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  1. Thanks from me, too. Just ran into the same problem - fixed by the correct dll from A2A. Charles
  2. I had this problem when first installing Carenado aircraft into v5, but solved it just as Wayne describes above. For me, it proved vital to select v4 option in the installer, and then browse to the P3Dv5 folder. Doing this, installations have worked in every case. I now have several of each of the Carenado and Alabeo ranges displaying and functioning normally in P3Dv5.1 HF1. Charles
  3. Hi Greg, Apologies for not being clearer, but Nick, ever helpful, has correctly identified the file. I am not at my PC at present, but from memory the second file in the scenery folder disabled when installing KSJC into P3Dv5 is 3DM_buildings_NoCal_CABlg_1518_4424_KSJC.BGL.disabled-by-ksjc. It seems this this may not be happening for some in P3Dv4. KSJC is working well for me despite the complexity of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you still need a screenshot, I will attend to it when I get back. Charles
  4. Interesting that in my P3Dv5 installation, this and its partnering KSJC bgl are both "disabled-by-ksjc". Is this a problem with the v4 installer?
  5. Hi Mick, Thanks for getting back on this. I can stop scratching my head now. charles
  6. Strange. I only have Alderney showing in Orbx Central for V4 - no sign of it when switching to V5. I have the latest Orbx Central installed. Charles
  7. Hi Nick, I see exactly what Rod is seeing and confirm that my scenery complexity/settings are set to highest levels. I will also check Rod’ s scenery listing against mine. I have found no problem so far in doing the normal scenery integrity checks offered in Orbx Central. Charles
  8. Thanks, Nick. I’d better take a look at what I’ve done to make my castle vanish. Charles
  9. I have no castle on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall (N50 7.23, W5 29.02). Can anyone else confirm the same? It's there in the X-Plane version and, I thought, in TE-GB v1. All else in the area looks good, including other POI's. Just to add, I'm finding version 2 a big improvement over version 1.
  10. Hi, I have entries for 4.0.16 and 4.0.20 in the windows 10 applications list, but only the 4.0.20 exe in my User/AppData/Local/Programs/orbx-central folder. Searching the windows registry finds uninstall entries for both orbx-central versions. That for 4.0.16 should have been removed, I think. Charles
  11. Hi Ben, Much appreciate your responses. I did give the update a third try last evening and overnight, before the updated FTX Central, and it did complete successfully in a little over ten and a half hours. Good to see from Jens's post above that the new version has greatly improved things. I suspect all users will look forward to Central 4. Charles
  12. My second run of the update installer took a similar path to the first, in that the scan proceeded quite quickly until getting to the last few hundred files. Then, it didn't stall, but slowed alarmingly to processing, on average, only one file every 2 minutes. After 6 hours, I had 180 files to go. At 2 minutes per file, it looked like another 6 hours. I was less patient than tesza, and pulled the plug. Glad you were successful, tesza, after letting it run for 12 hours. In my case, the only system resource under stress was the HDD holding P3Dv4 and Orbx which, in the lat
  13. I have same problem with this Netherlands update. All proceeded normally, with scanning process passing the target number of files, but stalling at 99%. Now, every time a start FTX central, the scanning process restarts. I had no problems with Central before starting the Netherlands update. FTX central is still working perfectly for P3Dv3 and X-Plane. I am re-running the update. If it fails, is it worth trying a reinstall of Netherlands?
  14. Very impressive shots, and in a different league from existing UK photo coverage. Keenly awaited. Would also support the early release of summer only for P3D, and to leave that as a permanent option. A personal view only, but I can't see myself wanting to acquire the disk capacity implied by all the seasonal variants, particularly if I make the move to SSD.
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