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  1. It is in Colorado indeed. It is also Alamosa, not Alamoso. Glad to see New Mexico getting some love. Now if someone would do an Albuquerque add on . . .
  2. Although it may be an alternative, it is not "free to use". Directly from the Cardholder Agreement, also in the FAQ: Card Purchase Fee: None. Purchase Plan: Monthly Plan Plan Fee $4.95 monthly Signature Purchase Transaction Fee* None. Included in Plan PIN Purchase Transaction Fee* None. Included in Plan Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5% of the U.S. Dollar amount of the Signature or PIN Purchase Transaction
  3. They have a plant where I am located - some layoffs expected. Interesting comment in the local news was that they were now focusing less on desktop processors and more on cloud storage technology.
  4. Will the western areas have this same level of data available as well? Thinking Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado etc.
  5. KSAF looking northeast towards City of Santa Fe and Sangre de Cristo Mtns.
  6. Hmm, perhaps soon we will have "Salmon Flow" as an additional enhancement . . .
  7. In Harm's Way above all. Battle of the Bulge Heartbreak Rigde Casualties of War Many more . . .
  8. Purchased and downloaded, but I can not get Validation. Keep getting "Validation failed: Timed out on connecting . . . Edit - ok - got it through after about 8-10 tries. Congrats guys.
  9. Thanks for that info - always wondered about that, esp with the "published limits" of the airfield site, etc. I thought I had read somewhere else about a 60,000 lb limit but couldn't find it. That would fit a G-IV as long as it wasn't maxed out. Looking forward to this - KPRC to KSEZ (in FSX) was a regular "got a little time to burn" flight when I lived in the area .
  10. Looks great ! Can anyone confirm if big iron actually operates there (Gulfstream, etc)? I used to live not far away from Sedona and heard there were weight restrictions imposed to keep the locals (and their crystals) happy . . . I have seen 30,000 lbs as one restiction (http://sedonaairport.org/), curious . . .
  11. Will deciduous trees have more than just "gold" color in fall, where applicable (NE USA, for instance)?
  12. Stratosfear one my all time favorites. Still on occasion listen to it on my phone or tablet - boy how times have changed . . .
  13. To be clear, so I understand then, the feature highlighted as "City of Ketchikan and many POI buildings" is what will come in a later Service Pack? Thank you.
  14. You may look at this utility to see if it helps: http://code.google.com/p/symlinker/ I used it to move my AI aircraft off of my FSX drive (because Ultimate Traffic 2 would not recognize SimObjectPaths.x=y outside of the main FSX Folder). Seemed to work fine. Thinking of moving my ORBX folder from my Raptor (exceeding 50% load) to my Caviar Black main drive - any guesses on how much impact I might see??? Joe
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