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  1. Hey Scott, You can see all of the currently active bundles on this page: https://orbxdirect.com/bundles. You're right that we're missing a TrueEarth US P3D bundle though. I'll mention that to the team
  2. I think the key point here is that some people will like subscriptions, and some won't. I don't think it's likely that we'd force all of our customers over to a subscription if we had that as an option. As a much larger example, you can either buy Xbox games outright, or use Xbox Game Pass. It gives the consumer more choice. If you don't like subscriptions, just don't use it.
  3. Hi Bernd, Invision's goal with their forum software is to have the editor and the actual post 1:1. Anything you see in the editor is what will appear in the final post. For example: This is what the post looked like before I submitted it: Finally, here's a short video showing how you can upload images to imgur and have them embedded into the forum. The key part is to wait until you see "upload complete" so you can copy the image's URL. Hd6BIovE59.mp4
  4. Hi @Ian H, Although Josh wrote central.json, I think he meant central.log (sorry about that!) Could you please upload the central.log?
  5. We're aware of the issue with the post prefixes (active, answered, resolved, etc) and will be fixing them soon. In the meantime, let us know if there's anything else important that has broken with this update!
  6. Hi Govind, Sorry, we can't to this. If you don't want to pay full price for those two, I'd suggest you wait for a sale
  7. In the initial post that you both replied to, the things you mention have already been acknowledged:
  8. Hi Govind, You can still use the bundle. You will not be charged again for products you already own
  9. We addressed the concerns that the video above raises in a topic 10 hours ago: In particular, the following paragraph: It's also worth noting that the Landmarks London City Pack contains 400 landmarks. This equates to about US$0.02 per landmark. Locking this topic. The issue is known and is being fixed.
  10. Hi Liam, We're getting a generic declined message for this. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end. Some things that can help: Waiting a few hours, then re-attempting the purchase Contacting your bank and ensuring you can make both international purchases, and purchases in Australian Dollars Purchase using another card or method (PayPal potentially)
  11. Some of you may find this video interesting, especially the segment that starts at 10:06:
  12. Thanks, CZZ. We'll get this fixed in a future version. As a temporary workaround, if you enlarge the Orbx Central window, you should be able to see all of the content in the control panel.
  13. Welcome Please see our Microsoft Flight Simulator announcement:
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