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  1. Thank you triple seven for looking and commenting! Mr. Harris...the office!
  2. Thank you for looking and commenting! No, not with mouse but with the hat switch on my joystick! I have severe neck problems so I can't use TrackIR.
  3. Deleting keyboard assignments in FSX in no way affects other games or sims you enjoy! I enjoy the X universe myself!
  4. Quite a lot of detail in this shot! Well done!!!
  5. Inspired by Misha Cajic's video he posted a while back! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/81329-kagi-launumu/ Unlike Misha, I almost destroyed the plane uphill at Launumu! Hope you enjoy! << video removed by mods due to piracy by the OP >>
  6. Hey Mark, you know I'm going to say it... Awesome Sauce!!!
  7. I'd buy that stamp! Very cool indeed!
  8. Congrats Gerold! Very cool! Four Thousand More Please!
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