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  1. Excellent screenie of an iconic plane, Frank. Whose model is it?
  2. Great shots, TTM. I think I bought the aircraft as soon as you had shown first pics of it here last year. Before that I wasn't even aware that this one man company exists. But he is very dedicated to this plane and I love the way it handles
  3. I did the move a few months back because of ORBX TE GB scenery. Also X-Vision is a must have. I just love both. Now I'm slowly buying a couple of planes that I already have for P3D
  4. Oooops, I'm so sorry Paul, I'm getting old Btw, who is Fred ??
  5. Wow, what an amazing set of screenshots, almost overwhelming. I need to go through them one by one in more detail. There is so much information in each of them. Many thanks Jean Marc for this tremendous job!!
  6. This is a fantastic story of a truly remarkable young man. Enjoy!!
  7. Congrats Stewart, well done. And keep them coming. I hope you can get your PC fixed!
  8. Great! PBR really adds to it
  9. Very nice screenies, OND
  10. Thanks again, Wain71 I'm glad you like them, Iain Yeah, me too, it's really something different, John Thank you so much, Adam
  11. Superp, Matteo, very well done!! I need to take out my boat again to explore the harbour
  12. Two fantastic shots, Scott!!
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