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  1. Hi Petakas! Thank you for your comment! To make them more visible during winter time I would need to shovel more snow around the PAPI lights . They hide the view a bit. But this is reality after a heavy snowfall. It makes the approach even more challenging! As you are an experienced pilot for sure you will succeed anyway! Cheers Andreas
  2. Thank you! We will think about your suggestion. Cheers Andreas
  3. Thanks for your comment, Brian! Much appreciated. Thanks for your suggestion to head next - time will tell. Cheers Andreas
  4. Hi Pilot, I am sorry you ran into mesh problems with our scenery. I wonder if an other Samedan scenery is active at your end? Because if I look at the outline of the plateau like airport and runway area it looks like from an other product. My flatten for the airport has an other outline. This should suppress other flattens but doesn't obviously at your end. I will pass on your question to our specialist for such issues @Holger Sandmann. May be he has an answer and solution.
  5. Great captures Ben, glad you like Samedan! Cheers Andreas
  6. Thanks for all of your comments very much appreciated!
  7. Thanks Adam, very nice captures! Cheers Andreas
  8. Sad news Holger! Neil supported us with his excellent photographs of Orcas Island, Concrete and Darrington to create these airports for PNW. So by his trips which he made together with his wife he made our projects possible. In his modest kind he wrote me once: "Well, there you have it. I'm not sure there's enough here to make a payware scenery but I did the best I could. Have fun !! Cheers, Neil" Some of his photographs: We will remember you!
  9. Wow!! That looks terrific! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Thank you for your contribution, Stefan to clarify things what users should do having FS Global Ultimate NG.
  11. Eberhard, the hangar is missing as other OF objects. So there is something wrong with OF/FTX Central?
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