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  1. Thank you Renault for the little tour around Concrete airfield. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Have fun! Regards Andreas
  2. Herzlichen Dank für Dein dickes Lob Mike! Very nice pics! Cheers Andreas
  3. Very nice set Adam. Should I send the lawn mower over? The grass seams a bit high there! Cheers
  4. Hi EagleSkinner! Thank you for your feedback! As I see the topographic mesh could be improved at the high school tunnel. I wonder if the recent update of MSFS has made it worse? I have put two or even three terraform polys there to smoothen the area around the tunnel. It's not an easy task as the whole terrain starts to change chape. I see what I can do. OK? Regards Andreas
  5. Thank you Andy, very much appreaciated! Happy flying! Cheers Andreas
  6. Hi Frank! Good news! I am working on an update for KORS as I type. There will be more objects which didn't make it into the first version because of time and SDK limitations. So more to come! Regards Andreas
  7. Yes, I also have noticed the behavior of the Super Cup at KORS and 1S2. I am thinking of replacing them or remove them until problem is gone with the next update.
  8. I like Arlington too, have been there a couple of times virtually. I would have to study it closer and then of course get high quality photographs of the main buildings and objects from someone living local.
  9. Merci beaucoup Franck! Yes I love these small airfields also very much. They have so much atmosphere and authentic flair. That's why I stick to those!
  10. The owner of the Bolan hangar has a great car collection inside. I am not sure if he also owns a Porsche. GT3 is a fantastic sports car!
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