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  1. OF2 beta bliss in the PNW

    What a superb set of screenies, Jack. I love everyone of them
  2. Taking the plunge

    Excellent scenery indeed and a superb flight, Martyn. I love your barnstorming
  3. MacRobertson Air Race - leg 1

    What a superb idea. I look forward to your next legs, buddy.
  4. Inspired by Martyn

    I can imagine, Jack. I was just teasing you a bit
  5. Living dangerously

    Great flight indeed You bet, Martyn
  6. Inspired by Martyn

    Superb flight Jack. That old bridge is pretty tight I thought, when I saw you flying under it. Now...doing this inverted might push the envelope a bit too much
  7. Breaking my Neckar!

    Superb screenies, Martyn. The scenery comes spretty close to reality
  8. I might need a Speyer plane.

    That was very entertainig, Martyn, as were the comments, especially the one from Paul
  9. Pemberton CYPS to Lillooet CAR3 in BC

    Absolutely, John, my friend
  10. Ship Hunting

    Great shots, Paul ! And if you'd fly a Harrier, you can also land on one of them container ships. Remember, It has been done before
  11. Pemberton CYPS to Lillooet CAR3 in BC

    Thanks Iain Thanks a lot, Jack. It was great fun to fly this bird Thank you so much, my friend Great that you like them, Gerold Thank you very much, Martyn. Can you imagine, living in one of these valleys and hear the thundering roar of an old Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engine right above you....aahh I would be in heaven
  12. Over the Anderson and Seton Lakes The eastern part of the Seton Lake With part of Mt. McLean to my left I fly into Fountain Valley If you look closely you can spot the Lillooet airstrip above the wing tip between the trees I have to admit that of all the wonderful sceneries, ORBX has developed over the last couple of years, PNW remains my all time favorite. The plane is the Just Flight F-4 Birdcage with a few alterations to the cockpit textures done by yours truly
  13. LDPL - A few from me

  14. Shiver me Timbers Matey┬┤s

    Hey Robert, where in GES is that?? Just kidding of course. I love these shots