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  1. Happy Birthday JV! Here's to many more to come, and continued success with ORBX!
  2. JV, sure hope ORBX is considering porting this to AFS2! Instant purchase for me and many others I'm sure.
  3. RIP Mr. Hill, and thanks for your contributions to the flight sim community.
  4. Thanks for the preview shots Ian... looking forward to this scenery in AFS2 as well as the upcoming PNW.
  5. Thanks for the update and previews JV. Will be looking forward to these new additions to ORBX land!
  6. I think quite a few users are wondering what has happened to the Meigs update...
  7. I only have FSX, not P3D, but do have AFS2. I take it then that at this point FTXC3 is not yet set up for AFS2, but will be by the 15th?
  8. I don't know John, when I run FTXC I'm not prompted which sim I own, nor do I see a drop down list of sims. I have version
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