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  1. Ok I have one last question. Are products purchased from Orbx Direct installed into the MSFS Official folder or do they get installed into the Community folder? Thanks !
  2. Ok I have set up an Orbx Direct account. I have previously purchased some products through the MSFS marketplace. Is there any way to port these back into Orbx Central - My Products?
  3. Thanks Nick....I will look into it further. Getting back into flight simming with MSFS and want to be able to purchase directly from Orbx.
  4. Here is transaction number under my account.....FSS0335076
  5. I have forgotten my password and can't log in to my account on the Orbx store. I have clicked the forgot password link, there is a green message that appears saying a password reset email has been sent but the email doesn't come through? Checked junk mail as well and still no email to reset my password. Any way to fix this?
  6. Ok found it and assigned key. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Hi Holger I am well aware on how to assign key assignments in P3Dv3 just not sure how this applies to refreshing the scenery library?
  8. Please have this thread re-opened as I would like to hear back from Holger on how the scenery refresh is done? Thanks
  9. Holger While this thread has been marked answered I would like to better understand the fix. Here is another pic of me parked at EDDM surrounding by large area of non-winter textures on January 9, 2016: In the linked post you suggested to refresh the scenery library with an assigned hotkey. How is this done in P3Dv3? Thanks
  10. I want to uninstall v3 via the control panel and then re-install v3.1
  11. Ah most likely my scenery complexity slider...I got it set to sparse! Thanks fellas.
  12. Hi Nick I thought I saw a reply from Ed here?? Anyway just to be clear, are you saying leave all Orbx products intact, delete P3Dv3 (which automatically deletes the Orbx products) and then just re-install all the Orbx products from scratch?
  13. Your probably right Nick I will probably need to play around with default P3Dv3 scenery settings on this. It does not seem to be an Orbx scenery issues. Thanks.
  14. Hi Ed So what about FTX Global? This will surely need to be re-installed after a clean install to 3.1. Can you please elaborate a bit more on what you mean by "you can just delete it when removing your P3D folder." Thanks
  15. Hi Nick I have no other addons for that area. I don't understand how default falls is missing from my sim (P3Dv3.1)? I can try disabling Vector and see what happens.
  16. Thanks but I have read through that thread. I was hoping to get some guidance from Orbx support staff on this.
  17. Voyager & Nick...your shots more accurately depict the falls than my screenshot and we are all running the same FTX products? Could it be a mesh issue ( I am using Pilots FTX Global 2010)?
  18. While I have already installed the client.msi, I am now contemplating uninstalling it and doing a complete full install of P3Dv3.1. I am just uncertain on what to do with all the Orbx products I currently have installed (FTX Global Base, Vector, openLC, FTX Central v2, FTX Regions). It remains unclear to me if I should uninstall these products first before wiping out P3Dv3 from my hard drive? Is there a correct sequence to follow in order to re-install all these Orbx products into a clean install of P3Dv3.1. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Just picked up FTX Global openLC NA to compliment FTX Global Vector and decided to fly around Niagara Falls Canada and do some sightseeing around the falls. See pic below. Is this normal depiction of Niagara Falls or am I missing something here?
  20. Ok so this option is available in Vector config tool. Great I will give it a try. Thanks for the info.
  21. Not to keen on the frozen water textures. Since there is an option to switch between frozen/open water textures in FTX Regions I was wondering if there is any way to revert to open water textures in winter through out FTX Global?
  22. Follow Chunk's steps but you should download the client.msi file as opposed to the full 3.1 installer already downloaded.
  23. Airwolf is there payware scenery for Calgary in P3Dv3 or are you using default scenery? Never mind... just checked your posted scenery library and there is no addon scenery for Calgary.
  24. Just checking in on my post, any support on this issue?
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