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  1. Very scenic! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hello! Unfortunatly we can't exclude generic road traffic and the staff waiting to serve aircrafts. We hope for an update by ASOBO to have some control. The tarmac staff gets generated automatically as soon you program a parking spot on an apron. I hope this is an answer. Happy flying!
  3. Yes, there would be more. The generic (working ones) would have been displaced and didn’t look good. That‘s why I decided to leave them away.
  4. Andy, you are welcome! I am glad you can enjoy PNW in the new sim! Happy flying! Cheers Andreas
  5. Hello! I can reassure you that those few placed by hand (not the generic ones) blue taxi lights don't work for everyone at night right now. We are waiting for an update from Asobo. The SDK for this brand new simulator is still at an early stage and there is still a lot to discover. We hope to fix it in a future update. Happy flying! Cheers
  6. Thank you for your feedback! I miss the radio towers too. I hope this is something we will see in future updates!
  7. Thank you for your report Ray, we still have to figure out how to do it in the sim. I want to prevent to have the default fuel pumps there as well. Cheers
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