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  1. Ok, now I understand Gerold. You are correct and I hope that this will be rectified over time. Some of us have successfully ported Henrik Nielsen's AI ship traffic to MSFS, which ads greatly to the immersion. Now we need proper street traffic. What I love about MSFS, there is a huge number of people, who devote their time to make this sim better, and all for free!! You won't find this in this quantity in P3D or XP11. So, I'm convinced that it won't take too long, before we have cars and even people populating cities. But to experience a nice Chardonnay with a dozen oysters at Mosman Rowers, w
  2. Very very nice, Adam! It's amazing, how many liveries we can get by now for the A320 from our favorite download site, over 1,000 and counting. And all of this in a little more than six months!
  3. Many thanks, Gerold. Oh yes, I remember those jams too, similar to the ones that I experienced in Sydney and Melbourne. But when you then go to Taipeh or Seoul, you'll find Brisbane traffic to be quite normal I'm glad you like them, John Thank you so much, John! Thanks a lot, Adam. Yeah, I also think, she came out quite ok for her age
  4. This is the O. Fischer FS9 Ju 52, which I ported to MSFS. Thanks for viewing
  5. Very nice screenies, Gerold. I see that you mix P3D shots with those from MSFS
  6. Fantastic screenies, TTM!
  7. Hahaha, excellent, Adam!! No, you find this in Tonga
  8. Very well done, Ben. Congrats to these shots!
  9. Thanks a lot, Wayne Many thanks, my friend Oh yeah, plenty to choose from. Thanks John Many thanks, Iain I'm glad you like them, Gerold Thanks a lot, Adam Thank you for your kind comment, Mike
  10. Wow, great looking screenies, Adam !!
  11. A very enjoyable trip to be taken along. Thank you, Gerold!
  12. As we are in Guernsey, I use this time a converted British Short Sunderland. The place looks pretty packed, even the car park. I have my boat slider at 50% And, as we can see, the boat models are of decent quality
  13. Very nice shot. When you fly at this height, will all the boats in the harbor show up? In my case (I'm on "High"), I would need to go lower down to see all of them.
  14. Magnificient, Adam, nice angle. Can you take off in that plane from the water without crashing?
  15. Yeah, I got them already. I actually found them, of all the places, in Tonga
  16. Many thanks, Wayne Thanks, John, I like it too. Orcas Island has always been one of my favorite Orbx sceneries Thank, Andy. I agree, the C-17 would be a decent fir for the An-124 Thanks a lot, John. I cannot share it there unfortunately, as the panel is from a payware aircraft I'm glad you like them, Adam Many thanks, Iain
  17. Looks superb, TTM. So they keep moving too? Interesting!!
  18. TTM, the sailboat that moves away from you, even when you have paused the sim, might be part of the Henrik Nielsen AI ship traffic. I found that all his boats react this way in MSFS.
  19. Very nice screenies. A monster it is, and also lots of fun to fly
  20. An old freeware FS9 Sikorsky VS 44 that sat unused in my virtual hangar for ages. Somehow, I like this kind of seaplane and as I think that it will never see the light of MSFS, I ported it over. I needed to tweak it a bit and gave it a new panel. Now it’s a delight to fly this beast low and slow. Btw, this particular VS 44 “Excambian” is today fully restored and can be seen at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT.
  21. Great shots, Andy, you beat me to it. Now I have to use a different plane
  22. Awesome shots, John. I love those clouds!
  23. Happy Birthday Iain from a Northern Germany that is covered since this night in piles of snow
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