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  1. Good day Orbx Team! I am absolutely in love with Orbx SoCal! I would like to color match an existing ORTHO tile for the YUMA Airport to Orbx, could you tell me what the file name for your Yuma Airport tile would be? I am not modifying Orbx files, just matching to your color. Also there appears to be some clouds that were turned into buildings in the middle of farm fields near MCAS Yuma. Just a heads up for a later patch. -Preston
  2. Finally, I am SO excited for SoCal! This would also be a perfect Map for DCS if Eagle Dynamics would be wise enough to approach Orbx with a RFP to build some maps for them. I can’t wait to Zip around SoCal in X-plane! -Preston
  3. That is incorrect. It does include a very much improved Charleston AFB/INTL. However it is currently unusable for Military operation or Ai in its current form.
  4. Ooh, I am hoping for Virginia or Florida first........Of course, this is a years out fingers crossed statement. We'll be enjoying the exploration of the "New" West coast for some time to come! -Preston
  5. I had read somewhere that the ORBX ZL17 is in effect already looking like ZL16 due to the way the Compression/.Zip file process works, and I have to agree. The current ZL17 stuff, does not look like the ZL17 stuff pulled straight from Ortho4XP. It DOES however look like ZL16, but taking up the space of ZL17 once the installation is complete. Maybe ORBX needs to look at its delivery system in order to refine the process? I am actually a little bit dissapointed at the news of reduction in clarity for outlying areas. According to Ami, I thought we had a HIGHER resolution "HD Washington" inbound on short final. I would suggest maybe giving us an option checkbox in the TE installer to use "Lower Resolution Textures." I almost feel like an update that took away resolution would be stealing away the product that I purchased. Please John and company, do not take my statements here as regret in my purchase. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WASHINGTON TRUE EARTH! THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE PURCHASED IN THE LAST 5 YEARS! I have a 3 TB hard drive dedicated to XP, and all the incoming TE goodness from ORBX. Please keep up the good work. -Preston
  6. One feature that would be really cool is to make the deception pass bridge "Hard" so that we can land on it with our Helo's. You know in case someone needs to be airlifted to the hospital. ;-) -Preston
  7. As stated in their description, ORBX are not modifying the default X-Planes airports to align with the new Ortho Imagery that isa the basis of True Earth. This is why Swanson does not line up. As Luck would have it, Swanson IS an airport that will be released as a custom highly detailed airport available for your purchase in the future. -Preston
  8. The great thing is there is a beautiful Arlington scenery, that not only covers the airport but the entire City. I was really worried that it wasn't going to blend well with the new TE region, but I was very happily surprised! The airport has higher resolution as an airport scenery should, the imagery blends perfectly with the ORBX TE region, and there are no double coverage buildings, or any anomalies that I can tell. The only difference is the Arlington imagery is slightly lighter in register. In FSX or prepared, this would be fairly obvious as you would have a line that you could see straight down, in this particular incarnation, it just looks good. I can't wait to start purchasing my previously purchased North Sound ORBX airports classic's! P.S. I want to apologize to all the developers that worked on this project, as I had gone on a rant somewhere in these forums about not utilizing the great X-Plane feature of terrain-following runways. I am so happy to say that we do have accurate sloped, valley, and crested runway and taxiways! Yeah ORBX! -Preston
  9. I am hoping that ORBX creates an App for actual IPADS that we can download to use as the Skypark Interface. It seems like it should be easy to connect to the sim if you are using the same network/wifi. -Preston
  10. If no ORBX Duxford, then I wonder about overwriting the ORBX Buildings there? Using the Old FS version of Duxford created by ACG could quite possibly yield outstanding results..... -Preston
  11. I was going to create a new topic asking about the airport conversion process in regards to terrain following runways. I thought I would do a search first and found this topic. It is very unfortunate that we were given the excuse of AI and compatibility to explain why ORBX has decided to go with flat Runways and mesh. When in fact exactly the opposite will occur. We are going to get compatibility issues with all other X-plane Add-ons, because most of them ARE built using the contoured runways. (Why wouldn’t you? Its one of the the best features of the simulator)! Now, put yourself in an online server with the majority of people not having True earth, those people will be sinking into the earth, or floating above it for those that do have True Earth. Contoured Runways are the standard, And ORBX should be adhering to the standard for the simulator that they are building for. With that said I understand the choices they have made here. It’s about time, and money. Return on investment is much more efficient if they stick to the tried-and-true methods as much as possible. The shitty part, is that was one of the biggest complaints for SO many people, for SO many years with the old FS platform. Flat unrealistic runways, cliffs and plateaus around airports, Laminar Research stepped up to the plate in a big way, giving developers and users alike contoured runways with AI traffic that can operate on them. Problem solved hip-hop hooray! Here comes ORBX, probably the greatest scenery developer on the face of the planet, definitely my favorite for sure, and they just ignore the solution at hand, to pump out sceneries. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. Who am I? Just your regular Joe, but I think I probably speak for many of us who spend their hard earned money with a company who we are loyal to. I have easily spent well over $1000, and I know many of you have spent twice even three times that On digital data for entertainment. Zeros and ones taking up hard drive space. Not even a tangible product anymore. Will I remain an ORBX customer? Undoubtedly. Just a little food for thought guys. We want rolling terrain, we want realistic sloped and/or contoured Runways, we want add-ons that correctly match the drastic elevation changes that some of the more famous airports are known for. Sincerely, Preston
  12. I am hanging on, waiting to hear/see preview shots of the Multitude of Beautiful PNW airports for X-Plane and the new TE region. Is the conversion going to require new ORTHOS for those airports to blend with the new region? Will the Individual airports still be running with the higher resolution and detail as you guys had made as a standard in P3d? My Home is about to be THE place to be in the simulator!
  13. JV, I would say keep your Elevation mesh accurate as you always do. As nice as the DD Seattle airports are, KBFI has a majorly excessive flatten area to the east of the train tracks that is not there in real life. The strange thing is, that flatten is not present in their P3d version. I like your idea of DD needing to provide us with a compatibility patch to work with your product. It seems like the best option really. Counting down the days! -Preston
  14. Thanks for the Reply JV. With this "Future Proofing" plan with the new building, will you be removing the Alaskan Way Viaduct from the waterfront then? It is the Double Decker bridge that runs along the entire waterfront. It has been replaced with a tunnel, and is currently 3/4 of the way demolished. It would look very strange to have it in existence along with the new building. -Preston
  15. Attached below are some shots I took to highlight a couple discrepant buildings that should be removed. I hope the team can be successful at this.........alternatively provide a file structure that allows us to turn off the Downtown buildings for compatibility with the DD Skyline. As I have already invested in that superb product, this would be the preferred route. I know that compatibility is not planned, but it would be commendable. Complimentary should be the rule, not competitive. Just my 2 cents. -Preston
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