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  1. Great shots and a very nice bird Just you and the devil
  2. These look fabulous, Renault!! When I want to try your Xvision pre-set and clouds, have you uploaded them in the org?
  3. Great idea, Jack. Dou you remember the Canadian A330 that lost all engine power while flying over the Atlantic Ocean in 2001. It ran out of fuel due to a leak caused by improper maintenance. Again, the captain was an experienced glider, so he managed to glide the plane with 306 people on board without power (but the RAT deployed) for 65 nautical miles to the next emergency airport on the Azores. All people survived!
  4. Excellent screenies, I like the one of Murray Island
  5. Very nice shots, Chris. The last one is my favourite
  6. Thanks a lot Martyn, I would have loved to tent out close to Ayers Rock but the missus was against it, so we had to choose an hotel instead. At least she didn't and doesn't mind RVing Thanks, John. Once back in Alice we decided to fly to Sydney (we were in Cairns and Darwin before). Boy, what a difference Many thanks, Iain Thanks, Gerold. Mesh is working and so far all of my Aussie airports too I appreciate your comment, John Many thanks, Chris. Great to see you here again Thank you very much, Taph Oh yeah, bad on forearms and shoulders and sometimes your knees too Many thanks, buddy
  7. Many years ago my wife and I flew into Alice Springs, spent two days in the somewhat sleepy town, before we took a car and drove to Ayers Rock. In those days very few called it Uluru and I was still allowed to climb it. Starting October 2019 it will be banned to climb Uluru Kata out of respect to its traditional owners, the Anangu people I still remember well, when we drove by car through this “hole” in the mountain Lake Amadeus is a large salt lake, some 180 km long and 10 km wide Shortly thereafter Uluru comes into sight The shadow is a bit strange Now it’s on to the Olgas (Kata Tjuta or “many heads”) Thanks for viewing
  8. Great set, Martyn and I love your clouds
  9. Thank you, John. I also think that XP11 has advantages over P3D visually Many thanks, Karl. London sure is a fabulous city Thanks a lot, Iain I'm glad, you like them, John Thanks a million, buddy Many thanks, John Thanks a lot, Adam Many thanks, I was worried about that too, but it was ok. Fps dropped from around 30 to 20, lowest was 18 near Westminster. Maybe that was due to the ongoing Brexit discussions Thank you very much, Martyn Many thanks, I'm happy that you liked them Thanks a lot, Karoly
  10. great shot, TTM. Does Mickey know that you have pirated one of his planes
  11. Terrific screenies, Paul! One thing that helped me tremendously to get the environment right was xVision, but yours looks pretty good already Jack, here you find everything you'll need, it's excellent and free https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49749-livetraffic/
  12. Nice piece of aviation history, OnD
  13. This was done in XP11 As the plane wasn’t yellow, I didn’t bother doing it inverted Why does this building complex to my 11 o’clock looks vaguely familiar Thanks for viewing
  14. Brilliant idea to look at Campbell River from these angles, John
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