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  1. Ahhhhh only 32 bit, that would explain why mine crashed when i tried to run the the program. I guess we will have to do more waiting. Did your's do the same Brad? If you could PM me when you hear more that would be great.
  2. I hope this aint been posted before but here goes........To all those people who purchased a G940 HOTAS and have been waiting for the LED color support for FSX, here it is. I have not tried it yet but i will on my days off. Please let us know how you go. http://www.flightsim.com/file.php?cm=SEARCH1&fsec=98&sortby=Date&sortdir=descending
  3. I overcocked an i7 920 to 3.8ghz on a p6t board, on air, with a noctua cpu fan. 40 degrees at idle, 60 under load. Totaly stable, no regrets. My advice; DO IT. Then decided to take the i7 to 4ghz using a EX-58, on air, noctua fan. 40 degrees at idle, 90 under load. Totaly stable, only, a tad concerned with that temp. I used BIOS settings, and hardware, recommended by Gigabyte. Im thinking of changing my cooling, and interested to hear if anyone has been in this situation. I have never had watercooling, and would only consider it if its going to help me here. Regards Tom P.S Total Distraction. Check this out.....http://www.draganfly.com/uav-helicopter/draganflyer-x6/ This would be great intergrated into FSX. GPS NAV, Oh yeah!!
  4. Im happy with the job of perth city by ORBX. However, it would be nice to have a user friendly ypph (with no construction site). It seems the tower camera view is either obscured by the inter terminal building or a tree. Im still tryin to find a heli pad. One on top of police HQ would be nice. RW Perth Airport is one that can only get better. Plenty of forrest to be chopped. I think the tunnels where PLAN B.
  5. I think it is because the RES that i like to run (1920 X 1080), because of my 40 inch LCD.
  6. Yep, i got your joke, your a funny bugger. Im used to it : W.A= Wait Awhile. Ive always been an advocate of somehow "snapping off" from the rest of you, and taking our diversity, resources, and vast open space with us. Its good to get away from all the Tech Savy talk once in a while and have a laugh
  7. Ok thanks guys. I Might go a faster GFX card, see how that goes. And Mozz, cheers mate. YPPH does not exactly "shine", and i can understand why the ORBX Team will be leaving that alone for a while, but its not a bad place, right Serge? I Think We are out-numbered :'(
  8. Hello everyone! Just like to say that this forum rocks and thanks to all those who are keen to help those in need. Sometimes i wish i knew a little more, so i could give some input Anyway, i was just wondering if anyone could help me with a minor issue. I get great performance in most parts of the FTX world, except in, and around Perth. For some reason Perth seems to be stuck on about 10 FPS, and everywhere else is up around 30 FPS. This can be a bit frustrating for me cause i live here. Rather that have me stumble and thumble my way around, to try and fix this, can somone give me some pointers, in either a software setting, or hardware upgrade? Best Regards Tom
  9. on my 40 inch LCD i use 1920X1080 Although if i fly in Perth, i decrease this a little, just to keep up the frame rates. For some reason i get good frame rates, everywhere except Perth.
  10. Well it doesnt sound like a hardware issue, so im sure you could do a re install without the fear of having the same problem re occur. I would personaly do a re install. Although it is a pain, im sure it will save you lots of grief in the long run, plus it will be a great opportunity to do some upgrades. I have personaly had a gutfull of vista, always makes doing the simplist of things (eg. moving, editing, deleting files), such a pain. W7 sounds like the go.
  11. From what i can gather; Lower end I5's do not have hyperthreading (if you plan to overclock, this should be disabled anyway) I7 systems seem to be more futureproof (depending on what motherboard you get) I7's have better memory bandwidth (Tri Channel), than the i5 (Dual channel) The i7 is also the way to go if you want to run multiple GPUs (SLI, Clossfire), not much use for FSX but may be desirable for other games. I would personaly go for the i7. Runs very nice at 4GHZ. There is a nice support webpage which runs through how to overclock an i7 to 4GHZ, using a EX58 motherboard. I Hope this helps
  12. I couldnt help myself, i bought the g940 and have had some issues with fsx (other that being denoted to first officer ) The joystick control seems ok, but the throttle, and pedals seem to be controlling my ailerons. I have everything calibrated in the Logitech profiler and all appears normal. I have googled my problem but no matches. Any pointers would be appreciated. I also get a little noise from the joystick base (sounds like a realy tiny hard drive, thrashing away), when the stick is dead center.
  13. Quote from a perth retailers website, by Logitech "We used military and commercial aircraft for inspiration and crafted the controls to look, feel, and work like the real thing—so you get a more realistic and fun experience." They obviously forgot about Airbus
  14. Well, i just checked out both the Saitek x65f and the Logitech g940, on various web sources. Both look like a much better flight control solution than anything i have seen before. At last, a throttle control that actualy looks good, and not like some baby's teething toy As well as a joystick, i still plan to have a flight yoke as well. (Airbus vs Boeing) Any one know or heard of a flight yoke with force feedback? I reckon that would be cool. I reckon i might go for the Logitech G940. Although it is a damn shame that the design of this hardware pretty much forces you to use the joystick in you right hand, and the throttle in your left. This would be OK for a fighter jet i spose, but what about the Airbus cockpit!! I was under the impression that the captain of an airbus used these controls the other way around Please correct me if i am wrong.
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