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  1. What a nice, peaceful rural setting, Adam; well done sir!
  2. Many thanks, buddy. I never flew in it in RL, only a couple of times in the 707 in Asia Thanks a lot, Iain Yes TTM, XP11 Many thanks, John. The Diesel 8 might look a bit out of place among all the modern jets Many thanks, Karl. As Lars already suggested, probably coal Absolutely, Gerold Many thanks, John Glad, you like them, Adam Thanks a lot, Laurie Luckily we didn't have to inhale, what was coming out of them
  3. What a tour, Carlos; many thanks for taking us along
  4. Victoria, BC to Portland, OR. Sorry, Iain, the first shot is partly non-Orbx, only the first
  5. A yellow one, that flies inverted Great screenies, buddy!
  6. Very nice trip, Lars and I fully feel with you re the ugliness of what P3D (and FSX and XP11) has to offer for this wonderful part of the world. If you allow me to say this: luckily there is help around the corner. Trust me, I've been there
  7. Superb screenie, Adam !
  8. My oh my, great stunt and wonderful screenies, buddy
  9. Magnificient screenies, Adam !!
  10. Thank you all very much for your kind comments, gents
  11. Many thanks, Jack and Eberhard. Here is the link on avsim for the livery, Eberhard. It's for FSX, P3D. I have converted it, so I can use it in XP11, but I have not uploaded it anywhere, as I'm not the author of this livery. https://library.avsim.net/index.php?CatID=fsxacrp In case it's not working, search in the avsim library for Waco and FSX and you'll see it. There you'll also see my conversion of it in red (published with permission of the author)
  12. It will; sorry, I can't say more. Despite all the hype about a new sim, I'm still extremely happy with the TE series
  13. And don't forget to download the free Emo site, which is available from the Orbx freeware product section
  14. Detlef, I think, we just have to exercise a bit of patience and wait for a solution or do as Nick already suggested, post in the English section, using Google as translator. Has anyone btw sent Fredi a PM to find out, what's going on? Bernd
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