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  1. Hi, After clicking on each product, on the right hand side you should see a "configure" button between "store" and "verify files". This opens the product's control panel:
  2. Hi Gerard, If they changed that version there, Central would always prompt the user to "update" ChasePlane (which would actually downgrade it). The version in our system will almost always be older than the latest. You can test this yourself by editing that txt file, then restart Central. It will then try and downgrade ChasePlane to an older version.
  3. Hi Andy, This is a known issue with the mapping library we're using. We're currently looking into a few solutions for this. As a workaround, I'd recommend not travelling between parallel universes This shouldn't be happening. Could you try completely uninstalling Central, then re-installing it using the installer on the website?
  4. Hi Ben, There is a button there already (but it's not very obvious!) You can click on the product title next to the X to go to the product page. We'll look into making this more user friendly in a future update.
  5. Hi, It appears you have two accounts. The account you're logged into has the 10 freeware items in it. Your other account has 40 products in it. Please log out of Orbx Central (Settings -> Account -> Log Out), then log in with the same email that you've used here on this forum (it ends in @mail.com).
  6. Hi Blackbird, That ordering is correct. Although one of the entries is below Africa, it will still work as intended. Are you seeing any issues within the simulator?
  7. Hi all, We have just released Orbx Central 4.1 to our production channel. Everyone will now have access! If you want to see what we've changed, see our other topic: Help us translate Central! We need your help to translate Central into languages other than English. Check out our project on Crowdin for more details. Want to help with a language not listed in Crowdin? Let us know! FTX Central 3 With the release of Central 4.1, we are no longer supporting FTX Central 3. The application will continue to work until the 1st of May. If you have any issues with Orbx Central, please contact our support.
  8. Hi, Can you please upload your central.log file? Instructions are here:
  9. You may have opted-in to Fastlane back in 2017 when we had beta builds of FTXC and ObjectFlow for Prepar3D v4
  10. Hi all, Over the past few months, our team has worked hard to refine the experience when using Orbx Central. We’ve made a lot of improvements to make your life easier. A part of this process has been listening to feedback from customers and staff alike. As our ecosystem expands with 3rd Party Partners such as Milviz, Parallel 42, Pilot Plus and more, we need to ensure our client software continues to evolve to meet their needs. Because of this, we embarked on a journey to further modernise Central’s UI and UX. Refreshed User Interface The first thing you’ll notice is our new top-level navigation. The “Store” tab will show all products whether you own them or not. “Partners” only shows products from our 3rd Party Partners. “Discover” shows our new map page. Finally, “My Products” shows just the products that you own. The top-level navigation also contains our new global search. This search can take you to any product, or focus the product on the “Discover” page. Hint: press Ctrl/Cmd + F to focus on the search box. Additionally, you can now search for airports that are within other products. For example, if you search for ESSD, you’ll see that comes as a part of the ESNQ Kiruna Airport triple pack. Moving to the left hand side of Central, we’ve rethought how a product’s state should be displayed. The download queue has been vastly improved from previous versions. You will not only show products that are currently in the queue, it will also show products that have pending updates. You can click on the download icon to begin the update process for those. Discover One of our most anticipated features is a way to view Orbx products on a map. Products and regions that you own are shown with a purple highlight. Products that have a discount applied will show in red. Clicking on a product will show many more details about a product, including bonus airports, helipads, POIs, etc. Clicking on a region will show all of the POIs and airports within it. We hope you enjoy all of these changes to Central - be sure to let us know if there are other improvements you’d like to see. Orbx Central 4.1 is in Fastlane now. You can opt-in to Fastlane in the Central settings (under "My Account").
  11. Hi Rob, We can do this, but we still need a reason to justify spending development resources on it (especially when we have a long list of projects to keep us busy for years)
  12. Hi Ed, The 737 Immersion is only available for the PMDG 737 NGX (not the NGXu - but that's coming soon).
  13. Hi Rob, I'm glad to see you found a solution. Is there any particular reason you wish to choose the location? It seems that the issue you were experiencing was unrelated to the actual install location, but more an error in one of the configuration files. When making decisions like this, we've taken the approach of choosing what works for the majority of our users (i.e., they don't care where, they just want it installed). Think of other major software that takes hundreds of MB like Chrome - it doesn't let you choose an install location either. Same with P3D storing all the installers in ProgramData. All of the above aside, we can look into allowing the user to choose the install location. It will probably be into one of user-selected library locations.
  14. Hi Larry, Looking at your log, Central failed when it tried to create the following directory: D:\OrbxLibrary\xp11\TrueEarth US Florida HD. This usually indicates that one of the parent folders ("xp11', "OrbxLibrary" or your "D" drive) didn't exist. If the Oregon install has started successfully, that folder error you were receiving is resolved. Please let us know if you run into any further problems
  15. Hi Benny, It's worth noting that the OldProp version of Chaseplane and the version in Orbx Central can both be installed at the same time (without losing any presets).
  16. The manual should now also be available in Orbx Central
  17. Hi @Gollum, Can you please confirm that you're using the latest version of Orbx Central? It can be downloaded from here: https://orbx.to/central Also, can you please upload a screenshot of the error you're receiving?
  18. It's too late to fix that. We can't unsend the email - my mistake there. We're not quite "joining" other companies - more just distributing their products through our platform. Expect to see more over the coming months
  19. Hi @pilot100, There's no easy way via the UI, but if you open %appdata%\Orbx\Central\central.log, you can open the file and search for "Scanning for installed products". Shortly after that, you'll see all your scenery listed:
  20. Hi all, An easier way to move products to another drive is using Orbx Central's "library" feature. You can create a library on another drive, then migrate products to it. I would recommend doing it one product at a time, and check in the simulator after migrating each product.
  21. Milviz is here! We are thrilled to welcome Milviz to OrbxDirect. As of today, you can now purchase and download a range of exciting Milviz aircraft direct to your simulator via our easy-to-use Orbx Central software. Milviz aircraft are the perfect combination for any of your Orbx products. Choose from exploring the rugged terrain of Papua New Guinea with the Milviz PC-6 Porter, to the scenic fjords of the Pacific Northwest in the Milviz DHC-3 Otter. The MD 530F Helicopter also means some of our world-class airports featuring an extensive range of landable helipads even more exciting. Find new ways to see locations such as Innsbruck, Samedan and many more. Our recently released TrueEarth Great Britain series also features plenty of historic points of interest perfectly suited for flying quick tours around London and beyond. By using Orbx Central to purchase and install your Milviz products, you can take full advantage of Orbx’s super fast download servers, quick installation and also know that updates will be quickly applied by simply loading up the platform. Milviz has been around, in one form or another, since 1990. Building on a long history of supplying high quality and accurate 3D models and animations for training environments, games, television and film. Milviz also produces engaging simulations for Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D and X-Plane 11. As of today, the following aircraft are available to purchase and download via Orbx Central: Milviz 407 Milviz DHC-2 Beaver Milviz DHC-3 Otter Milviz F-86F Sabre (also TacPac Edition) Milviz 530F Milviz PC-6 Turbo-Porter (also for FSX:SE) More aircraft from the Milviz product range will be added in due course. Take flight today! Please note that we are not currently offering a license transfer from other vendors / the Milviz store.
  22. Hi all, We hear you. The category list is an area of Central that we will be focusing on in January.
  23. Expand your horizons with our end of year sale. We have an unparalleled number of products that caters to everyone’s flying preferences. With 50% off the vast majority of our products, this is the perfect time to pick up those airports or regions that will give you a new challenge, a new place to explore or simply to try something new. Using Orbx Central, buying, downloading and installing products has never been easier. The sale is live right NOW and ends January 5th 01:00z. Where to begin? With now over 250 products on sale, it can be hard to find those that are right for you. We’ve broken down some of our favourite products, which are now available at bargain prices. Oceania Back to where it all began. Explore our largest ever region with AU Australia V2 on Prepar3D. Over 8 million km2 of stunning landclass has been stitched together to create an authentic experience over the diverse and rich country. Also included in the package is our breathtaking rendition of Melbourne with our cityscene package. Why not expand your experience further by adding other classic airports such as Melbourne Airport, Cairns Airport or Alice Springs. X-Plane users can take flight to Jarrad Marshall’s YBRM Broome International Airport. One of our favourite Aussie airfields, Broome is a highly-popular tourist destination situated in the rugged Kimberley region of North-Western Australia. Those who love to explore the region will also enjoy combining our CityScene Gold Coast with Gold Coast Airport for a truly immersive experience. If Australia doesn’t take your fancy, then take a short hop over to New Zealand. The picturesque landscapes of North and South Island is perfect for those looking to explore challenging terrain. Often missed by simmers, so the sale is the perfect opportunity to pick these up. We also have plenty of airports in New Zealand you could add to your collection such as NZQN Queenstown Airport and NZGS Gisborne Airport. Europe We have shared a lot of love for European destinations. The diverse landscapes, climate and topography make it an exciting choice for simmers with plenty of varied destinations to explore. Whether you use X-Plane or P3D, we have a huge selection of great scenery to indulge yourself with. Our TrueEarth GB Series on X-Plane 11 redefines how you do VFR flying in the simulator with ground-breaking technology to have a hugely accurate representation of the entirety of Wales, England and Scotland. Fly from city to city using visual aids, snapping stunning photos all along the way. The cultural city of Belgrade, released earlier this year by Rasha Tucakov and Misha Cajic combines excellent performance and detailed coverage with plenty of flights to choose from. If you’re looking for something a little more central-Europe, then check out LEAS Asturias Airport in sunny Spain. If you’re looking for some winter destinations, some of our favourites include the huge Swedish hub of ESSA Stockholm Arlanda along with smaller ESNQ Kiruna Airport and ENHF Hammerfest Airport providing a more scenic approach compared to others. If you’re looking for a challenging airport, then the Orbx classic of LOWI Innsbruck is perfect for you on both X-Plane 11 and P3D/FSX. Finally, a lot of love has been given to building a varied range of UK airports to accommodate our TrueEarth series on X-Plane. Approaching London City on the steep approach past towering buildings will surely get the blood pumping. Those who want to take a flight of fancy from GA airport to GA airport will get great value from EGHP Popham Airfield, EGSG Stapleford Airfield and EGHA Compton Abbas Airfield. North America Building on the success of our TrueEarth series in Europe, we released Washington and Oregon to the same high-quality detail. Both were met with critical acclaim and you can finally explore these regions in immense details - now at a discounted rate. If you’re looking for a place to set down in those areas, 2W3 Swanson Airport is a great place to visit in Washington. If Orgeon is more you thing, then 7S3 Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark is equally as good as a pitstop on those group flights with you and some friends. Prepar3D/FSX users can also take full advantage of North American flying with our huge range of products. Major hubs such as KSAN San Diego International Airport have been improved extensively with SODE jetways. KJAC Jackson Hole is another classic that is well worth getting for a varied range of regional flights. Without doubt, one of our most scenic products yet is CityScape Honolulu. A beautiful scenery that is an exception to our 90-day restriction on sale, simply because we want more of you to take in the delight from the stunning views. The entire island is included in the package with exquisite detail in the city center. Over 60 PBR points of interest are dotted across the region. Get online with a few friends and see who can find them all first. == Wherever you choose to explore for the rest of 2019, we would love to see your screenshots in our community forums. Get creative. Get wild. Get Flying! https://orbxdirect.com
  24. Journey across one of the most historic cities in North America. The latest in our advanced CityScene products will be the wonderful city of Charleston in South Carolina. As the oldest and largest city in the state is also one of the prettiest with its fantastic array of traditional looking townhouses, historical sites and huge plantations. With over 1150km2 of coverage included, get ready for an exciting trip across one of the most cultural cities in the US. The city of Charleston is rich in history with well-preserved architecture, which makes it a very desirable city for visitors. The number of tours, stunning sites and friendly locals has helped make the city to receive numerous awards, including “World’s Best City” in 2016. Developed by Allen Kriesman, CityScene Charleston follows on from his highly successful Orlando and Barcelona sceneries for Prepar3D & FSX. Plenty of real-world data has been processed to recreate memorable views across the downtown area where you can witness the picturesque Rainbow Row or travel around the huge number of plantations and gardens spread throughout the city. As usual with our CityScene products, there are countless points of interest to visit. Charleston is by no means an exception with the inclusion of the Pink House (the oldest stone building in the city), Charleston City Hall and numerous sports stadiums. The incredibly detailed 3D models developed immerse you into the area offering unparalleled views across the diverse city. Will you be the first to find all 41 POIs? Once you’ve taken in the historic sights, be sure to sweep along the banks of the Ashley River or take a trip up to Daniel Island past the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge. James Island is another favourite amongst tourists and locals offering even more historical The number of areas and possibilities with this old city offer a truly unique experience within the simulator. As an added bonus, many of the surrounding airports have seen a facelift to give pilots the opportunity to land and explore these facilities. Charleston International Airport, included with the package, features custom models of the terminals, satellite imagery, animated people and more. Whilst it doesn't feature the same usual detail as stand-alone airport packages, it's an excellent step up from default. Also included in similar detail is Charleston Executive Airport, Mount Pleasant Airport and two other private airports (SC65 and SC06). Served by the Charleston International Airport, to the North-West of the downtown areas, you get to see incredible views whatever type of flying you enjoy doing. The ground-breaking technology, which we have been refining over the years, means the over 340,000 custom buildings are more accurate than ever and vegetation, lighting, terrain, traffic, are all fully integrated into the complete multi-seasonal CityScene package. FEATURES Large 1150 sq km scenery coverage area with full seasonal satellite imagery. 5 airports in coverage area (1 international, 2 regional, 2 private) 41 custom POI buildings/objects created for Charleston Scenery Area No Autogen buildings used Over 340,000 custom commercial and residential buildings with appropriate regional textures. Over 3,500 library objects placed from FSX, P3D and Orbx Libraries. Over 25,000 railroad boxcars and shipping containers. Over 80,000 night lights. Over 4,000,000 accurately placed autogen trees. WHAT IS CITYSCENE? Highly detailed city and urban landscapes brought to life Accurate and detailed buildings that go far beyond the limitations of the P3D autogen system Realistic photoreal/satellite orthoimagery base Dense and highly-accurate vegetation placement Road traffic, vector, mesh (DEM) and landclass where required Full 5 seasons (where applicable) and complete night lighting Important POI, landmarks and features modeled COVERAGE MAP Keep an eye out - CityScene Charleston is on finals and will be available for purchase soon!
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