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  1. this is a really top effort, i really admire the dedication to our hobby. im sure you'll be one happy boy when its all done cheers, Tom
  2. Open Spaces of Tasmania

    Good to read about everyone enjoying my home state!! I feel privileged to fly here both in real life and in fsx. I havent traveled outside of australia but i think i will always find tasmania the most beautiful place on earth I think i must see tassie a little bit in my pnw flying.. and no doubt in my NZ flying to come. Rockliffe im sorry you're finding aus a little boring... but i can understand what you mean. We have just as many beautiful flying locations but as you say, due to our vastness, you will have to look a little harder
  3. Cushmans to Vashon Island.

    nice, wouldnt have liked your chances at an emergency go-around Iian
  4. Katana at Darrington

    you've really shown off the quality of the scenery/aircraft here!! Also your system nice one tom
  5. yeh the 210 will be good, but there a quite a few others like it.. I too am looking forward to the c90, its category is resonably underrepresented in fsx payware aircraft. Tom
  6. oh this is cruel reading this... I bought this plane the day it came out but my pc is down and out for the moment cant wait to have a fly myself, if someone wants to lend me a graphics card temporarily im very trustworthy and will send it back cheers, Tom
  7. I am thinking of you all in this time of sadness. People are doing wonders in medicine atm and you should never lose hope tom x
  8. Outback Moods

    nice set there... so much space to explore, hope you found some fuel
  9. number four out over the wing is brilliant. good work tim
  10. On the turn.

    loving the low misty cloud!
  11. Some of my early shots.

    these have to be some of the best private screenies ive ever seen very well done iann !!
  12. launcestion departure to melbourne.

    very nice tim, good short hop
  13. i was looking at this too ricky.. looks like a pretty professional product but i know nothing about lionheart. Are they any good as a company? Does anyone have any of their previous aircraft?
  14. b58

    just did an update and full installation of drivers which seems to have fixed the problem (as usual) lol... maybe give it a go?