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  1. I for one welcome the new Microsoft Cloud & Flamingo Simulator 2020 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Given the importance of FSEXPO your large team of Orbx staff must have been fighting for space with the vast team of Microsoft representatives promoting their new simulator.......
  3. Oh gawd, "Eats, roots, shoots and leaves" is such a classic joke.
  4. The OzX 1.2 libraries for OzX V3.5 were indeed the last official release but they contained many models incompatible with the P3Dv4. Using the 1.2 libs in P3D v4 could cause instabilities or, at the very least, result in objects not being rendered correctly. Prior to the web site going down Jorge was actively updating the OzX library for P3D V4. I think the last beta libs OZx_LIBP3DV4.zip were posted in the OzX forum in late Dec 2017 and seemed to have resolved most (all?) of the compatibility issues. Cheers, Peter
  5. Nice video! Thanks for sharing. I want to upgrade my ATC beyond the default and am having trouble deciding between Pro-ATC/X and Pilot2ATC. This video has helped! Who was driving the followme vehicle at YMML? Cheers, Peter
  6. Elaine provided a detailed guide for installing UT2 into P3Dv4: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/485133-ultimate-traffic-2-prepar3d-v3-v4/?page=30#comment-3630598
  7. There's a tupolev 204 model in UT2 which was compiled with the old FS8 SDK. But the other 100 models in UT2 were compiled with the FSX SDK.
  8. Another +1 for UTLive. Although it's annoying that Virgin Australia is missing repaints in the current beta... but I guess one of the "fun" aspects of Ultimate Traffic has always been searching for liveries and adding them.
  9. This is CYBD Bella Coola Not CYDB Burwash As Nick noted the runway markings with Orbx scenery should be 8 groups each comprising 6 thin stripes (48 stripes total) beginning at the very edge of the CYBD runway. Th first blurry shot above incorrectly shows 8 broad "piano key" markings further up the runway. Your CYBD is using the wrong textures.
  10. Nice shots! I too flew to LOWI today from Zurich. The visual approach from the east circling to land on rwy 08 is so good.
  11. I may have just let out a squeel of excitement! A new Gold Coast would be nice. But I literally dream of an Orbx Hobart YMHB.
  12. Nick's seemingly infinite patience and outstanding knowledge are very much appreciated.
  13. Yes. When you created your orbx direct account you clicked the "commercial account" box. Hopefully one of the Orbx moderators will change your account to personal soon.
  14. FYI: VOXATC 7.4 has just been released with P3Dv4 support
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