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  1. For me it was a very worthwhile move using the complete uninstall v3.1, reboot & install v3.2 method while leaving all my add-ons in place. The only Orbx item I reinstalled was FTX-Global (and re-backed up original P3Dv3 textures) to make sure that Orbx's textures are active after the LM Scenery & Content installs. From what I have seen LC Europe was not affected. Hope that helps! Cheers, Mike
  2. Thanks to Nick, he has noted this issue and sent it to the devs. Cheers, Mike
  3. Many thanks Nick, your help is appreciated. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi devs and support people - it looks as if the EU-WLS installers may be leaving 2 sets of airport scenery bgl files active for the EGFF installation resulting in double jetways as well as doubling up on other objects. Please see the post here with my description of the problem and a workaround (post #8): Cheers, Mike
  5. I have just reinstalled Wales and discovered that the double jetways at EGFF exist when using the latest installers. You need to check the following folder: YourSimFolder\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGFF\Scenery In there you may see that you have: ORBX_EGFF_AptObj.BGL and ORBX_EGFF_Jetways.BGL Looks like they are for FSX In addition, you may see: ORBX_P3D_EGFF_AptObj.BGL and ORBX_P3D_EGFF_Jetways.BGL Looks like they are for P3D So, if you use FSX, you should disable the P3D versions by adding .OFF after th
  6. If you used the migration tool then all bets are off for any help. I had too many issues with that product and I stopped using it early in the P3Dv2.x cycle. If you used the tool to install an old version of FTX-Wales then the best approach may be a completely fresh install of your sim and then get the updated installers. The new installer(s) are in your FSS account. My rule of thumb: Forget the migration tool and wait for updated installers. It will prevent this kind of frustration for you. I know there will be some other opinions about this, but that is MY o
  7. Hi Pieter [veelo]. If you use the MyTraffic AI program you may have one or more extra airport file causing this problem. I know for example that the MyTraffic/scenery folder has airport files for EGFF so you can try looking for those files and adding .OFF after the file-name. For example you may see BR2_EGFF.bgl so change it to BR2_EGFF.bgl.OFF There may be more than one EGFF file so make this change to all of them in the MyTraffic/scenery folder. Also, if you have previously used an add-on for EGFF you may still have its files installed and causin
  8. Thank you Bernd, your ongoing support for the Vector product is appreciated. I hope you understand that my original post was intended to provide you with my local knowledge that can then be applied to enhance our Vector experience. Cheers, Mike
  9. Many thanks for your response Holger and confirmation of the problem. Your help is always appreciated. Cheers, Mike
  10. Sorry, I've been away from my system for a couple of days - here are some pics for the golf course textures near CYVR noted in my post. This is south of CYVR This shows the 2 courses east of CYVR I hope this helps with the diagnosis. Cheers, Mike
  11. I have similar problems with golf course textures. I have GlobalMesh 2010, Global Base, LC-EU and LC-NA and AYPY/KPSP/NSTU and the 150815 libs. I do not have Vector or regions installed. I am seeing similar golf course textures around CYVR. Specifically there are 2 courses east of CYVR and also one to the south of YVR. I have not checked anywhere else yet. If I uncheck the "NA2" entry in my scenery library the complete golf courses reappear. Cheers, Mike
  12. Thanks Doug, I think you are correct. Hopefully the devs will agree. Cheers, Mike
  13. Thanks spud, but I guess you may have missed the point of my original post. I am simply telling the devs that there is something wrong and asking if they can help me fix it. Why would I do that? Because the dev claims improved coastline accuracy and in the case I show in my OP, the coastline is not accurate and in fact is less accurate than default. The devs ask for constructive input if errors are found and reported with certain information to help them fix whatever is reported and that is what I have done. I use my local knowledge that ovecomes inaccuracies in their source informa
  14. Hi Holger and thanks for asking good questions. In a nutshell, when I'm flying low/slow I use all the Orbx regions. However about 1 year ago I started to learn to fly high & fast and: 1) I have no need for highly detail ground scenery, and 2) I am trying to find a way of reducing VAS usage and avoiding OOMs at my arrival at detailed airports. So not using Orbx regions is part of that experiment. Cheers, Mike
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