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  1. I posted this in the other thread - worked for me - I solved my issue - in my ...\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 folder I was missing simconnect.xml. I copied it over from my v4 folder and now it seems to run fine. Hope it helps . . .
  2. I solved my issue - in my ...\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 folder I was missing simconnect.xml. I copied it over from my v4 folder and now it seems to run fine. Hope it helps . . .
  3. May not be related, but, openLCAfrica has an option in the "Configure" Control Panel for "Global Vector corrections" - mine was activated even in v5.
  4. Having same issue. Uninstalled / reinstalled via Orbx Central. Install version 1.1.69 but then it self updates to 1.1.78 S - still NO JOY. Had the same "corrupted file" message first time, then CP starts with v5, just does not connect. Everything excluded in my AV, reinstalled simconnect just in case, still nothing. Submitted a ticket - will see what happens.
  5. To go back to the OP's original request - it would be very useful to have a list of what is not compatible as well as what is. I have 179 directories in my p3dv4 folder - and they do not line up with the compatible list so it would make it much easier to copy the correct folders over. I have the bandwidth just to download but would like to try and avoid that.
  6. Title says it all - Next Preset & Previous Preset Assignments Not Working for on-Board or Outside Views. Used to work fine, now nothing with either joystick button presses or a keyboard assignment, tried several different choices of each.
  7. I just finished reinstalling all of ORBX and a refresh of P3D. I ensured all ORBX libraries and P3d\Orbx Folders were deleted. I installed everything I could via library method, including NA Land Class. Not sure if this should be an ORBX Central issue or just P3Dv4 . . . I noticed that the airport I start at (KSAF) did not appear with much if any change from default. In looking at my scenery.cfg I see: ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1) In my add-ons.cfg I see : ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (2). If I disable the scenery.cfg entry KSAF area looks like I would expect. Looking at the P3D v4\ORBX\OLC_NA1\SCENERY folder it has only two files. Both of these files appear to be older versions of the same named files in the library folder. Please see attached shots will explain what I see, have sync'd and verified files. With scenery.cfg - ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1) active: With scenery.cfg - ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (1) inactive:
  8. I am working on a fresh install of all of ORBX. If you look at attached screen shot you will see "extra" buildings at Israel's Farm -WA56. These buildings are only present when Anacortes 74S is active. I am using the library method - I reinstalled all of ORBX fresh in trying to resolve this and missing autogen. Autogen solved - this problem persists and it did appear when I used the "old" method of installing into the scenery.cfg/ P3D folder. Again problem only present when 74S is active. I have "SYNC'D" simulator, and also tried adjusting the layering between WA56 and 74S - nothing changed. Likely something to do with P3Dv4 HF2 as I did not see this before. Joe
  9. Hi Mike, Thanks for the moral support ! If you experience a CTD issue like you describe again - check for a missing wxstationlist.bin file in the ...\Roaming\..\P3Dv4 folder. Had a very similar issue where any east of 90deg west would immediately CTD. Was prepping for a total reinstall when I discovered a few web posts that mentioned that . . . Take care. Joe
  10. This whole situation is so frustrating and depressing. I originally found the whole VLC issue on my own and solved it. My issue is no longer with anything Godzone. But every couple of weeks I will go back to PNW to fly and bam, the issue has reappeared. It is happening to me AGAIN, and I spent most of my weekend unsuccessfully trying to solve, deactivating any new add-ons, resyncing, reordering, reinstalling various ORBX products, trying FTX ver 3 as a last resort, remigrating, you name it (please do, I will try anything). I am at a loss to try and figure it out, and I am not able to use what I paid for. It seems limited to PNW airports, though I have not visited every single ORBX airport. I will try any other suggestions, though I have no desire to re-install P3D and everything else as I firmly believe that without an answer as to the cause it is not a wise course of action.
  11. You don't have Lukla by AS installed do you? I had the issue you are describing at Walter Sutton's until I moved Lukla entries below ORBX. Also similar to this thread : Another thought would be to scan for "default.xml" in any ..\autogen folders. It is not uncommon for third party sceneries, but, you could do some trial and error temporarily disabling those. Just a thought in case it may help.
  12. OK - I think I may have solved this - after reading some of the LM P3D Forum I decided to further investigate FSAerodata as a possible issue. I had but back the default APX17140.BGL file and deactivated any KFCA bgls, but apparently that was not enough. Once I uninstalled, re-installed and then moved the FSAerodata folders below my ORBX entries the problem seems to have gone away. For HF2 the placement seems to have been the issue, although it had not mattered in HF1 and earlier . . . Note the FSAerodata folders do not contain any AFCADS (that I see). Please mark solved - don't know if mods could add a tag to include FSAerodata for anyone else . . . thanks. Joe
  13. I am on a string of finding odd issues. I spent most of my day trying to figure out why I was having issues at KGPI. To describe - I would start a flight say at Parking 78. Instead of being placed in the correct spot the flight loaded south and west close to Gate A1 (but not at that spot), if I tried for instance Gate 3 the aircraft was also placed south and west out in the grass. I also had issues with incorrect mesh and unseen sunken areas. I had just flown into this airport a day ago before applying the HF2. After checking mesh, ALT files, afcads etc I uninstalled KGPI, went back to just KFCA at NRM and verified that base airport in NRM was ORBX default and no other KFCA or KGPI afcads were present (except for default KFCA) in P3D. I also deleted all SODE entries for KGPI looking both in ORBX folders and default SODE for good measure. I also checked the AFCAD it seemed find - even Little NavMap showed me being placed well away from chosen spot. I then reinstalled from a fresh download to my P3D folder, verified files and ran the config, and sync'd folders, but the problem was still present. I again went back to just NRM, deleted all KGPI entries including the Alt adjustment, SODE etc etc and installed to my library instead. Then ran the config program, made sure KFCA AFCAD was disabled etc etc, and the problem still persisted. I had also checked a couple of other airports and did not find problems.. I then decided to uninstall HF2 and go back to HF1 (in both cases client only). I then rebooted, restarted P3D and made zero other changes - the problem resolved w/o any other input. I made zero changes except for going back to HF1, not even starting ORBX Central, Both parking gate loading and mesh problems were gone. Did HF2 change something in the way files are sequenced / loaded / read that could cause this? Anyone else visit KGPI with the HF2 and have issues? Perplexed. Joe
  14. I just observed that if you use advanced layering it appears that the revised add-on.xml file may delete any add-on component entry that was flagged as "disabled". Hence there is no simple way to re-enable. OCBACKUP file still contains the information, but, it took some time to figure out what the issue was.
  15. Hi Josh - thanks for the explanation this was driving me nuts. I see already this morning (for me) it looks as if NZNI and NZSI installed ok. The only ones lingering for me are PFJ and CRM. I migrated several airports, but, did not want to do that with the regions. Again, thanks to you as well as Doug for jumping in.
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