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  1. Have to kind of disagree with you a bit there Tim I'm running X-Plane 10 with HDR and global shadows, and I must say the default X-Plane weather engine does an amazing job at creating weather systems. I use some great weather cams located at different Alaskan and Canadian airfields to check out the weather before flying and it's always X-Plane (with it's default weather engine) that trumps my FSX installation with my add-on AS2012. Just flying and watching the cloud shadows on the ground is amazing. You can see them roll across the landscape....wow!! We all have o
  2. Great shots!! If you were to climb Merrick (the highest mountain in Galloway) on a clear day you can spot Ailsa Craig quite easily. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tookiebunten/5563325769/ The Merrick is a great walk from Loch Trool: http://www.flickr.com/photos/markmckie/7310361896/ Cheers Dom
  3. Man, you set the bench high Iain !! Lovely shots that remind me that I need a holiday!! Cheers Dom
  4. Great set of pictures!! That last shot is wonderful Jocko!! I have the SeeBee for X-Plane, but I think your one looks more detailed. Great stuff!! Cheers Dom
  5. That's my kind of weather!! Lovely.....you can almost feel it. Cheers Dom
  6. Really lovely shots!! Great angles and perspective!! Cheers Dom
  7. For me FSX is pretty stable too. I think it's a bit like an old family car.........you learn not to push it round corners, LOL.
  8. Cheers Adam and John. Not sure how long I'll be able to post screenshots though as I might have to take my Bootcamp partition off (which includes FSX) as I need the space for OSX, LOL. Just my photographic scenery comes to a healthy 200GB, LOL. Cheers Dom
  9. Thanks guys; I'm glad you like it. This one took a bit longer than five minutes, LOL. Lomo filter first with Gimp; whilst adjusting the curves and levels. Once the layers had been adjusted, I flattened the image and took it into Snapseed and changed the ambient lighting and brought out the details. Also changed the the mode to B/W. From there, I sent it to my HDR program and selected my favourite B/W filter with Contrast HDR. Then it was back into another program (my secret, LOL); fogged the lens with a wee bit of gaussian blur ; changed the light direction and added wear and tear, LOL
  10. Hi chaps, It's amazing what you find amongst old books and cobwebs. Cheers Dom
  11. You're just too good Iain !! Great shots!! Dom
  12. Thanks guys for all the comments. I was actually trying to fly to Stornaway but I ran out of time !! I must say; I'm really enjoying Scotland. Great stuff! Cheers guys. Dom
  13. Hi guys, A few more of Scotland, but this time in the Skymaster. Happy 4th of July my fellow American flyers !! Up the rebels..........down the British !! Quoted from: The Great Escape Dom (British Scot, LOL)
  14. I'm also having this problem. I've got the latest patch installed for the PNW, and all my scenery boxes are ticked and in the correct hierarchal order. I've set the mesh to 5m, but I still get the problem. I've also tried other mesh settings just in case, but have had no luck. All scenery was installed whilst in the PNW region. Apart from this; no problem with the install, and the scenery is wonderful; especially the little rodents, LOL. Cheers Dom
  15. Hi guys, Busy day today, so I had to get my flight in whilst I could. I've always loved Scottish weather, and today was no exception. Mind you, it was a bit bumpy though Happy flying Dom
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