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  1. ramonb

    First flight - 787-9 Dreamliner

    Fantastic Airplane. Oh, my! I'm now a sim GA pilot, but will probably go back to tubes because of this one.
  2. ramonb

    Tried the Avro this Arvo!

    @Adam Banks Thank You very much.
  3. Sad to read the news. I believe he was passionate about this hobby. We owe him much
  4. ramonb

    Tried the Avro this Arvo!

    Beautiful scenery and beautiful airplane. Also, EU England and its London City Airport deserve a visit from an Avro RJ100 in BA Connect colors. (Hopefully will do it tomorrow :) @Adam Banks You are using PTA, can you share your settings?
  5. ramonb

    Pirates Refuge (Cove, that is)

    Very Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I agree, people tend to get confused. (In my clinic patients have literally unhinged glass doors because they don't read the 15 x 15" signs that say "Push to Open") With so many products, and many more being developed for different platforms, I believe it is going to happen more often. Perhaps an option in the user account screen or the products dropdown could filter or group out by simulator type.
  7. ramonb

    PAVD & QW 787-9

    Gorgeous Airplane and scenery.
  8. I have a NAS and an external drive where I keep copies of most of my addons plus the purchase orders, but will now keep all. I thank REX for transferring my purchases, just hope other ones do the same.
  9. Hello Don't know if this is the correct subforum to post this: A couple days ago I received an eMail from REX stating this at the beginning of the post. Over the weekend I logged into my FlightSimStore account and was able to re-download some of my products, but not all. (Thankfully my ORBX products were transferred a while ago) Anyway, I was just browsing for a new plane and on the A2A forums just found something similar. "We've lost contact with flightsimstore.com". They also asked FSS to remove their products from the FSS store. So it makes me wonder. Should we be concerned and redownload remaining products and printing orders.
  10. ramonb

    Need ideas for being smarter

    As Teecee wrote: Get a Dog (I got 2) or add another hobby (something manual or outside the house) or tell Your wife to assign new chores to You . (Mine makes me go to the store all day long) BTW: There are no stupid questions.
  11. As I understand it: When P3D or FSX does not find an appropriate airport traffic frequency on a BGL file it assigns a default frequency so you can simulate the airport info-traffic, in this case 122.90 To fix that, Using ADE Make sure you have (add or modify) 118.60 as UNICOM for EDWE, name it EMDEN and add another entry as FSS for the Bremen Radar 123.92, Aldo name it EMDEN or BREMEN (I believe it does not matter which one you use in this case) Furthermore, P3D seems to have messed up many Flight Service Frequencies. You can test that by Requesting Flight Following -> Most times, the voice on ATC will handle You to one frequency and the ATC menu window will show you another one. (If you tune the first one you won't get a connection, you have to use the latter or click on it in the ATC window.) I don't have GEN yet since I'm waiting for Germany South to buy the whole Germany, so ATM, I can't check that ORBX file.
  12. Don't worry, You can set all frequencies to your liking or RW settings. For example: Set EDWE 118.60 Emden Info, and change the current FSS to Bremen Radar 123.92. (Tune it and make sure you don't have a working service there.) Bear in mind that FSX/P3D ATC services are limited and won't present you with all frequencies on the display box. FSS might only be available during an IFR plan. NOTE: If you add an ATIS to any airport make sure you put the correct ICAO code on Name. (for example: EDDF Not Frankfurt) Regards.
  13. Have not migrated yet since my setup is working just fine and have no need to add more scenery at the moment (waiting for Germany South & Tropical Airports) so I can't comment on the Temp Restriction. But I agree this was not handled appropriately. (PR?) The suggestion to program Central 3 to read the older wrappers seems good. I do not agree to a Premium Account for "downloads" since we had that functionality for Free (or included in the price) from FSS and believe this problem is only temporary, so no future use of a Premium Account. Stew. IMO, In this case the Licenses are the Products.
  14. My sincere condolences to Mr. Vlad Maly's Family.
  15. The beautiful town of: Rothenburg ob der Tauber. St Jakobskirche (St. Jame's Church) From: Homepage der Evang-Luth. Kirchengemeinde St. Jakob. In my wish list: Erlangen (I lived there in the 80's) Regards