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  1. As I understand it: When P3D or FSX does not find an appropriate airport traffic frequency on a BGL file it assigns a default frequency so you can simulate the airport info-traffic, in this case 122.90 To fix that, Using ADE Make sure you have (add or modify) 118.60 as UNICOM for EDWE, name it EMDEN and add another entry as FSS for the Bremen Radar 123.92, Aldo name it EMDEN or BREMEN (I believe it does not matter which one you use in this case) Furthermore, P3D seems to have messed up many Flight Service Frequencies. You can test that by Requesting Flight Following -> Most times, the voice on ATC will handle You to one frequency and the ATC menu window will show you another one. (If you tune the first one you won't get a connection, you have to use the latter or click on it in the ATC window.) I don't have GEN yet since I'm waiting for Germany South to buy the whole Germany, so ATM, I can't check that ORBX file.
  2. Don't worry, You can set all frequencies to your liking or RW settings. For example: Set EDWE 118.60 Emden Info, and change the current FSS to Bremen Radar 123.92. (Tune it and make sure you don't have a working service there.) Bear in mind that FSX/P3D ATC services are limited and won't present you with all frequencies on the display box. FSS might only be available during an IFR plan. NOTE: If you add an ATIS to any airport make sure you put the correct ICAO code on Name. (for example: EDDF Not Frankfurt) Regards.
  3. Have not migrated yet since my setup is working just fine and have no need to add more scenery at the moment (waiting for Germany South & Tropical Airports) so I can't comment on the Temp Restriction. But I agree this was not handled appropriately. (PR?) The suggestion to program Central 3 to read the older wrappers seems good. I do not agree to a Premium Account for "downloads" since we had that functionality for Free (or included in the price) from FSS and believe this problem is only temporary, so no future use of a Premium Account. Stew. IMO, In this case the Licenses are the Products.
  4. My sincere condolences to Mr. Vlad Maly's Family.
  5. The beautiful town of: Rothenburg ob der Tauber. St Jakobskirche (St. Jame's Church) From: Homepage der Evang-Luth. Kirchengemeinde St. Jakob. In my wish list: Erlangen (I lived there in the 80's) Regards
  6. Hello You can check the Aero Commander page in AVSIM, Rich Sennett made plenty. Also Bernd, & myseld have done several VC upgrades. Lots of repaints and VC overhauls
  7. Glad it worked for You, but Pressing F5 o Ctrl+F5 does not work for me. (It seems to be a server side problem in Session State or Cookie, not on the client side) Once it decides to log me out I have to Login again, sometimes twice as it take me to a second logging screen. So the problem persists, at least for me.
  8. This problem has been reported several times sine a couple months ago. But not addressed yet. It is not a windows problem. One workaround is: once you login just leave the Home page alone and open new tabs for other forum subpages.
  9. ramonb


    Nice Shot, That is just the way it looked today as I drove into the city. But be careful with the Mountains all around Mexico City, the Shrike will have a hard time getting above them and no Oxygen!
  10. I thought this was fixed since it did not happen to me for the last couple days, but It's back today. Bump. Thanks
  11. There are many areas to practice VOR & NDB navigation. (Pick an area and practice, then rinse and repeat). One area I particularly like is around KBOI Boise. Many close by VOR's and NDB's for navigation. KBOI also has an NDB approach to RWY 10R. Just a stone throw away (NW) of KBOI, you have KONO Ontario Mun. It has a very nice NDB approach to RWY 32. Another one I like is the VOR/DME approach to PASI Sitka RWY 29. It places you perpendicular to the runway below 1,000 ft, there are hazards and mounts just south, so You have to make the pattern with no time to waste. Downwind 110° for 15-25" (depends on speed) , base is short (very or nill) and then turn 293° to final. In foggy or inclement weather you can't see squat, so for final I always tune IME NDB and rely on the ADF to guide me to the TDZ. (You can also use the radial to BKA VOR) Cheers.
  12. Hello I agree, Jeroen's tutorial link posted above is very good. Also check Charles Wood site, one of the first and still best Flight Simulator Navigation Sites to learn about Navigation. (There are many other sites, but I'm not on my PC) Sorry, but No, NDB's are still used all over North America and the rest of the world for navigation. This is just the NavAids count for US California, Germany, (Check out other countries) Yes they are cheaper to operate, but still much in use. Unlike many VOR's, they (NDB and remaining NDB approaches) will eventually be replaced by GPS.
  13. Hello " Does this happen every time you click the home button, or only occasionally? " No, it does not. It is random. (No search or click pattern) "Are there any extensions running in your web browser that could be causing issues? " Fireforx only has DownThemAll (Download Manager), Chrome, Edge, IE and Safari for the IPad are clean default. "If you try logging into your account on a separate computer, do you still experience the issue?" It happens with any of my 5 PC's (Win 7 & Win 10) from 3 sites (Home and 2 offices), also from my iPad. in any place I take it to. Note: I mainly use Firefox , usually one tab.But I have noticed is that If I open several tabs to the website some tabs keep the session alive and others don't. (all tests done with cleared cache, temp file and history removal). Thanks
  14. Best wishes. My advice as a Doctor is: Don't make this things Public. (HIPAA)
  15. There is a saying in Spanish: "Viejos lo cerros, pero reverdecen" in English would be something like "Old hills and even greening" This is what I think: My body might get old, but my mind shall not. By all means, keep yourself busy. Before you find out You can do something no more, plan something else to do.