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  1. Thanks Dominique, yours is possibly the most sensible and balanced post I've read this morning.
  2. Well put Dust2Dust, I admire your sentiments. Just wish my pockets were as deep as yours
  3. Thanks for coming back so quickly Nick, much appreciated. Regards, Dennis
  4. I am a huge fan of Orbx and over the years have purchased over 75 of their products. Following the MSFS 2020 announcement, where they state that real-world scenery/textures etc will be used for the whole planet, the questions I now have are: How will this impact on Orbx and other scenery developers? Should I be buying any more scenery products until we know more about the new sim? Having read that some flight sim companies are halting development of some of their products in light of MSFS 2020, and having just watched the latest VLOG from Ben at Airline2Sim (
  5. Hi´╗┐ Aimee/John, my previous post ("Clarification Required" - copied below) appears to have been closed off before you had an opportunity to respond. I am therefore re-posting to provide you with that opportunity. I am a loyal customer who has purchased many Orbx products and am feeling more than a little aggrieved at the revelation, raised by Froogle in his video on this subject, that Orbx appear to have been deliberately misleading their customers for a number of years. You only have to read the hundreds of comments on Froogle's YouTube page to realise that
  6. Thanks Aimee for responding so promptly to my earlier post, but unfortunately your response has raised more questions than it answered. For example, you state that without regions "some airports may only be bare bones useable" and are not "guaranteed to be in a sellable state". This contravenes completely the assertion made by John Venema to Froogle that without regions the airports "...work fine." Who out of the CEO and the Marketing Manger at Orbx is telling the truth here? Also, please can you answer my question regarding whether Orbx are goin
  7. Well played to everyone involved at Orbx in creating the work of art posted by Aimee this evening in response to Froogle's video. A lesson to Flightsimlabs in how to keep your customers onside when a storm is brewing. However, please may I ask one simple question - Why was the following statement not added to each airports sales page?: We list regions as requirements for our airports because using airports sans regions may produce results below the Orbx quality standard. By omitting this, the language actually used could be considered as mis-selling the addit
  8. Ingenious thinking Nick, many thanks! I'll definitely give that a try next time I update a region. Regards, Dennis
  9. This morning I've used FTX Central 3 to update EU England to 1.60 and noticed that it re-downloaded any airport-related files that I had previously renamed to *.off (all 84 of them). These files had been renamed at the suggestion of the UK2000 developer as they were interfering with the corresponding UK2000 scenery for each airport. Is there anything I can do to prevent FTX Central re-downloading any files for which there is a corresponding .off file? Having to remove re-downloaded files each time I update a region is both time-consuming and frustrating. Many thanks,
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