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  1. Well, why would you still need the GB regions, unless there are Orbx regional airports that are not in TE and would generate an issue... Having two layers of surface textures, one from LC the other fron aereal image on the same spot would not be required I guess and avoid conflicts or at least loading the LC and then putting the TE on top. Just want to be sure the correct/ best solution.
  2. Hi, just installed TE Great Britain C-N-S and and I guess the five EU regions for the same area would not be required anymore. But Orbx Central did not de-activate them. Or does it not matter to have GB Regions and True Earth active at the same time?
  3. Hello Nick, Thank you for your swift answer. Followed your advise and all worked out. Now I can make a full use of all the Orbx sceneries and check out P3DV5. Very happy!
  4. I have studied the Manual on the libraries and tried to apply it, but it is not a solution for me. My current P3Dv4 has 300GB and the Orbx library has 420GB. The reside on one SSD 1 TB. Assuming the new P3Dv5 will over time be similar in size, I bought a new SSD 1TB. I started to install P3Dv5 and some initial Orbx sceneries, but I can't get the new library for v5 onto the new SSD. It installs as new entry Orbx Library\p3dv5 on the same drive were P3Dv4 and Orbx Library\p3dv4 is installed. So that would not work having 2 times the full existing Orbx Library on the same SSD plus one P3D What I hoped to do was to have two SSD with independend P3D v4/V5 on each: SSD X with P3Dv4 and Library Orbx Library\p3dv4 SSD X with P3Dv5 and Library Orbx Library\p3dv5 How can I achieve this?
  5. I think is this plus the LOC antenna position on ground.
  6. I own nearly every airport and scenery made by ORBX and for most of them an update is probably not required. But if you sell airports where airliners are landing, it is common practice of developers to do updates when the instrumental landing references have changed in reality. By that the user (=customer) can continue the airport also with actual charts. Asking hundreds of customers to install ADE and learn to us it versus the effort of the original ADE file creator to maybe spend 30 min and demonstrate customer service is is not the right approach. But if you can do it that easily, why don't you offer an updated file for download?
  7. I would second the misalignment and also that on actual charts there is an update on the NDBs. It is called RUM and Frequency is 320.0 Would appreciate an update from ORBX side!
  8. Understand, and I have read instructions that you will provide patches. But for the time it helped to enjoy AU v2. Once you roll out proper adjustments, I will revert back my changes prior patches. The .off files can easily be found. Thanks for the heads up,
  9. Hi, just installedAU v2 and followed the guide for the elevations files. Now I have 40+ AU airports from ORBX, which have also a simple versions in AU v2. Could you not provide a batch file or a tool to disable all the AU v2 airports that are installed as separate airports, so that buildings, etc. from AU v2 airports are not visible anymore? I ran through all my ORBX AU add-on airports folders and manually disable the FTX_AUS_ICAO_objects.bgl and ADE_FTX_ICAO.bgl. In some cases like YSCH I also had to deactivate ADE_FTX_ICAO_CVX.bgl to avoid floating buildings in the air.
  10. The areal image (cropped for upload size) from higher up. See the dark green tind on the half island at the right.
  11. Please find attached three pictures from the approach perspective. I'm using different graphic settings depending on if I fly an airliner (IFR Flight) or a GA aircraft (VFR Flight) and I have added one picture with maximum graphics settings. What you can see is that depending on the amount of generated autogen buildings, details and radius, the very bright white streets and roofs get covered and become less irritating. But LIEO is an airport you want to fly to also with a high-end airliner and then you need to reduce autogen and details and radius....and than the bright areal picture becomes irritating. Sure the maximum graphic settings are looking much better, but toning down the areal picture should help to improve the immersion with the lower settings and the airport area becomes less visual, all in all more homogenious. Hope you will consider doing this. VFR settings IFR settings MAX settings Here two top down pictures with my VFR settings, so kind of 75& for autogen opjects and details. You can clearly see that the underlying areal picture is very bright and from higher altitude you can see the different green areas at the airport, on the souraoundings areal picture area and the FTX EU regions And from higher to see the total areal picture in the next posting...
  12. Hi, as said in the title, I flew to Olbia yesterday for the first time and the visual impression on the approach were unfortunately inferior to my expected and well proven ORBX quality of integration of airports, the sourroundings and the base textures. I flew May 2018 date within P3Dv4.4 and Active Sky weather of the day, wich was pretty good weather approaching from the east. The color match between airport terrain, the photoreal surroundings and FTX Europe are dissapointing compared to my other ORBX airports experience. The airport terrain, compared to the the countryside’s color looked more like fall than spring time. The color of the photoimage is very green with much to bright roads and buildings. It looks like it has not been adapted at all to better integrate between airport and the island textures. This dicrepancy can also bee seen on the screenshots on the product page, but it is even more pronounced on my screen. And I’m not using any shader program or HDR. I hope the designer will spend some time to develop a better match for all seasons of the year to make this airport par with what I used to see from ORBX. I may add that I like the modelling and texturing of the airport itself and it deserves flying there having fun.
  13. For those who use P3DV4.4, I ran into the same problem with FS Aerodata update. To revert to the original file you need to search for APX88420.bgl, but it is now in P3Dv4\Scenery\1105\scenery. Add .off to the name so that it ready APX88420.bgl.off Then on the backup files that were created, delete .FSAD from APX88420.bgl.FSAD to make it the active file APX88420.bgl It then should look like on the screen of the directory.
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