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  1. I wonder if can I install only one of the regions and run FSX after or is it compulsory install all the four regions to run FSX without issues? I need some more days to get my new HDD...
  2. Don, have you checked SkyVector.com? Cheers
  3. Thank you John and Sid for the fast reply. I thought that the Canary Islands were included based on what I remembered from the map shown on http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/61436-ftx-global-openlc-worldwide-areas-rollout-plan-details/. I have rechecked the map now and is clear that they are not included in EU but in Africa. Thanks again
  4. Thank you Ed, Are the Canary Islands included in the Southern installer? Regards.
  5. I use Saitek panels in FSX and P3Dv2 without any driver from Saitek. If you have a registered copy of FSUIPC you can use the free SPAD (http://fstools.weebly.com/). SPAD has resolved all the problems I had with Saitek panels.