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  1. Bump to the Texture Max Load Editor referred to by Anthin. I've posted the link in the forums a few times myself. Set it and forget it. Google it. Fly Away Simulations has it, for one. Holds whatever value you set it at. jsapair
  2. FWIW, there's a freeware program out there called TML (Texture Max Load Editor) that will lock in at startup whatever setting you chose. Been using it for years. jsapair
  3. Thanks for the file conversions, guys. I appreciate it. One of the more challenging places to fly. jsapair
  4. Can't open a .docx file. What program created it? I've got MS Office 2003.
  5. I had a landlord paint my apartment that color once. I moved out. Great shots, though.
  6. Nice vid. The RTMM pipeline project xxd09 refers to is BWEP (Blue Wave Energy Partners). You can find it at RTMM on the scenery page under 'B'. jsapair
  7. My only problem is cockpit trouble related. I post a reply, or a question, go on my merry way, and a day or two later I can't remember where the heck I posted it.
  8. BINGO! Dieter, I found CYXT_ADE_RWC.BGL in an addon scenery folder called "Bandit-FSX-ORBX". Appears to be a 3rd party West Coast Tour. I'll delete it. I couldn't find anything RE: CYXT or Terrace before 'cause the SSD that my Sim resides on had never been indexed for the search function. Thanks Nick and tmarshall, as well. tmarshall: I posted a flight plan on the Flight Plans Forum (A Flight Plan Thru PFJ) that covers a lot of the CYXT area, which is how I discovered the fuel dock problem in the first place. Thanks again, guys. All is good. jsa
  9. Not even sure this is a Vector problem but I need to start somewhere. FSX/DX10. The fuel dock at Terrace is embedded in the side of a green quonset hut. Nobody else sees this green building but me. My plane is sitting at N54 28.29 W128 34.36 @ heading 350. I have installed the latest ORBX Libraries. Running Global, Vector.
  10. BBQ Steve. Just from past experience I no longer do Nvidia updates, most of which are geared towards gaming issues anyway. Unless it's sim specific I leave well enough alone. Haven't done an update in over 2 years; just asking for potential problems. My 2 cents worth. jsapair
  11. I used to enjoy flying the Vietnam War Project but it won't run on FSX DX10, which is what I've got. Is there a way to set up a separate FSX profile running DX9 with the VWP as the only scenery? Maybe a different icon or something? I imagine I could just install it my scenery library and turn off DX10 Preview whenever I wanted to use it but that seems a little cumbersome. If there's a way to do this I'm sure somebody here will know. Thanks for viewing. jsapair
  12. Also back in the '70's, me and some buddies were headed to Yellowstone National Park. Stopped at this lake in Idaho...Big Bear?...that was advertising sea plane rides...cheap. Owner/operator of this WWll vintage Goose was a 'Nam pilot. Wind was howling, white caps, and there's four of us. He initially tried to take off downwind but no way. So he gets to the end of the lake and turns upwind. We get 5' off the water, 10', 15', smacking the water each time, and then we're flying! Man, this old crate vibrated like crazy.. My buddy noticed an un-clasped padlock in the overhead controls, grasped it,
  13. Yep, bibs for me, too. If I had to buy jeans now I'd have to go by my hip size, not my waist size. Make's 'em shorter, though. Not easy to find jeans in 44x28. 44's are about a foot too long. LOL. jsapair
  14. Like Roger said at the top of this post, not many folks around these days who can give first hand accounts of WWll. I agree that politics has no place in this forum, or any other flight sim forum in my book. But I really don't see how you'll avoid 2nd hand accounts like "I remember my day telling me, or my uncle was a SeaBee and he..". Just not that many actual participants who are still around to talk about it. Anything else is unrealistic. Heck, even the Korea vets are very old timers now. I'm 67 and that's 'Nam era. Just my 2 cents worth. jsapair
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