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  1. "Don't be humble, you are not that great" I like this one a lot, it's from Golda Meir That's funny, my dad once told me a similar thing: life is too short to drink cheap wine
  2. This is one heck of a thread. I don't understand all of it, but it's sure fun to read it all
  3. That's what I experience too. It's a trial and error, some work out of the box and some need major surgery
  4. Fantastic job, looks really excellent. And nice pics, Pete!
  5. Wow, superb! I assume you did the port over. Do all the gauges work?
  6. Excellent shots, Adam. How did you get the Northern Lights working?
  7. Many thanks, Wayne Oh yes, Jean Marc, there are quite a few. To start with, the FSX Acceleration P 51 Mustang works very well, with all gauges working. Also the a2a P 47, the freeware Milviz Stuka, Milviz P 38, Just Flight Mk 1 Spitfire or the Aerosoft Catalina, all work fine with most of the gauges functional. If you are into older planes, also the Aeroplane Heaven Bristol Bulldog works fine. Many thanks, Gerold. The conversion is unfortunately not that simple. You need a plane converter, that does it for you. There is a good freeware one available: htt
  8. Hi, yes, I could, and I can, full circle in both directions. I just tested also the Icon, same result, full circle in both directions. So maybe there is something wrong with your Icon installation.
  9. Hahaha, "Goosebumbs" is the right word, thanks Roger Many thanks, Dario. Have you received your commission yet? Thanks a lot, Frank, especially for this wonderful scenery!! I have ported by now quite a few free- and payware planes over to MSFS. Quite a few of them look actually better in MSFS than in FSX/P3D, especially their VCs Many thanks, John. But you should join us, drinks are on me Thanks a lot, TTM I'm glad you like them, Adam
  10. Superb pics, John. I really like the Orbx TE series, as good, in parts even better than MSFS
  11. I think those two are a perfect fit: Cityscape Sydney by Orbx and the good old Goose Redux by the former Oz team, which I was able to port over to MSFS. The only drawback: as the gauges were not modeled in 3D, they don’t show up and I’m not smart enough to redo them. But otherwise the Goose flies quite well. “Parked” here at The Rocks parallel to Circular Quay West and George Street The location offers a great view of both, Harbour Bridge and Opera House Ok, let’s go flying Oh well, you know the drill: if it’s yell
  12. very well done, Dario. I had a few freeware add-ons for Sydney and I thought, hhmmhh...do I really need this. After all, those freebies look nice too. But having seen your screenies, I threw the freebie stuff out and just bought the real thing. Downloading as I write this
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