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  1. These are just amazing, Adam
  2. Very nice ones, Scott. You should have been there two days earlier for the fireworks.
  3. Great screenies, John. I wish, we would have some of this here in Northern Germany
  4. Hahaha, no they didn't, Andy, as far as I could hear, they played Waltzing Mathilda, but the Dubliners version
  5. Many thanks, John Glad, you like them, TTM Initially it was a bit of a challenge, but after I had finally installed the FSX/P3D Nielsen AI ships successfully, I just wanted to go one step further. Now I have my own ship simulator too Thanks a lot, Adam
  6. Superb, John. I like exploring those little gems too. It's sometimes even more interesting than flying around them
  7. Great shots with this little bird. I hope you had a sufficient amount of Schnaps with you, to keep you warm
  8. Great screenies and a nice plane, Adam
  9. Luckily, in our sim, we can always start over. We can also fly while drinking a glass (or three) of red
  10. Great screenies, Richard. I assume this is the Captain Sim Herc. I also have her in MSFS, but I couldn't get the gauges to work and whenever I enter the VC, the side windows pop open. But otherwise it's flying very nicely
  11. After having installed the freeware Henrik Nielsen AI ship scenery in MSFS, I wanted to see how single ships would convert. Some work, many don’t. This awesome freeware FSX battleship Scharnhorst by Klaus Novak ported over successfully. So, here we are shortly before entering Sydney harbour. No worries, my friends, I come in peace. Me and my mates just want to enjoy a few cold ones at Mosman Rowers I hope this guy doesn’t get a heart attack, when he sees us Finally the harbour in all its Orbx glamour
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