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  1. Hi. Make sure you check EU Netherlands TrueEarth HD. Both EU Netherlands TrueEarth HD and EU Netherlands TrueEarth will be available in your account on orbxdirect.com, but only the HD version is available for download.
  2. Pretty damn good, both the product and the video itself. Original style and music, not the usual sentimental piano stock music Me like! Really looking forward to release!
  3. Hi. For a potential ENSG SP, could you please add the LOC for RWY 6? Regards
  4. C'mon, really? On a newly painted apron you probably right, technically speaking. But really?! Here's some shots from the real deal: http://www.amcarforum.no/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2401 And yes, you stuck yout neck out, we brought the axes [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I belive Andrew knows what airports that is part of AoN or not, as he is the developer of AoN...
  6. Hi Holger. Here are some specefic locations for you: ENBL from the west: And from the east: City of Førde (actually not that much lack of threes): Anyway, regardless of some general lack of threes i must really say that I'm impressed with this region! Thanks!
  7. Have you removed all ENBR files associated with FTX Nor?
  8. Nice shots J. How do you find the autogen draw distance? Looks great in the shots. On my system it draws 6 - 7 miles out.
  9. I think your spot on. According to the chart autopilot coupled ILS approaches are not allowed:
  10. You should check out http://www.avinor.no It's the Norwegian aviation authoritie's website, also available in English. You can check out (almost) all the commercial airports in Norway, and yeah we do have a lot of short fields. Choose airport and go to About Us -> Press. There you will find photos which will give you an overview of the selected airport. ORBX-ish airports: Fagernes Airport, Leirin Førde Airport, Bringeland Røros Airport But the real gems are located in the northern part of Norway. And there are of course a lot of GA fields in Norway as well. You should contact freewa
  11. Hi Mark! How did it go? I've checked out some screens of the original FS9 scenery by Sidney Schwartz. It looks really nice! If you figure out a way to use it with FSX and PNW it would be really great!
  12. Nice shots. May I ask where you got the plane from?
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