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  1. Also worry about Ireland, due to problems in acquiring data. As for my future if fsx can't work with it, if it comes to that, I would think about P3D4.
  2. Now I think I have it. Read the post about oom's with 32 bit programs and the indefinite delay or postponement of TE versions.
  3. Still using FSX and got lost with all the information out there but am i reading that TE Great Britain will not be available for FSX? I know XP is first, then P3Dv4. Guess got confused with the first pinned topic from March 14 in General Discussion about the UK/Ireland photo regions coming to fsx. Just need help getting straightened out. Reading the topic True Earth Great Britain coming in hot and read it differently.
  4. Well that was very enjoyable because i got to see what KTUL will look like. Thank you very much.
  5. 1. KTUL, Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma 2. Looking from NE. Thank you if i get selected.
  6. Like to add "Island in the Sky" and "High and the Mighty" by Gann. Also, not really in the air too much, "Flight of the Phoenix" by Elleston Trevor.
  7. Wonder if they plan on using Unreal Engine 4 game engine. Know they plan on developing new train simulator with this code. Flight would have been a good start if they went after the simulation crowd awhile back but went with the casual user.
  8. Shame for N.I. but kudo's still to this organization to give us something for N.I. that no other company has. Least some default airports have been enhanced and you have Uk2000's Aldergrove and they also plan on Belfast City within couple years. Also gentleman on FSDeveloper's forum with his work progressing on Belfast City. Also in Ireland you have Aerosoft's Dublin.
  9. Remember comments made from earlier post that Northern Ireland would be lower price then Scotland or Wales instead of adding in a detailed airport. UK2000 does have Aldergrove and some time later in 2014 Belfast City. I know that N.I. will be my first purchase of Orbx scenery because they are the only ones who have regard for this portion of the U.K. and that i was born there. Looking forward to the Glens of Antrim!
  10. Scotland.......One step closer to Northern Ireland getting released i hope! Northern Ireland, the most neglected region of Europe in flight simulation. Was hoping the Horizon/ Play Horizon folks would have gotten to it by now but i'm wanting the Orbx scenery when it comes. It will also be my first purchase when released.
  11. Was going to ask about Northern Ireland but i took time and went back to your initial announcement of the UK series of Orbx sceneries back on Nov. 9 2011 and Northern Ireland looked to be after Wales and Scotland. Since we are told Wales would be early 2013 and then Scotland i would maybe thing late 2013 into 2014? Just got back from Northern Ireland, born there and visiting my folks up North from Larne. Always wanted scenery for this part of the UK. Thanks for the new project.
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