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  1. Brilliant!!! I am most excited about the additional upgraded airports - the one drawback to the original AU was that, with such a massive land area to cover, the landscape at times felt a bit empty for VFR flight even with the OZx add-ons, because you might have significant distances between the payware Orbx airports. This will make exploring the landscape even more interesting! Might have to complete my collection of Orbx AU airports in preparation during the May sale
  2. I have to agree - it would seem that with FTX Central it would be preferable to push this fix out to users as an update so we did not have to do this manually. I would not have known about this fix until I tried to fly into KSFF yesterday and saw the missing roofs problem (flying in winter), and then came here to do a manual search as to what the problem might be. It would be much less hassle if this was rolled out as an official update.
  3. WOW! These are really lifelike Eugene! Very very nicely done
  4. As a user of all of the various sim platforms, I also want to add my thanks John for the decision of Orbx to get involved with X-Plane. I am a huge fan of the flight modelling and smoothness (as John Hargreaves said, particularly for helicopters which far surpasses anything possible in P3D right now), but what has kept me from using it as much as I would like is the relative paucity of quality payware scenery development. There is so much potential with the XP11 platform, and the Orbx content would be a massive addition! Also, perhaps Orbx involvement will drive further development of the platform in other areas (like proper seasonal modelling, for example). Thank you!
  5. I enthusiastically second this request if there is a future update... X-Plane is so good in terms of the helicopter flight models and the availability of top-quality payware helis, it just screams out for more places to land!
  6. These are beautiful shots Gerold! And an absolute beauty of an aircraft, but I do hope Die Mannschaft flew something a bit more modern to get there!
  7. Between the 40% off and the really great screenshots that several of you have already posted, "resistance was futile" as they say and I had to go ahead and pull the trigger on this for X-Plane. I usually just use XP11 for PilotEdge and for helicopter flying, but since Chicago is my hometown I can now do some virtual traffic reporting for WGN.
  8. These are great shots Andy! I am also a multi-sim user - I have XP11, P3D, DCS and now Aerofly... they each have their strengths and I enjoy them all, but SO glad that Orbx has entered the X-plane world! If I may suggest - since you are flying the default Sikorsky here, for X-Plane I can highly recommend the Dreamfoil helis and the X-Trident Bell 412 as well. IMO only DCS has better helicopter flight modeling than those gems. The Dreamfoil Bell 407 and the X-Trident 412 have been upgraded to "XP11" standard, and the DFoil AS350 is close to being upgraded. If you like helicopters, there is not a better match than X-Plane and Orbx!
  9. Well now I know where I am test-flying next... great shots!
  10. Really nice shots here Steve! Is that the UIVER DC-2, or a DC-3?
  11. Love the way the sunset glints off the Connie in that first shot! Gorgeous!
  12. These are very nice Stewart! May I ask what your Brightness/Bloom/Saturation settings are in these shots? EDIT: Oops, never mind about the settings... I saw that you posted them in the other thread.
  13. Thanks for the nice comments all! It was unexpected to run into the thunderstorm (I forgot I had the "Building Storms" weather profile set up), luckily I had good reflexes with the V key. I got my rear end down at Harvey very quickly after this!
  14. Thanks everyone! Very satisfied with the new sim! Agree Steve, for the longest time, if I ever flew into Seattle in real-life I would have expected to look out the window and seeing the view stuttering at 20 fps LOL Jack, this is with Orbx PNW in Seattle and Orbx Global, OpenLC and Trees HD in Florida (I turned off Dynamic Trees in favor of the Orbx trees - Speedtrees are performance hogs and they look scrawny compared to the lovely Orbx vegetation ). V4 will definitely bring even a powerful computer to its knees with certain settings. I am dialing back my AA settings because anything over 2xSSAA really hammers performance on my 980 Ti - the vastly improved AA in v4 doesn't necessarily require the highest settings to look good, IMO. These shots I believe I had Scenery Complexity on Extreme, Autogen Draw Distance to High, and Trees and Vegetation on Dense (I might have bumped to Very Dense for the Florida shots). You really do want to spend some time trying how the different sliders respond to your system to get the performance you are looking for. But even at modest settings the sim is vastly improved over v3. What you cannot see here are effects like how you can see the edges of the cloud shadows pass across the wings as you fly under them, just like in real life - very cool!
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