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  1. Thanks for the replies & explanation. Quite disappointed though as I had a full cart which I've now emptied. I've paid for about 150 Orbx products for Prepar3D and X-Plane as without payware airports those sims are a little bland to say the least and Orbx scenery made all the difference. I was happy to see the 40% discount thinking this was forever but without it and with MSFS2020 looking fantastic off the shelf, I think I can have quite an enjoyable experience without shelling out thousands of dollars for Orbx stuff I already have in the other sims. I spend
  2. Up until a couple of days ago I was able to purchase products for MSFS2020 that I owned in FSX, Prepar3D or X-Plane for 40% off. I am no longer seeing that discount when logged in on either orbxdirect.com or in Orbx Central. Does that 40% discount no longer apply?
  3. Same solution for me for gmazzei. There have been no changes to anything on my system since Central v4.1.23 was last run and worked just fine. I open Central every day to check for updates for P3D 4, P3D 5, X-Plane 11 and MSFS and have had no problems until today - all I've flown today is X-Plane 11.50. Never mind - all good now :-)
  4. I just migrated my ChasePlane to ORBX and see I now have the install option for V1.0.0.0 As I already have it installed ( Exp) and have used it for a few years with lots of work put into camera settings, will I lose my settings if I install via ORBX Central? Regards Kym H
  5. Many thanks Nick. I will look at this also and then may wait to see what the P3D 4.5 patch delivers and just fly TE-GBS in XP11 which is just fantastic. SIMstarter NG with a massive scenery reduction, took me from a 14m 47s (average) startup to 6m 24s with the Alabeo C404 Titan (my standard test plane) at EGHI which is quite an improvement but still twice as slow for my system with everything loading but no TE-GBS. Regards Kym H
  6. Thanks Guys, Yes I shelved Simstarter NG in the early days of P3D4 as I didn't seem to need it any more but will install it this morning and see what difference it makes. I never disliked it in anyway, just didn't need it as everything was well behaved without profiles. Happy flying to all. Regards Kym H
  7. Yes thanks Nick. I had decided to pull SIMstarter NG out of the archives ASAP and as time allows and create a UK only profile to see how much that helps. I do have an absolute ton of scenery. If you have a better suggestion though, I'd love to hear it as you are more than likely much more knowledgeable than me on the matter :-) Hopefully the soon to come patch (any day now?)for Prepar3D 4.5 will help too. Regards Kym H
  8. Hi Adam, Yes, I have everything on SSD except for about 12TB of XP11 Ortho4XP Scenery. I used to keep my temp files on a HDD but as prices have dropped and I don't like watching paint to dry I changed that. I dropped all the settings in TE-GBS Control panel expecting some difference in load time. I also prevented Active Sky, Ultimate Traffic Live, GSX 2 etc. from loading and it took 14m47s to load with 11m 32s of watching that 6% marker. Uninstalled TE-GBS and P3D v4,5 was loaded with a Alebeo C404 Titan at EGHI in 3m31s. Interestingly my FPS
  9. Well I guess I was warned by so many here but, having purchased the entire True Earth series for X-plane 11 and finding it an absolutely gob smacking experience with no frame rate setback at all, I decided to go ahead and purchase it for P3D while it's on special. The FPS has certainly dropped for me since installing it in my Prepar3d 4.5 setup but my main complaint is that whilst I have everything installed onto Solid State Drives, my startup time has gone from about 3 minutes to 13m 33s loading an Alabeo C404 at ORBX's EGHI. I'm looking at the progress bar on 6% for a whoppi
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