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  1. I want to take advantage of this sale, but I cant purchase off the ORBX website; my card only works in the US and wont let me purchase off this website. Are there any other vendors online that sells Vector and OpenLC NA? Wrong forum, my fault. Please move to appropriate forum. Thanks..
  2. She was obviously stuffed in there on purpose and she's trying to break free. Duh...
  3. Looks like FTX Global to me, but yes it should be more populated. You would probably get that with Vector installed as well, but I cant vouch for it.
  4. Ive nothing but good things to say about the GTX970s. They are by far the biggest bang for your buck with regards to the GTX980. You can get 2x 970s for the price of one 980 and yield 60% more benefits. The 970 alone will blow you away comparing to the 480 you use now. As far as PCI-E 3.0 goes, the cards will work on 2.0 lanes and the loss will be minimal (with regards to any DX10 or less applications). Anything in DX11 or newer will ultimately bottleneck you...but you cant really argue with a 350$ upgrade that propels you into the future. I will honestly say that your best bet is to upgrade everything. I upgrade incrementally - video cards every other year, motherboard and CPU every other year. This year isnt going to be an upgrade for CPU, as Ill have to upgrade to DDR4 ram too. But there are a lot of good upgrades out there right now that will get you great FPS in FSX/P3D. Ive had very good results with my 4770k Haswell build + GTX970s.
  5. I found one on flight1.com for P3D v 2.2...kind of expensive for just a GPS GUI for FSX if you ask me...think Id rather just get a real Garmin instead.
  6. Ive been flying DCS World/LOMAC/Flanker 2.5 for over 12 years. Its a limited niche for people who want the absolute full realism in an aircraft, but not everyone wants a study simulator. Thats what DCS technically is - a study combat simulator. I will say that as a flight simulator, it plays marvelously on todays computers...considering that FSX/P3D is always in need of constant tweaking. My only gripe is online multiplayer, the net code needs some serious tweaking to get it to function as good as FSX does. AI traffic needs to be a little more random, and ATC is practically useless. Other than that...I pretty much fly DCS exclusively now.
  7. Ive been having issues upgrading to Windows 10 for the better part of a month. I did get a little tidbit of info from a Microsoft Tech team this evening that confirmed some of my suspicion. You will lose your Windows 7/8/8.1 windows license when you upgrade. You have until July to figure out if you want it or not, or 30 days after you upgrade to WinX. Not sure if that was stated in this thread, but if it hasnt, think about it before you commit to it.
  8. They work, there are some files that Steam will fix if all is not kosher though so it might do repairs. I think there is a way to keep it from doing integrity checks though, its been researched here before. Cant recite the exact thread since I dont have FSX SE, but its here somewhere...
  9. That cant be possible. The Windows Upgrade Reservation executive is an actual windows update. So unless you uninstalled a windows update recently, KB3035583.
  10. That would be the update. According to Microsoft, its the acronym for Get Windows 10.
  11. If you are wondering if it is actually running in the background, under processes in taskmanager its called GWX.exe
  12. You had the option to reserve your free upgrade with the windows upgrade offer with the Windows icon in the notification tray. Its been there for the last month or so. If you reserved it, you can upgrade it whenever you feel comfortable enough to upgrade. With that said, who has upgraded already from Windows 7 to 10? Id like to know if you had to reformat or you actually just upgraded without the need to reinstall -everything-.
  13. Im still getting white noise and static over my speakers. It happens every time I turn on my microwave, and Im almost 100% positive it has something to do with the forum code. Maybe its the POP3 I threw in there...
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