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  1. Hi Nick, I see exactly what Rod is seeing and confirm that my scenery complexity/settings are set to highest levels. I will also check Rod’ s scenery listing against mine. I have found no problem so far in doing the normal scenery integrity checks offered in Orbx Central. Charles
  2. Thanks, Nick. I’d better take a look at what I’ve done to make my castle vanish. Charles
  3. I have no castle on St Michaels Mount in Cornwall (N50 7.23, W5 29.02). Can anyone else confirm the same? It's there in the X-Plane version and, I thought, in TE-GB v1. All else in the area looks good, including other POI's. Just to add, I'm finding version 2 a big improvement over version 1.
  4. Hi, I have entries for 4.0.16 and 4.0.20 in the windows 10 applications list, but only the 4.0.20 exe in my User/AppData/Local/Programs/orbx-central folder. Searching the windows registry finds uninstall entries for both orbx-central versions. That for 4.0.16 should have been removed, I think. Charles
  5. Hi Ben, Much appreciate your responses. I did give the update a third try last evening and overnight, before the updated FTX Central, and it did complete successfully in a little over ten and a half hours. Good to see from Jens's post above that the new version has greatly improved things. I suspect all users will look forward to Central 4. Charles
  6. My second run of the update installer took a similar path to the first, in that the scan proceeded quite quickly until getting to the last few hundred files. Then, it didn't stall, but slowed alarmingly to processing, on average, only one file every 2 minutes. After 6 hours, I had 180 files to go. At 2 minutes per file, it looked like another 6 hours. I was less patient than tesza, and pulled the plug. Glad you were successful, tesza, after letting it run for 12 hours. In my case, the only system resource under stress was the HDD holding P3Dv4 and Orbx which, in the latter stages, was 100% loaded most of the time. It's only 50% full and not particularly fragmented. CPU was running at less than 5%, system memory 50% or less, GPU usage was minimal. Two runs of 30 minutes, one with and one without windows security active, showed no difference in file processing rate. Plus, I have had a good experience with rapid installing all True Earth products, P3D and X-plane. I have since used Matthew Webb's great script to restore functionality to FTX Central and will hold off on this update for the moment. As my original install for TE-Netherlands was around 2 hours, could I ask if the current update process is optimum for TE products installed on HDDs. It looks as though scanning alone would have taken 6 times my original install time. This is in line with tesza's completed update time. Does the update process require more of HDDs than is compatible with a timely completion? Would this be the case for even a small update to TE Netherlands? If so, updating the larger TE-GB products might be an even bigger challenge. Assumptions, I know, and apologies for that. I can see that those with SDD's would have fared better. Since P3Dv4 and X-Plane HDD installations meet my needs for simulation, I hope SDDs don't become a requirement for updates. I'm a big fan of FTX Central, but would welcome some reassurance that future TE updating will not be problematic.
  7. I have same problem with this Netherlands update. All proceeded normally, with scanning process passing the target number of files, but stalling at 99%. Now, every time a start FTX central, the scanning process restarts. I had no problems with Central before starting the Netherlands update. FTX central is still working perfectly for P3Dv3 and X-Plane. I am re-running the update. If it fails, is it worth trying a reinstall of Netherlands?
  8. Very impressive shots, and in a different league from existing UK photo coverage. Keenly awaited. Would also support the early release of summer only for P3D, and to leave that as a permanent option. A personal view only, but I can't see myself wanting to acquire the disk capacity implied by all the seasonal variants, particularly if I make the move to SSD.
  9. Hi, Just to add one point to this topic, I am finding that, as well as untextured buildings at Airdrie when CNK4 is active, a further set of buildings are untextured unless CEJ4 is deactivated. I assume the failure mechanism is the same in both cases, and the workaround suggested above works in both cases. Thanks for that, Scott. Now I have all of Vlad's fine scenery to enjoy. Charles
  10. Can I resurrect this thread as I see, from Ed's FTX EU England SP5 Hotfixes post, that version 1.52 includes reworking of tree excludes for National Parks. I have installed this fix, but still find that the effect of the relevant exclude BGL spills over onto the coastal strip from Sellafield, south, for much of the way down towards Walney Island. As a result, all autogen is removed from this strip and up into the valleys, such as that from Ravenglass up towards Eskdale. My first post in this thread gives detailed coordinates. I assume this is not by intent and, as the effect is quite disconcerting, can I ask if Richard could take a look at this area again to see if a more refined exclusion can be implemented. As with version 1.5, disabling the v1.52 tree exclusion BGL restores autogen in the affected area. Charles
  11. I am seeing the same darkened areas as shown in Mallard's screenshots. Otherwise, all looks superb, with excellent frame rates, especially given the complexity of this new version and of the surrounding area. Also, owning version 2, the generous first 30 day discount is appreciated.
  12. Thanks for reply. Yes, it's the same tree exclude bgl removing all objects in that area of the Peak District. With it deactivated, trees and building reappear here, as for the Cumbrian Coast. Have to say that I share the view you expressed in the Peak District topic - blanket autogen excludes that remove all objects, and extend into lower lying areas that should not be bare of trees and buildings, don't work for me either. The right solution, particularly in a region product, should be to have appropriate landclass texture for the treeless areas of high ground.
  13. First, my thanks to Richard for his work on England SP5 - in particular for adding the Channel Islands and all the additional POIs. I am seeing, however, a significant area running inland from the Cumbrian coast south of Sellafield that has all 3D objects excluded. The boundary of the exclude runs from the coast at N54 22.52, W3 28.28, southwards down the coast to N54 15.00, W3 23.15, then east to N54 15.11, W3 5.05, north to N54 31.46, W3 28.34, and finally back to N54 22.52, W3 28.28. The exclude is contained, I think, in SP005_exc_trees.bgl in the FTX_EU_05_SCENERY/Scenery folder, as disabling this bgl restores the missing trees and buildings. I wonder if this is an exclusion that has extended further than intended, as the complete lack of trees or buildings when flying down this part of the Cumbrian coast is unexpected.
  14. Just like to add my pennyworth. I have never had any difficulty downloading Orbx files before, and can still download from any other site with no problem. For a week or so, now, I have not been able to complete any freeware airfield download. The result is always an interrupted download error which on restarting is followed by a premature "complete" and a corrupt result. I am not to keen to use download managers unless there's no other way. Is there, possibly, a problem with the server concerned?
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