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  1. Well finally made a decision, went for the GTX 1650S and it works well with a combination of Ultra and High settings. Thanks for all your input
  2. Interesting and very simple,I’ll give it a try, thank you Sir.
  3. Just curious, what setting are you running, Low Med High or Ultra ?
  4. Hi all, well after waiting for what seems years with no sim 2020 has finally arrived. I waited till the dust settled then ordered a hard copy, loaded it up ( took ages ) then bugger, my graphics card won't run anything better than a slide show. My rig is the recommended spec except for the card - Min GTX 770 Recommended GTX 970, mine is a GTX 750. I am going to purchase a GTX 1650S. Any thoughts?
  5. Well, after a long absence from Simming due to a major disaster with a rig set up for FXS, new rig with P3D that just didn't do it for me I am blown away with what I have seen so far. I have now purchased a top Gaming PC so bring it on Microsoft.
  6. Some real aggressive flying there, just the way I like it.
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