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  1. Count me in on this one. Another gem in Idaho, can't wait!
  2. A small price to pay for all the other things you get in v4. Lovely shots Martyn!
  3. I am going to go with Lincoln, Kansas or Garvin, Oklahoma
  4. Thanks gents, appreciate the comments.
  5. Should be exactly as Doug said. This is a classic view of what it looks like before you run the Vector AEC Tool. You should be able to find it in your main FSX/P3D Root folder in the ORBX/FTX_VECTOR folder path. Run the Elevation tool and you should be good to go.
  6. So, I have not posted many shots over the last few days, been doing some long haul flights. Here is an assorted variety of photos from my last few flights. Not too much ORBX in these photos outside of Global, Vector, Trees, a very short period over Innsbruck and Germany South. Enjoy. Landing at Julianna approaching Maho beach. After Saint Maarten we did a group flight up to Paris De-Gaulle (check out that moon) Final leg of the weekend went from Paris down to Dubai. Purposely took a route through Germany South and over Innsbruck. A beautiful day to fly in that region. Thank you all for viewing.
  7. Pretty amazing set here Jack, how many legs are left?
  8. Wonderful shot, Jack, what are you talking about, your flights still look like that . Just kidding buddy
  9. Quite the lesson on this trip Gerold, WOW! Thanks for sharing. This type of long haul is something I usually post up here Good to see I have a counterpart now!
  10. Lol, classic Martyn......you should not be able to drive that, I would be scared for all patrons on the road with you
  11. Sweet set here John.....I think Jack just found a new toy to fly, of course in his magical color!
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