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  1. Sorry being blonde here: So we nee EU Scotland to run this product and that's not ready for p3d yet so either way it can't be used in v2 for awhile? Josh
  2. I use rex essentials plus overdrive with opus and it works fine in p3d 2.0 Josh
  3. Show us more! Think I'm to excited for this one just looks stunning and a fun destination. Especially with the current winds in the UK. Cheers
  4. Best shots I've seen in a long time, the first one looks real but nice high texture settings aswell!
  5. Hi, great shots! Been very tempted by this plane must admit but just wondering what roughly is your average cruse speed and highest GSP at present? Just wondering as I'm not into tslow planes I'm degrading my NGX for a powerful prop...hopefully! Cheers
  6. Nice shots, when you say ALL Saitek equipment do you mean Multi pannel,Switch Pannel,Radio Pannel etc? Also what's the speed of it like you max GS and IAS you've had? I'm interested in buying the bird but don't no a lot about it:) Your shots shows it off well. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, As the title shows I'll be showing you a relatively brief flight report that I flew earlier today: EGKK to LEAL Flown on the IVAO network... So its just gone 11z and the crew arrive at Gatwick International Airport which is the 2nd busiest airport in the UK and located in the south. The crew works for Monarch which is a UK based airline offering flight all around Europe daily. Anyway the crew will be heading to Alicante today in Monarch's A321 type aircraft "Romeo Alpha". We will be operation under the call sign Monarch 4 Mike X-ray (MON4MX). We have an estimated flight time of 2
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