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  1. Absolutely brilliant. Switch to Aston Martin and it can be used by 007 in the next movie
  2. So sorry to hear this and many thanks Jack, for letting us know. RIP Fred, our thoughts are with his family right now
  3. Many thanks, Olivier Yeah, I remember that well. I still have a C 130 with the John Player F1 paint scheme, looks fantastic Thanks a lot, Iain Yap, I know what you mean re the Alabeo Waco You are right, that's Arcata, and many thanks for your kind comment Thanks a lot, Adam
  4. Nice plane, TTM. When I was an officer in the Luftwaffe, the Gina was still very much part of the drill. But we liked the widow maker better
  5. Very very nice!! I did a similar trip around Pago Pago a few months back with a Deltasim motoryacht
  6. Great Tassie tour, Gerold. Did the locals force you to drink all those bottles in one go?
  7. I have travelled this beautiful area a few times, it’s as impressive from the air, especially with TE Northern California I admit, the paint scheme might be a bit over the top, but the Waco carries it gracefully Thanks for viewing
  8. Great job, Misha, thank you very much !! Stay safe and healthy !!
  9. Very nice move, Lars. I think you'll gain a lot of attention with this one
  10. Gents, if you allow me to be the so called advocatus diaboli, let us assume we will get 2,000 people, who are willing to pre-pay for OLC Asia, how long do we think it will take the talented Orbx team to come up with the final product? One year? Two years? Only the Orbx team will have an answer. Remember how long it took to develop OLC Africa! In one year, if we are lucky, we'll be able to enjoy MSFS and we'll have Asia in all its glory. Of course not all of us fancy MSFS and will stick for many years to come with P3D, but how many will that be? I'm now speaking only for myself, so please don't scold me for this, but if I'd have the chance to get MSFS in let us say one year and if it would take Orbx also one year to come up with OLC Asia, I would prefer the MSFS version and that is why I would not prepay for OLC Asia. But again, that's just me and many of us here will certainly have a different opinion. Why do you think I believe that the MSFS version is a bit superior? Well, I'm not allowed to talk about this
  11. Great pics and, MAN, I love your little stories you throw in from time to time
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