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  1. I think you're missing the big picture here Nick. I say your dismissive response to Gripper Sim in the other thread on this MSFS London Landmarks product. Rather than shooing off annoying customers, I hope you're feeding this up the line to John. .....because as it is, this release is going to set Orbx back years, and seriously damage their reputation in the community. (=lost sales). Seriously, this needs to be pulled until it's seriously improved.
  2. Just saw Grippersim's video, and simply cannot believe what I am seeing. The texturing quality and resolution is staggeringly poor. This is literally paying to downgrade the visual quality of the core MSFS product. Literally, flabbergasted that this has been released in this state!
  3. Hey guys, Just picked up Netherlands TrueEarth - it's fantastic! I did notice that a KMZ was not included with this one. I'd like to view the location of the 43 airports, to help with planning flights. I don't suppose any users have produced a KMZ for Netherlands? Cheers.
  4. This is Exactly what I was looking for, thank you! There are dozens of KMZ files across the 'net for the NA packs, but I couldn't fina any for the EU packs until now. Great work
  5. I do share this view. I love my Regions, but it's areas like OpenLC EU that I want to explore more (it's so vast!), and that is where I'd like to see more Orbx payware airports. Great that we got some amazing freeware for Germany from Thomas (EDBH, EDVR, etc - amazing), and now Porta Westfalia, but those are all in Germany. I'd like to see Orbx payware for interesting countries like;- - Spain - Portgual - Scandinavian / Nordic countries - Eastern Europe: Romania, for example, is stunning in OpenLC EU anyhoo! ........... there is one region I would desperately love to s
  6. a picture says more than a thousand words ........ FTX Norway has been downloading for 8 hours and 16 minutes today........ with constant dropouts. Currently at 99.5% and the download speed from FSS now at 9.7 kb/s ......
  7. UPDATE after constant failed downloads, I attempted to use FlashGet download manager to download FTX Norway. It ran for just under 4 hours, reaching 66.9% of the download, before then reporting a dropped connection from FSS, and a 0kb/s download speed. Still not able to download my FTX Norway purchase from FSS. FTX Norway is still the main 'banner' product shown on the front page of the Orbx website, and yet two of the usual FSS servers aren't available at all, and the two that are "CDN Global 1&2" have been so slow and unreliable today, that it's not been possible t
  8. Hello Gents, This is an unashamed moan - but not at Orbx, at FSS. I bought FTX Norway today and have been trying constantly to download my product, however the only download options available are the "Global CDN 1 & 2" options (there are no 'My FTX' or 'Google Cloud' options), and the offered download speeds all day have been horribly slow. I am currently getting under 100kb/s, and am being quoted that it will take 3 days to download FTX Norway's 3.6Gb files. To me this is a wholly unacceptable service. I am on a Fibre Optic High Speed Broadband connection and have veri
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what I was trying to say in long-winded post It seems that people who did what you did, and only have FSX:SE installed, are having problems with installers still trying to find the old FSX location. I kept my original FSX installed (and to be honest expected to have heaps of problems), and all installers I try are correctly finding the new Steam location. Very strange!
  10. One thing I've noticed regarding FSX:SE from 3 or 4 FS forums, is that not everyone is seeing the same results from trying to install the same existing addons into FSX:SE. I installed FSX:SE whilst still having the original FSX installed. My experience of then installing existing addons in to FSX:SE has been remarkably positive. Almost all (including all Orbx ones so far) installers are automatically finding and pointing to my FSX:SE location. Those that don't, usually let me manually change the file path to the FSX:SE location anyway. But I've seen other people attempting to install
  11. No that definitely won't work. I kept the boxed version of FSX installed on my PC, and then installed FSX:SE afterwards. All of the FTX Global, Vector, etc installers that I have run, have automatically located FSX:SE in it's correct location ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX ) without me having to do anything. I haven't gotten around to installing FTX England yet though, to check that. When you run the FTX England installer, and see the old (MS) path, is there a 'browse' button or icon that would allow you to manually browse to the FSX:SE location, that I've quote
  12. Just a tip for other users of this (in case you're a bit thick like me ) ; When installing you put all 8 'months' (seasons) into your scenery library........... .........but you only 'activate' the current month!! I tried the scenery at first, and as beautiful as it is, I had 6 FPS at most of the little airfields. It didn't seems right, so I experimented a little and realised that I'd activated all 8 month seasons - so effectively, I was rendering 8 versions of each airport at a time in the sim, on top of eachother!! Once I deactivated all seasons apart from 'December' the airports
  13. Darrington 1S2 has been a long term favourite PNW airfield for me: my FBO I guess. But I also love Vernonia, Stark's Twin Oaks and Creswell/Hobby and to be honest, one of my favourites is also the freeware Hoquiem KHQM which is absolutely payware standard to my eyes. My least favourite is KBVS Skagit, which I unfortunately had to unistall, dut to a severe frame rate drop and stutters, whenever the airfield is even in my line of sight.
  14. Hi Vlad, Ok no problem, I'll dash off and try re-running the module installer. Not done that before but I'm sure I can find where it lives. PS.... I am pretty sure I did get the 'nag' but still give it a go.
  15. ?? I linked a thread in my post above, that reports the very same issue! .... That thread contains at least a couple of other people reporting exactly the same problem. In addition, I've received a PM from another user on the forum who frustratedly has the same problem, and has given up trying to resolve it - just unistalling the airport instead. Surely, that's not the right outcome. I have tried 2 further reinstalls and the problem persists. If I set the time & season setting in FSX to any time at all where snow is featured, the snow 'flashes' or 'flickers' ON and OFF rapidly.
  16. Yes, I can confirm this problem. I bought Airdrie today and the snow texture on/off flickering is really noticeable. I'm concerned you've had no reply on this, in 9 days. Orbx - Could we have a response on this please?
  17. I bought Airdrie Airfield today, and have discovered it has a nasty issue when you fly there in FSX's snow reasons (Fall and Winter for this area). Many of the snow covered roofs on the airport buildings flicker very badly. This is not an AA type of flicker - it is the snow textures appearing and disappearing in sharp succession. I am using the latest version, along with the latest patch from the Support page. This is in standard DX9, with no custom shader mods of any type. I'm really hoping there is a fix for this, because if not, sorry but this airfield falls far short of the standards
  18. Thanks Ken. I'm partia; to a bit of PNG so will certainly check it out now. Actually I have the Pacsim PNG sceneries, and as far as I know they never improved coasts or vector stuff, so I should hopefully notice a good difference there using FTXG Vector. Cheers.
  19. I flew over from Britain to LFAQ, Albert, in Northern France, which is part of the fantastic FTX Global Freeware EU Pack 2. I made the journey in my new Piper Sport PS28 from Alabeo. Wide area scenery is FTX Global BASE and FTX Global VECTOR. Thanks for viewing
  20. Thanks Karsten - I'll try that. I've also been flying around the East Frisian Islands and the coastlines around there look great.
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