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  1. Some from ENSG

    Love it!
  2. A "stroll" by Concrete

    Thanks for that oldie but goldie scenery we did quite some time ago. We modeled almost the entire part of the old town of Concrete. I wonder how many go actually there to detect it...
  3. Some from ENSG

    You are welcome! Glad you like it!
  4. Some from ENSG

    Scenic pics thanks for sharing!
  5. Sogndal/Mk V

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing!
  6. Sodndale, beyond the airport

    Thanks for the appreciation, Martyn Cheers
  7. ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen - quick test

    Nice shots Adam!
  8. Hello ENSG

    Thanks for sharing Martyn, glad you like the scenery! Cheers Andreas
  9. ENSG Some from me.

    Yes! It's an option in the control panel .
  10. ENSG - Sogndal Haukåsen Airport

    Thanks for your shots John and for your first comments guys!
  11. ENSG Some from me.

    Nice shots Iain! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Andreas
  12. Take-Off from ENSD

    Nice pic!
  13. Thank you Andreas Hegi for Sandane

    Thanks for your comments guys, very much appreciated! Cheers Andreas
  14. Cardiff to Welshpool P3DV3.

    Nice pics Iain! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Andreas
  15. Happy Birthday John Venema.

    Happy birthday, John, all the best !! Chees Andreas