a major contributor especially in the forums while he was building his 737 cockpit and had a keen following. Frank was always willing to help anyone with suggestions as to the best way to build their sims. He was also a contributor to making the repaints for the Orbx Ai Traffic packs. He had purchased probably every Orbx Product that has been developed and always spoke highly a
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently experiencing severe blurring on the runaway at Queenstown while taxing and arriving including take offs. Is anyone experiencing the same problem and if so what did you do to fix the problem. I'm running high end computers on a full based 737 simulator. The building and surrounding areas are fine, its just the runaway I'm having problems with Look forward to your reply's. Richard New Zealand
  4. Yes awesome Frank and looking forward to seeing it all and meeting you in person later in the week. Keep up the great work as you are an inspiration to all cockpit builders. Richard
  5. Yes well done Frank and looking forward to meeting up in the next few weeks. Probably reading your posts has motivated me in starting the sim along with my mate here in New Zealand that lives near by. The videos will certainly be something to look forward to. I take my hat off to you Frank your a busy man but have accomplished an amazing sim. Good on You. Really looking forward to the next 1000 posts Richard
  6. Well its been a while since my last update and that has probably been because things have been going slowly up until now. Since my last update I received my MCP, Comms radio, MIP Board and 2 x EFIS have arrived from Italy and Germany. They are of a very high quality and look great. I have placed the MCP into its holder and fits really well. Now that I know it all fits its now a job of dismantling it all and finishing off the painting. Of course once that s done I will then reconstruct it all again. The floor is all constructed and Brody is about to start painting around the ba
  7. Yep those seats look great and they will look even better in the Sim. Well done Frank Richard
  8. Great Work Frank things are looking good.. I hear the cars racing around the Pukekohe Race track from my house, I think they are calling you to come over and see them.
  9. Where have you gone Frank, You must be near finishing the project. We are all waiting for the grand farnarly. (I think that is how you spell it) Richard
  10. Good work Frank, they will make the cockpit look awesome. keep up the good work as the end is near. Cheers Richard
  11. Thanks Iain for your comments. I placed an order with CP Flight just over a week ago for 2 x EFIS, an MCP and bracket along with a control board and i Friday I picked them up from the Post Office. Amazing how quickly they got here and they are in a beautiful condition. My cabinet maker friend is making me up the frame work that the MCP bracket etc will go into so hopefully that will be ready by the week of next week so can be placed on top of the MIP frame work. Still awaiting further from FDS and when that all arrives I should be able to finish of 98 % of the MIP. Probably
  12. Well its been a while since I put up a post but things have been a little slow as I was in the process of selling one of my houses and well it finally sold so that freed up a bit of finance. I was under strict instructions from the bean counter (Wife) not to buy anything until sold. She is also an accountant so trying to sneak things past her is a bloody waste of time as she has her finger on the pulse but she is under my thumb so I think that's fair. Anyway I have had the base built by my mate and in the process of looking out for some castors for the frame to go on. I have since
  13. I'm glad things are back on track for you Frank and that you have managed to isolate the problem with water getting into the sim room. Thanks for replying to my email. I have sent back another one if you could have a read and reply would be excellent. The updates you are creating are awesome. It makes me wonder what I'm getting into, but I know I have good support out there so onwards and upwards. Thanks Frank Richard
  14. Well Frank I'm just catching up on everything including your "Posts" I'm glad you have found what the problem was as I know this has been going on for months now. Yes get rid of those carpets for good and try and establish away of preventing the water from getting in. As one said in a previous post who cares whats on the floor when you are at FL360. Hey the good news is that we have sold the other house and it goes through at the end of June. After that is full bore on the sim and in good time as its the winter period when you really don't want to go outside anyway. Take c
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