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  1. I certainly hope you will succeed Benny - I am sure you will. For me, however, I would not have made it to 86 without a good cigar and a stiff drink every day!
  2. All very interesting, but a subscription fee does not worry me. What I am more concerned about is the required internet speed for smooth HD terrain presentation downloaded from the cloud. I can get up to nearly 1 Gb/sec for maybe 8 times the cost a game subscription, and that would be real money! Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.6 GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11GB GDDR5X; ASRock Z270 K6 Gaming MB, 16GB DDR4-3000 RAM; 500GB SSD + 2TB HDD; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; 34" 21:9 curved 4K Monitor
  3. Just ran across this video - amazing! I apologize if it has already been referenced.
  4. This is a common problem. Most add-on producers hate to tell you the installed size before you start the download - or even after!
  5. OMG! flight tsimming will die out in a few years for lack of alive customers. Guess it won't affect me, as I will be 86 in December. I have 7 flight sims on my computer, and I now have some trouble remembering all the key commands.
  6. Good thinking! I was not aware of the dynamic disk technology, but as far as I can see, I would have to reformat my existing SSD drive (the one I would like to extend). This would require a complete reinstallation of about 400 GB including the OS - too much for me to face!
  7. Well - I have looked around a bit, and Raid does not do what I wish for. Raid technology can be used for data protection and read speed increases using two or more drives, but does not add continuous storage capacity.
  8. Thanks - looks like I will have to go to work with my friend Google! If I find something good, I will post it here.
  9. Hi All! I know that you can functionally connect parts of applications between drives using Symbolic Drive technology, but I am wondering if there is any way to functionally connect two SSD's in total, i.e. so that they look to the computer as one c: d: or e: drive? Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.5GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11GB GDDR5X; ASRock Z270 K6 Gaming MB, 16GB DDR4-3000 RAM; 500GB SSD + 2TB HDD; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; 34" 21:9 curved 4K Monitor
  10. After years of using various potentiometer-based sticks, which have all failed (the last one was the X-52 Pro), I heartily concur with Ken. For the last two years I have used the Thrustmaster T16000 M (together with the throttle from the X-52 Pro). The T16000 M uses optical sensors and is as precise today as the day I got it.
  11. Looks like that did it - thanks Nick!
  12. I am running P3Dv4.4 with Orbx Global base pack, LC's, Vector and HD Trees. Randomly I get black spots on inland waterways as well as oceans. The spots are not large, have straight borders, and appear in various polygon shapes. Surrounding waters look normal. Any ideas of what may cause this and suggested fix?
  13. Now let's see how good my memory is: Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1933 Royal Danish AF Training in USA 1952, Italy 1954 Moved from Denmark to Rochester, NY, USA 1957 Moved to Long Island, NY, 1960 Moved to Yuma, AZ, 1962 (job assignment) Moved back to Rochester, NY, 1963 Moved to Fort Worth, TX, 1967 (job assignment) Moved to Groton, CT, 1971 Moved to Gaithersburg, MD, 1973 (suburban Washington, DC) Moved to Annandale, VA, 1978 (suburban Washington, DC) Moved to Fairfax, VA, 1998 (retired in 2003) - now I am out of breath!
  14. Hi All. I currently fly the current versions of P3Dv4, Aerofly FS2 and X-Plane 11. My problem is the very generic (unreal) scenery in XP-11. I know that there are hundreds of individual airports and piecemeal sceneries and Object Libraries available for XP, put dealing with all that to obtain a global range does not appeal to me. For P3D I have Orbx Base Pack, openLC's, Vector and Trees which I find excellent and accurate enough for me. XP has many other good features, but the generic scenery is unsatisfactory, so XP is sort of collecting dust in my computer. I have been hoping and waiting to see if Orbx were going to come out with similar global/continental packages for XP-11, but it does not look like it. Is there any hope?
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