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  1. This is an awesome surprise. London has really needed a proper treatment to replace the dated alternatives available, and this looks great!
  2. Great shots once again! I'm really looking forward to this one.
  3. I used to have this folder on my harddisk, but no longer as I upgraded to FS Global Ult NextGen. I'm 95% sure this is the OrbX compatible FS Global package. The uninstallers don't delete them when removed, so they can be safely deleted after you uninstall.
  4. Agreed as well. I hardly see any impact on framerates in the places I have tested and that is with everything on max in the control panel.
  5. I just wanted to report that I still don't see it either for Prepar3D v4.
  6. When I saw that vertical one, I heard the stall horn go off in the back of my mind - nice pics
  7. If you are expecting framerates similar to gaming, then flight simming is not quite there, yet. I get number between 30 and 50 fps depending on scenery and aircraft. I would give it a few days to see how it feels before you upgrade your gear. Your current gear is very similar to what many others here are running. A 1080 Ti will obviously give you even better frames, but it won't be a miracle
  8. I'm really happy to hear about this part. I find that one of the things that is very time consuming when reinstalling my simulator, is running all the various installers. I you would also have a general look at minimizing the number of "clicks" needed per installer that would be greatly appreciated. I feel I have to answer the same legal disclaimer and choice of simulator far too many times when going through all my Orbx installers.
  9. OpenLC has an upcoming release that will cover Africa, which should give you some of what you are looking for.
  10. Excellent guide that really helps to clarify this really complex subject. Here's a little feedback since you seem to appreciate that On page 35 your excellent diagram that explains what mode to use is a little outdated. Flight plans "A" and "B" are written as if Oslo is FTX Global. Given that Norway is now covered by a full FTX region, I would recommend updating this to reflect that. If you want to keep your diagram similar you could change out Oslo with Copenhagen, Denmark, which you keep the flights in the Global region.
  11. I have had a similar experience where I managed to let a buying session time out and ended up paying twice. They responded within an hour and sorted everything with no fuss. Great service!
  12. Is that all? I was honestly expecting it to cost more than a normal region based on the scope and amount of work put into it. As an end user, having all of Europe upgraded with a single product provides far more value than a payware airport, as I will be using it almost everywhere I fly. This same will apply when I get my hands on OpenLC NA.
  13. Please don't punish the rest of us because of a few bad apples. Your previews are really appreciated and I think the majority of us have realistic expectations toward OpenLC. Frank's pictures above also prove to me without a doubt, that OpenLC is a major improvement, even in the discussed case.
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