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  1. Thanks for diving into the history of the Bae 146, I flew in her quite often. What a superb plane! And two nice shots, btw
  2. Very nice shots, John, although at least on my monitor, they look a bit dark, if I may say
  3. Great shots, buddy, and of course some predictable flying, given the color of that plane. But when you say, it's new, what is new about it? Is it any faster than the old one? Or is it just, that the new one works in P3D 4 and the old one doesn't.
  4. That RV must be a rental, TTM. Those guys have no clue, where to park
  5. Cool shots, TTM, I "only" have the Alabeo Waco (I guess you have that one too), but this one looks also very nice
  6. Many thanks, Iain Thank you very much, John Thanks a lot, Gerold I'm happy that you like them Much appreciated, buddy Thanks, Martyn, I'm really happy that we have a Duke for XP11 Many thanks for your kind comment, Adam
  7. Wow, now THAT is an unusual destination. I wonder that they even let you taking off in the Phantom and did not arrest you in the first place
  8. Oh yeah, I have been there once in January, sooooo cold Great flight and very nice heli
  9. These are just beautiful, Scott. Well done !
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