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  1. One more example has been posted here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/193311-p3dv5-mit-hf1-szeneriefehler-am-bodensee/ That lake does not exist in reality and not in P3DV4.5.
  2. Hi, in areas where we have a True Earth Product and a Region, what is the suggested procedure: Keep both installed or uninstall the region, if the TE product is desired?
  3. I found the same problem at various places in GEN and GES.
  4. No, I'm waiting for an answer from the developers.
  5. Thanks Josh. Now, there is no process with that name (or a name including the string) running and I could install Edinburgh WITH P3D running with no problem. How does that fit?
  6. Hello Nick, I read your statement and made sure, that indeed no other application was running, even most processes were shut down. I hope for an answer from the developer....
  7. Mitchell, may I come back to this problem for Horst: As far as I see it, ORBX C is preventing any changes to the libraries and consequently any new installation because an error is triggered that P3D is running. Fact is that P3D is NOT running. In fact I closed all not really needed processes and all other programs which had no effect on that error. Additionally I tested on a perfectly running installation (my own one), that it is possible to download and install new products WITH P3D running. So, what is the reason behind the error message on Horst's installation? His P3D is not running but the error remains. We checked Anti-Virus and Firewall to be off, cleared all TEMP folders, but the error remains. Please advise on how to get ORBX C working again. Thank you.
  8. Sorry, no change whatsoever. ORBX C always comes back with the error message, that P3D is still running. But it has been checked over and over again, there is no sim or sim-related programs running. No idea what causes this error.
  9. Anybody any idea? Which folders or data must be deleted to achieve a complete deinstallation of ORBX Central?
  10. Hi Nick, I went together with Horst through the installation of ORBX Central. The whole process went as it should. We started from a freshly rebooted computer, no AV running. The Task Manager showed no P3D version running, no other simulator running and no other programs as Active Sky or else. Nevertheless appeared the error message that P3D is running. Since I cannot find any application or process running via the Task Manager, is there another way to identify which process/program/error could produce this error message? Is there a file or folder somewhere that may store this error from previous sessions? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Hi, I installed Oregon SD but I'm unsure if the scenery installed correctly. I did a flight before installing Orgegon SD and it seems nothing changed. I attached my scenery_packs.ini, maybe someone could tell me if the order is correct? Thanks! scenery_packs.ini
  12. Why? Sascha Norman found a way to identify necessary change to make the addons work perfectly. I don't see why that could not be achieved after using ORBX Central. But I have to admit that I'm no expert on that, I just liked that feature when installing their software.
  13. Interesting point here. The compatibility relies on other publisher's research on what need to be changed to get this compatibility. Flightbeam runs a troubleshooting and intendifies files which need to be disabled. That is probably obsolete as long as other publisher/developer react to the new ORBX Central logic. Otto was faster...
  14. For whatever reason the FTX Central automatic installer produced the above error. The manual installer worked fine. For me TE US Washington does work now. Thanks for your help.
  15. No, but I have far less files than I should have. I now manually downloaded TE Washington onto a HD with 140 GB free space and I have about 300 GB free on my XP HD. Will that work?
  16. I understand the process and the disk requirement for the XP drive. How much disk space is needed for hard drive to which I download the files? I have 180 GB free on that drive and about 300 GB free on my XP-drive but still get the same error!
  17. Does nobody has an idea what is wrong here?
  18. Hi, I used to fly to and from KSUN quite often, but since a couple of days, I have this problem when starting from KSUN: I searched for files with KSUN.bgl in the name but couldn't find any. I uninstalled KSUN completely, all entries in the XML-files were deleted and reinstalled again, rebooting after the uninstall, but no change. Is it correct that there are no parking positions selectable? I can land at KSUN and find at some areas holes in which I can see the "lower KSUN airport", e.g. at the following position: I am out of ideas what I could do to get the airport back into working condition. Maybe Greg could have a look at this? Thank you!
  19. Hallo Nick, here are the numbers: ...TrueEarth_Custum has 1,11 GB with 612 files, 27 folders ...TrueEarth_Overlay has 1,33 GB with 2516 files in 67 folders ...TrueEarth_Orthos has 52,4 GB, , in the textures folder are 5237 files. So I'm missing about half of the download. I'll try a manual download now and see if that helps.... Is it advisable to delete the installed files/folders before trying a new install?
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