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  1. Great screenies and you got yourself quite some weather there, wouldn't want to be in it
  2. Thank you very much, John I think so too, John Many thanks, Iain Wow, I'm happy that you like them, Pete Today I think so too and many thanks for your comment Thanks a lot, Martyn. And yes, the area is really breathtakingly beautiful
  3. Wow, what a plane. Is this payware or freeware?
  4. Superb screenies, my friend. As you mentioned earlier, this is P3D, this is OLC England then
  5. Excellent shots, Martyn. Next time you venture to my home town, please give me a shout and I'll treat you to a nice lunch. Btw, our city has nothing to do with Munster or any cheese. The town is called Muenster (or with an Umlaut Münster in German )
  6. From Lee Vining to Pine Mountain Lake Airport A few years ago we parked our RV in Lee Vining at the Mono Vista RV Park, and used it as a base for some hiking (of which our daughter wasn't too fond of ). But I didn’t dare to drive deep into the park with our 34-footer. Now of course with an airplane, that’s a different story Funny to find such a race plane here in the wilderness Along the Tuolumne River, which will lead us to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir And here is the reservoir The airport comes into sight. The lake that gave it its name, is further out to my left Oh, how I love those trees right in front of the strip Whoever in the ORBX family developed this scenery, my hat off to this team. Like many of us here, I have many ORBX sceneries. This, I think, is ORBX’s best one!
  7. Fantastic, Pete. I did a similar flight yesterday
  8. Welcome to the family, Martyn; I do that all the time
  9. No, my dear friend, of course NOT!! It was just a joke
  10. And you dare to go there for a swim? It would scare the living s...out of me
  11. Great shots, as always, Gerold. But which ones are ORBX and which ones real Martyn, you beat me to it
  12. I'm not sure, but maybe not, as the front of the plane is white and not blue like the engine covers I love it!!
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