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  1. I feel the same Frank. I guess that is the price one pays for jumping on first. MSFS being in the state it is in now I feel fortunate to have Orbx working like mad on all the new scenery. There was an article on MSN a few weeks back titled "Can Win 7 Save the PC". I thought...what the ??. Kind of a bizarre article. Let's just hope the M/B will accept the newer i7's when we do get that urge to get an upgrade. Regards
  2. You are 100% correct in your statement as well as the ones that follow your comments. I quote basically the same statistics to friends or other family members about flying. This fear took a while to develop. I am not even sure it had anything to do with some of the events I saw. But once it is there it is hard to get rid of. Since my return home in 2001 I have not really needed to get on a plane except for a few trips. So I went from flying often to not at all. In my post I did not mention that during my 4 year remote site tour in Tabuk I saw a traffic fatality everyday, either on the way to o
  3. Used to love to fly..... as passenger. It is hard to get me on one today. I am sure I will catch a lot of grief for saying that but spending 21 years in Saudi and seeing all the stuff there I just became more and more nervous each year. Used to have dinner many nights with expatriate pilots for Saudia. The confirmed stories would make one never want to fly again....at least over there. I did several tours in Tabuk and when flying to Jeddah sometimes an 737 would just clear the fence at the end of the runway taking off. My last tour in Tabuk I would drive to Jeddah when I had to go...and that i
  4. I don't know how many Americans have purchased an Orbx product...I know I have the whole country and a couple of airports and once winter comes back around I will be buying what I currently do not have. I have not cranked up the sim since before April and probably will not until December rolls around. Yes, you are right about a lot of Americans being "US centric". But once I tried the Orbx demo I could not wait to purchase all that was out and at the time I pre-paid for some. I guess it is nice to fly in your own backyard but once I flew FTX I just could not fly in the states anymore. I am sur
  5. First time I have been on the forum in quite a while....for some reason the fishing here is as good as anyone has ever seen it in the spring....find out about Avsim but then click on PNW Dev II and see I have quite a lot to look forward to come winter. Great work guys!! Regards
  6. Well I have been away as fishing is in full swing and boy is it some kind of spring here. FSX and Black Shark are two totally different things. I am not a real pilot and cannot speak for flight dynamics. But if you want simulation Black Shark gives it. One can jump right in and fly FSX after changing a few settings. One may be able to do that in Black Shark also but I have only had little time to test it out but it is very comprehensive. I don't think it could really be called a game as it seems it will require some learning time and is not just another shoot em up. It is a nice addition for s
  7. 1: If you have SP2 or acceleration pack FSX is multicore aware. 2: Different system different setting, no one size fits all..... Yep,that`s right,i know. Trying to find out the best .cfg the last few days,i came to the conclusion------the best Tweak is no Tweak! Deleted the FSX.cfg with all the Tweaks here around and let FSX build a new one----and this was my Tweak of the year. Perhaps sounds a bit crazy,but the new .cfg is for my System the best one,i can get. I only use FPS Limiter and that`s it. But there is no doubt,if my financial side will be better,a new puter is a must have. But pric
  8. FSX was made multi-core aware in SP1...or SP2...I forget which SP but it most definitely is multi core aware and my i7 920 uses all 4 cores without any tweak. What FSX will not do is use virtual cores. So HT is of no use at all except to make the CPU hotter..and I am not parroting what others have said...I actually tried it and while it will make my CPU run hotter it did nothing for performance. FPS is and always will be a very subjective issue but I do think it can be used for general observations for comparing performance for similar machines. I also am aware that an Q6800 might beat out a s
  9. Paul, I think I mentioned in another post about trying for the 4.0ghz mark with the 920...that is risky. Yesterday I was reading a post...and I wish I could provide a link but I read so much I don't always bookmark the read.....somewhere that Intel knows that some of the 920's will not even go to 3.8ghz and be stable. I don't have your M/B and can't help you with the clock...but if you will do some searching you will find some of these reads about the 920 being the luck of the draw as to the level of clocking. I don't think you will find anyone here who will walk you through a clock. You are
  10. Paul, I don't know what M/B you are using but if you have your mem set to run at 1600 and don't have the CPU clocked things are not going to be at their best. At least that has been my findings with the 920 and the P6T Deluxe M/B. As a matter of fact in the bios when you try to change mem frequency and the CPU is not clocked you cannot run but at two freqs...I forget what they are and I am not at my PC now. You can set it to run at 1600 but from the manual and what I have read online that is not the best way to do it. ASUS is very clear that unclocked the setup is only for 1066 or 1333...I
  11. I don't know anything about your CPU but I do know about the speed....and that is the problem 3 vs 2.66. I am not a fan of clocking either. Used to do a build every 6 months while working in Saudi and had extra cash...if I fried it I just bought a new one. Can't do that anymore and fully understand your concerns about clocking. But I have to say that the i7 series is the easiest I have ever seen to clock. I don't have the same M/B as Paul but I do have the 920 and the DDR3 1600 memory. The P6T Deluxe M/B is pretty much fool proof for clocking if one does not intend on going to the extreme...by
  12. Great stuff...as usual.....funny you mention the card. I was on the river fishing and got a call from Chase wanting to know if I was in Israel buying stuff off the NET. He.. no! Now I have to wait on new card and here they put a fraud alert on my 3 credit reports so I get a call now anytime I even use the debit card and am asked for two forms of ID...I guess it is good they do that but I wish they had picked on someone else...I am sure you feel the same way.
  13. That is a tough one. You don't say..or I did not see if you clock. I guess it depends on how long you want to own that system. You could go with an better VC with a gig of VRAM and use the Buffer Pool Tweak.....which most say it has really helped....and it does for me also in rural areas. My VC is only 512meg with an i7 920 and I should have bought a better card....I don't have much room to play with on the tweak of BP with only 512meg. I am not sure you will gain anything by going to the 8500 CPU....depends on if you over clock or not......but better minds than mine can advise you on that.
  14. Interesting concept. I have nothing backed up at all except on DVD..realy nothing to backup since being medically retired from my job. This PC is just for FSX and the NET. Could have used your methods years ago though...would have saved me lots of time and trouble. I know what you mean about pre-built PC's and the HDD.
  15. XP here..wish I had gone to 64 bit...By the way I am assuming one of those EIDE HDD's has been with you since WIN 95 or have you ghosted OS over to newer HDD? Either way an amazing story.
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