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  1. This is one of the fun parts, I really like about XP11, Andy
  2. Many thanks, Iain I'm glad you like them, John Many thanks, John Oh yes, you do, but you may have forgotten Thanks a lot
  3. Same to you, buddy! Very impressive, John, I have never seen screenies with such intense colors!!
  4. Sorry TTM, I confused the Aeroworx/M. Jahn plane with the payware one from VSkylabs
  5. Superb shots, TTM. Btw, is the Aeroworx DC-3 better than the freeware version of Manfred Jahn, converted to XPlane?
  6. And this is even more ridiculous my friend, because why do you have to do this, but not I (I have four Carenado/Alabeo planes for XP11)
  7. I fully agree with you Jack, that is absolutely ridiculous! But like Wain71, I'll never ever get asked to reenter my serial number a second time, on any of my payware planes, and I have quite a few by now. Even if I have upgraded let's say from 11.34 to 11.35. I'm not sure, but would it make sense to contact Carenado for this?
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