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  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait to scrape the tops of building as I make my approach into RW27. dumb question.....is KSAN designed specifically for FTXSoCal or will it work with FTX global too?
  2. Damn brotha.....you never cease to amaze me. Not only did you do a phenomenal job recreating the airport itself, but you somehow bottled up the essence of it to give it life....from the iron gate at the jet center to the old rusty coke machine behind the service building in the rental car park lot. It's magical! And if that wasn't enough, you venturned off deep into the valley to bring the entire vail experience to life. Simply amazing. By the way.....I was surprised to see my falcon 50 (192RS) on the tarmac......great job recreating it for the sim.....but for future reference, I typically drive a black Range Rover in vail.....and not a red wrangler. Keep up the great work.....I always love the art you bestow on the flight sim community. It's awe-inspiring
  3. Looks phenomenal! This may be a dumb question , but is this an FTX global airport, or is it specific to an ORBX region?
  4. WOWSA....u r an artist my friend. And u never cease to amaze me. Your latest acheivement is nothing short of a masterpiece! I am gitty w/ excitment as I eagerly await the opportunity to take to the skies above PS baby!!!
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