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  1. Oh no....my shader HSL directory disappeared and P3D wont load. Fortunately I found this thread.....its nice to know i am not the only with this weirdo of a problem. And its good to see that an easy fix is in place. Wait here while apply it......... All good on my end! thank you everyone for restoring order and happiness in my life!
  2. I too have the flashing light issue - its only an issue around the terminal...but an issue none the less.
  3. never mind....just occurred to me to look in this directory: "C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4" and wouldn't you know it....it was there. problem solved. you can mark this thread as solved. or delete it....your choice. stay safe people!
  4. All of my add-ons are listed in the "add-on.cfg" file at this location EXCEPT Orbx products: C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Where is the "add-on.cfg" for Orbx products? Ya see.........I am having an issue where a handful of my Orbx addons (like HD Buildings) are deselected in the add-on menu within P3D V4.5. For some reason clicking the check box to turn the add-on back on in the add-on menu does nothing. I need to manually edit the add-on.cfg file to fix it (replacing ACTIVE=FALSE with ACTIVE=TRUE). But none of my Orbx products are listed in the above referenced location. Is there is another add-on.cfg file for Orbx products? And if so, where? if not, what can I do to get my add-ons working again? Thanks in advance!
  5. Update seems to have worked. Excellent. Thank you so much! I do have a problem with resetting views though. For example, if I am in VIEW1 and i move the camera around, pressing the assigned key for VIEW1 does not restore the saved/default position for that view.....however in the past it did. Any advice?
  6. Same issues here. Can i copy and paste the aircraft setting files from my old directory to the new directory?
  7. Same issue here. i knew it was mistake to migrate so soon. Hate when this happens. ChasePlane_CrashLog_637155117231346275.txt
  8. Ok....if its a backup, we have the same exact setup. Not sure what the problem is. But this is clearly a case of if aint broke dont fix it. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to finally install my turbulent addons thru ORBX central.......despite not having any problems with my existing installation. So stupid! thanks for ur help tho. really appreciate how quickly you got back to me.
  9. thanks. But i dont have the SDX folder referenced in the link. Additionally, the red "X"'s i was referring to was in place of each of the jetway locations (leading me to believe that I deleted the folder for the jetway, and not remnants from the turbulent installation). let me ask you this, I noticed that I have two copies of the KMBS sode data folder - one in the KMBS airport folder in my ORBX library, and one in the default sode location (see below). Is this correct? C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\sode_kmbs_jetway E:\ORBX Library\p3dv4\KMBS MBS International Airport\ORBX\SODE_Data\simobjects\sode_kmbs_jetway
  10. I removed them.....but following their removal, KMBS displayed a large red "X" where the jetways were placed, so I restored them. by the way....you are fast. like lightning fast. its much appreciated.
  11. I am having the same problem. Recently uninstalled my turbulent version of KMBS and installed the ORBX version in its place. I loaded the airport to verify the install was successful and I have double jetways at every gate. All of the turbulent files were removed thru the uninstaller so I dont think its remnants from the previous install. I checked for duplicate afcads and cant seem to find any. Also, the duplicate jetways appear to be the same exact texture as the SODE jetway texture, so I dont believe its a GSX jetway. Any ideas on how to fix?
  12. You are the best Nick. Really appreciate your quick reply! Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day!
  13. Easy enough. Should I delete all of the "scenerylib_AU" files, including airports (YBBN and Goldcoast)? Or Blue, Gold, Green and Red only?
  14. Adding my log file too - maybe it will shed some lite on this annoyance. By the way sunny....u got a beautiful wife! central.log
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