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  1. To greatly speed up the loading P3D SimDirector when you have scenery entries with large number of objects you can turn off "Load Friendly Names For Catalog Object Models (Requires Restart)" in the Settings tab of the File menu of SimDirector. The appalling optimisation and caching of SimDirector's handling of library objects has been a problem since its release.
  2. New Garmin autoland capability makes CAT III ILS look dated...
  3. Lorby Addon Organiser is free and a great utility for managing scenery and other addons. It also manages dll and exe based products. It's stable, regularly updated and a "must-have" to be honest. It will allow you to "group" your scenery so only certain entries are active eg you can define groups called Europe, America and Australasia. Or VFR and IFR. And then add the appropriate sceneries to each group. The other free manager you are likely thinking of is Scenery Config Editor. But it's old and only manages scenery.cfg based scenery... not content based upon addon-xmls. The commercial SimStarterNG is the only other product I'm aware of that manages the entirety of the P3D scenery library.
  4. My feeling is your ordering should be mostly ok since your add-on airports are generally positioned above the Orbx regions and Global Base. The exceptions are your Madeira and Porto Santo airports which should be higher: next to your uk2000 and flytampa sceneries. EDIT 1: your P3D "Default Scenery" entry seems to be out of position too. I think it should be moved up to be immediately below "0000 Base" EDIT 2: I just noticed your Orbx!OpenLC_Base entry seems too high in the Library and I think it should be down below the Europe and NA LC entries. Disclaimer: hopefully an Orbx guru can advise/confirm library positioning. This is just my experience and practice. I use Lorby Addon Organiser to position Library items precisely. My Library looks like the following (Orbx in green, P3D default entries in blue): Orbx Libs 3rd party libs 3rd party sceneries & airports Orbx Airports Orbx Regions Orbx "OpenLC" entries P3D default cities & regions (ie Bathymetry-down-to-Africa) Orbx "Vector" entries "xxxx Base" folders (ie "1107 Base" down to "0000 Base") Orbx Vector AEC "Default Scenery" 3rd party "stubs" Orbx "airport stubs" Orbx "region stubs" 3rd party "world's" Orbx "scenery global" entries Orbx Trees "Default Terrain" Thankfully the latest version of Orbx Central seems to be largely respecting the position changes I have made to my Library order.
  5. This is my experience too. Latest version of Orbx Central is working fine and my scenery library order is no longer messed up.
  6. Hi Mitchell I just tried Verifying the problematic entries at the top of my library (3WS, 1WA6, LOWI, PFJ, NSNI and NZSI) with mixed results (see SceneryExport190905 4.12 post-verify.html). In particular: 3W5 is now correctly located with the other orbx airports. 1WA6 improved a bit as it moved down from the very top of the Scenery Library to the top of the scenery.cfg entries. But it should be further down with the rest of the orbx airports. LOWI didn't shift and remained at the top of the scenery.cfg entries (where it has been joined by the aforementioned 1WA6) PFJ, NZNI and NZSI remain erroneously above the scenery.cfg entries and not where they should be (with the other Orbx Regions below the Orbx Airports) Cheers, Peter. SceneryExport190905 4.12 post-verify.html central.log scenery.cfg
  7. Hi, Upon the release of Orbx Central (OC) 4.0.4 I migrated my Orbx products to a library. These original versions of OC introduced many laying issues and I needed to use Lorby Addon Organiser (AO) to manually correct my Scenery Library. Once the Library was tidied up my P3D4.5HF continued to perform well (see SceneryExport OC4.0.6 tidy.html). Until today I've not upgraded (or even run) Orbx Central since 4.0.6 as I was aware you were planning improvements to the layering. I've just installed the new Orbx Central 4.0.11 and activated Advanced Layering. Did a Sync. Reapplied Advanced Layering (which hadn't saved) and confirmed the two insertion points. I then quit OC and reran it. I noticed OC updated to 4.0.12. So I again reapplied Advanced Layering (this time it was saved correctly) and then repeated the Sync and confirmation of insertion points. Upon checking my Scenery Library in AO I see it is again a mess (see SceneryExport OC4.012 mess.html) Whilst I can manually clean it up in AO... as soon as I Verify Files on a product or Sync etc the Library is again turned into a mess by OC 4.0.12 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ central.log scenery.cfg SceneryExport OC4.06 tidy.html SceneryExport OC4.012 mess.html
  8. I note you are running an old version of Lorby Addon Organiser. There have been a number of improvements and fixes since 1.42b03 which are important if you are using FTX Central
  9. When Orbx Central edits scenery.cfg (either through a resync or changing the insertion points) it saves the file in UTF-8 format whereas I believe the correct encoding for this particular file is UTF-16 LE (i.e. UTF-16, little endian, byte order mark present)
  10. Hi Mitchell, FYI - Whilst I couldn't migrate TE Netherlands to the Library nor verify its files, I discovered I could uninstall it. So I've now reinstalled it (to the library) without incident and eliminated the "cannot read property '0' of undefined" error I was encountering with TE Netherlands. Cheers, Peter.
  11. I recommend you shouldn't test the stability of your computer using P3D. It is too slow at revealing issues and doesn't fully test components. You need to download an actual stress test utility. I recommend RealBench. But Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, CineBench and the venerable Prime95 are all much better choices than P3D.
  12. Another log showing what happens if I launch Orbx Central, wait several mins, then exit without doing anything with TE Netherlands central.log
  13. Thanks Mitchel, I've attached the log. If I click either Migrate or Verify on TE-Netherlands I get the "error: cannot read property '0' of undefined" If I click either the Migrate or Verify button a second time I get a spinny circular activity icon next to the icon but nothing happens (see log). (Orbx Central is otherwise still responsive) central.log
  14. In migrating my content to the new Library structure I've encountered the following (possible) issues. A) The following products can't (yet?) be migrated to the Library and produce "error: no builds available for this product". (I think these are all known current limitations?): YBBN YSTW 74S KTEX AU AI Traffic NA AI Traffic B ) TE Netherlands couldn't be migrated to my Library as it produces "error: cannot read property '0' of undefined" C) The following products appeared to migrate to my Library successfully but left behind entries in scenery.cfg and also their original folders+files in <P3D>\ORBX\: YBRM ORBXLibs O60 PAGS W28 WA69 I guess I should delete the old redundant entries/files? D) The scenery.cfg entry for <P3D>\ORBX\FTX_OLC\OLC_AA remains, as does the folder and its contents. Is this OLC_AA still required?
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