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  1. Mr. Kruger just do what I did. Go to orbx website and write a ticket and explain the reason and they will reset your password so you can log in. They're very helpful.
  2. hello Alex thank you very much for your fast respond. i been trying to log into my accnt using FTXV3 and still keep getting the same respond. "SIGN IN FAILED. Please verify the email and the password you entered are correct". thank you Alex.
  3. hello ORBX family. i been trying to log into orbxDirect through FTX Central 3 but for some mysterious reason it won't let me. it keep saying wrong e-mail and password. i need your help. thank you.
  4. let me try right now abd them i will tell you my brother, thank you for the reply,
  5. you 100% correct. i do belive the they have to play the rule properly but also the designer from orbx have to apply the same rule. i dont want to point finger all i want is a solution. but thank you for you reply
  6. same here. i install the update 1.15 and one of my favorite airport madeira x is ruin again. why? orbx
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