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  1. Tell me what info you need to diagnose the problem, And I'll be happy you do fire it back to you! Thanks, Chas
  2. Sorry to be dense Holger, but it exactly what does that mean for my situation with the KBUR elevation problem in my first question, and the comparison of MegasceneryX-Google earth-SCA in the second? Regards, Chas
  3. ...unfortunately...good point... I guess it would be a super headache to make AI aircraft land on whatever runway is presented. … Personally I vote for accurate elevations… But I guess that's just me; I wonder what a poll would say… Chas
  4. 1. I have exactly the same problem, searched for all KBUR.BGL files and found none. The frustrating thing is that the night I installed SCA, I read this very article and changed something … Which resulted in the proper depiction of KBUR, and I can't for the life of me remember what I did… So much for adhering to my own rules of documenting everything. CLICK THE ABOVE to see the KBUR ORBX SCA vs GoogleEarth animated GIF 2. Also since my son having moved from Kentucky to Los Angeles to be screenwriter, and lives six blocks away from the end of runway 26, I wanted to feel closer to him AND enjoy your SCA. I can find him in my MegasceneryX SoCal scenery, but his neighborhood looks like a jumble in SCA ; I thought SCA was based on actual photo real textures, as MegasceneryX SoCal is. Is it LandClass that is covering his neighborhood up? 3. Overall I must say that I am delighted with the scenery! And I must congratulate you and everybody on the team! Any ideas Holger? 1. http://i.imgur.com/GC3NTgo.jpg 2. http://i.imgur.com/k5unUVt.gif cheers, Chas
  5. Actually, Lukla from Aerosoft, gives you a very exacting sloped runway ...so it can be done. Cheers, Chas
  6. Looks lovely! But I'm very confused as to where this is found; is it a separate download? I received an email late last week saying how the wonderful update was out! So, I re-downloaded as it turns out vector 1.1 ,thinking it was the update with all the GUI goodies in the VCP. Please advise, Chas
  7. Not so much... Vector turned off and yes I got my runways back, but... My Lancair in Legacy mode, around KSFO is in the single digits...down to 4.x FPS in one instance....that with an over clocked i7-2600K/Nvidia 770TI...and settings at normal...sliders in the middle. C
  8. Holger, took a chance and completely reinstalled NCA. Got the runways back.... Gonna do some flying to enjoy NCal...any idea if SoCal is in the works? Thanks for your time and keen eye. chas
  9. Holger, We appreciate the effort, and I am happy for the guys for whom your flatten worked, but as you can see, Rwys 19 and 28 are still covered with grass. I tried everything from 152-2 M/pixel....this is 2. I will say that the corser I got with the Mesh, the more of the Rwys showed up... ....I will be happy to try anything you suggest.. Thanks, Chas
  10. yup....and that is a QC issue as far as I am concerned.... Introduce a new Product and the most important airport in it is flawed...note that the lead in lights over the bay are also missing So...start at the bottom right and note the altitude. This was taken from P3Dv2.1 screenies. As we move up from 480ft(bottom Right), to 1980ft(Top Left), the grass is gone from the runways...note...screenshot compilation of the scenery library, shows what scenery layers are on, but more importantly...OFF... It had been mentioned elsewhere that turning off Vector layers solved the problem...as you can see....not here....Orbx....we need an answer to this ASAP....expecially when...and note this everyone...READ THE EULA!!!!....if you dont buy the packaged product and choose to download...you are screwed if you want a refund... so I am STUCK with Vector which gives you glowing big letters and in little bitty letters...."but we dont cover all the roads..."....yeah, I am a dumb sh*t for expecting a product only 5GB to cover all the roads...expecially my rural roads...see my previous posts re vector by simply looking up my content you download....you dont like the product....you are stuck with it...buy the boxed product...or better than that....don't buy ANYTHING unless you get to try it ....and NCal has NO Demo....yup.....I'M a dummy again, because THE major Airport in the product, KSFO...appears broken...and I would NOT have purchased the product...just sayin folks....Orbx looks out for themselves....you...look out for yourself....Caveat Emptor! ok...now lookit below...I believe you can click and see it full size... Note: in PNW....Portland freebie scenery....the entire scenery of downtown disappears if you get too close or too low OR Look at it from the WRONG ANGLE...especially when you try to recreate the normal downtown pix of Portland with a HUGE Mt. Hood in the background...so place Portland between you and Mt hood...and watch how Portland disappears under the above conditions, and....MT. HOOD...doesnt even show up and then as a tiny triangle, before around 1500-1600 ft....
  11. Thanks for your response but, 1.if you double click on the pictures, they will expand so you can see the entire thing. 1a. if you download the picture with Orbx Vector text in it...and rename it as a Gif as I suggested, you can see the difference between Orbx Vector and UTX USA 2 switching back and forth. 2. It is a fictional 2300 ft, airport K69, I built in the west field, so it really doesn't exist unless you download the Carnes farm files from Avsim. You can then include it in your scenery to enjoy. The point is you can see the surrounding roads which I have enclosed here is a shot from Google earth. UTX-USA shows the roads as seen here in Google earth. Orbx Vector does not . Chas
  12. Well this cockamamie board would not allow me to edit my own entries so here it is again with pictures. Dewitt, KY 40930 ORBX Vector The above was a .GIF file when I uploaded, The board messed it up and re-named it to JPG. If you download it, rename it to jpg. I think you'll see the animation. ORBX Vector A ------ UTX-USA Please Mr. and Ms. Orbx, tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can get my roads back in Vector. Thank you for your wonderful products Chas
  13. I should've realized that you can't possibly provide all the roads in the world in one product of this size, but nevertheless I wanted the same ability as I currently have in UTX USA… So I bought vector. I lost every single one of my state roads here in Kentucky and especially the rural roads near my house, which you TX showed with no problem whatsoever. Unless you have a solution to this I need to talk to somebody about a refund. I love all the rest of the Orbx products Chaz
  14. hey Holger, thanks for the speedy reply! As you can see, all the UTX files are on top, meaning to me they take priority. Do i understand yo to say that i must disable the entire United States infra-structure afforded by UTX, just to run Orbx PNW properly? Also, can you identify the cause of the caution message below? Thanks, Chas P3d weenie
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