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  1. Difficult Choice. My vote is for #46 Doc Scott @Jack SawyerThanks for the link.
  2. Hello Sorry, but I can't find the January Screen Shot Page. Can someone point me to it? Cheers.
  3. Thank You Brad It looks fantastic.
  4. ramonb

    FA50 Evening FLight PAJN-KHQM

    Thank You guys, appreciate Your comments. Cheers Ramón
  5. ramonb

    20 to Schipol

    Plane, weather and location == Fine Shots.
  6. I will like to share these from a flight last Weekend. Gorgeous winter flight from Juneau to Bowerman. PAJN RWY 26-> STAR ASORT TWO -> SSR.V317.ANN.J523.TOU.J501.WAPTO SID RNAV (GPS) RWY 6 ZUNAD -> KHQM Thanks for watching.
  7. ramonb


    To Me, it is one of the most beautiful airplanes, along the lines of other Falcons and the gorgeous 727-200.
  8. FA50 EX Cold dusk time, at KHQM. Waiting for new Owner (ie Me ) Cheers.
  9. Been swimming since the subLOGIC days. It probably was LOD -O, but I felt the magic. LOD 14 with seasons is good enough for me.
  10. IMHO Social media is the scourge of society. Instead of bringing people together, it is ripping society apart. I sincerely thank ORBX for the offer to win all 2018 products, but I'll pass.
  11. To all, I also wish: Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo
  12. ramonb

    No visit with Neil this Holiday

    Thank You very much.
  13. ramonb

    No visit with Neil this Holiday

    Thanks for Your answer. I am curious because I want to rename one airport in my system to honor his name. (Perhaps S43 or KPAE or WA04?)
  14. ramonb

    No visit with Neil this Holiday

    Anyone know which was his favorite addon airport? Thanks
  15. Thank You ORBX Time to complete my wish list and also experience TrueEarth Netherlands.