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  1. Lol, what Utley said. BTW, Squamish is now officially, (to paraphrase),the 8th most exciting airport in the world. http://www.privatefly.com/private-jet-hire/squamish-airport-A8397.html
  2. You can vote for Squamish here: http://www.privatefly.com/airport-poll/PrivateFlyAirportPoll.html I can testify to the AMAZING accuracy of this scenery. I had no idea Gordon would take it to this level of detail.
  3. Bravo! It's darned close. Looking up Cattermole Slough towards my property from Squamish Terminals is almost photoreal.
  4. Aww shucks, "twerent nuthin'. Seriously, my time is my own these days and I am happy to help this project however I can. Not many people have the honour of getting their home town modelled. Anyway, I do have an ulterior motive: I want Gordon to put a maroon roof on that '70 Chevy pickup model. I love the rusty corrugated iron, btw
  5. I got a few shots before a security guard stopped me and advised that I needed permission. I'll try on Tuesday.
  6. The Banner family ran that sightseeing outfit with the Porter. Father Ron established the business and when the two sons came of age they flew as well. Older son got his helicopter ticket and they bought a Jet Ranger, I think. Older son flew the chopper into the side of a mountain with a family of Japanese tourists aboard and the business collapsed in grief soon afterward. They built the red building and the large hangar at the south end. Those screen shots are pretty impressive! I'm gonna head up to Quest today and see if I can duplicate some of them with my trusty Kodak. I'll post them if I can figure out how.
  7. Tell me what you need and I'll get it for you. Have cameras and theodolites, will travel.
  8. You are right, SandMan. Good eye! Sure looks like it. If it truly is mine, he must have got it from the street view when he was modelling the COTU. I was in the process of simplifying the Acad model of my property in prep for building my own scenery. Merci, Gordon! Wish I knew how to post photos.
  9. Looks pretty good to me. I see my own house is modeled on the waterfront. That's pretty gratifying. Will have more comments when I see closer details.
  10. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler furnished the impetus for this. The really amazing part of that project was that the contractor, Peter Kiewit, completely re-built the highway without shutting it down. Incidently, Peter Kiewit Sons is a company wholly owned by it's employees. They hire locally for their projects all over the world and cherry-pick the best and offer them shares. When retirement time comes, the company buys the shares back. A couple of my friends have become "made men" under this scheme.
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