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  1. What is the Sim Object Display Engine (SODE) and should I have it installed in P3D?
  2. Will the 1st, 2nd & third place winners be announced on the forum?
  3. I meant the expand your horizons competition. Sorry - I should've been more specific.
  4. Who won the competition that closed yesterday? Was it me?
  5. Quick question. How big is the Global Base Pack download?
  6. I knew it wouldn't be needed for ORBX addons. I was thinking of aircraft addons, like PMDG products.
  7. Just wondering if anyone may know whether FSUIPC is required for any addons in P3D V4? Regards, Matthew
  8. Hi all, just got a brand new PC and P3D and am in the process of setting it all up but have come across something odd. I can't see traffic in ORBX Central for P3D. Is there any AI traffic from ORBX for P3D or will I have to use either the default traffic or another payware AI traffic product? Thanks, Matthew
  9. Hmmm, I might have to save up to buy it.
  10. How do you find the QW 787 with the large displays in the cockpit?? Much of a hit to the FPS?
  11. Do the overhead lights at the ramp illuminate the aircraft as well as the ground? I'm sure it's not an easy thing to do, but it just looks unrealistic seeing a well-lit ramp and then aircraft with dark bodies.
  12. Looks very nice but could we get some shots from FSX instead/also?
  13. What a shame it wasn't released in time for the Commonwealth Games that were recently held on the Gold Coast!
  14. Know of a product (payware or freeware) that would solve this problem for me in FSX?
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