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  1. I'm not interested in the TE GB series, but the airports are interesting. I was wondering how the airports look in XP11 without TE. Is there somebody who tried that? Could somebody post a few screenshots of that?
  2. For me it wouldn't have to be all of Alaska; if only the Panhandle and the area of the current SAK scenery were covered, that would be neat. With the current sale going on and TE Washington being available I was wondering whether I should get that scenery or hold out for a "true" North America bush flying scenery. Washington is nice, but it is not really "bush". With the size of those files, I have to be careful in what I strain my HD with.
  3. Hi, can we expect to see True Earth titles coming up for British Columbia, Yukon or southern Alaska?
  4. I would like to use an OrbX Germany photoreal in both P3D V4 and XP11.
  5. Im wondering if GEN updates navaids as well, for example the new WSN NDB substituting the old WSR VOR, or relocates navaids to their correct location (BMN VOR for example is misplaced in P3D/FSX)
  6. Global CDN 1+2 brought the same problems for me, but CDN 3 seems to work. A similar problem arose with NRM as well, by the way.
  7. I also have problems with installing PNW. When I try to unzip the file, I get this error message: Alternatively, when I start the installation without unzipping the file, i.e. directly from the zip file, I get a prompt to insert a disc.
  8. Just coming back from a vacation in Sweden I'd love to see that country as one of the next FTX regions. It is stunningly beautiful! It would also be a neighbouring region for the existing FTX Norway.
  9. Thanks for this option. So many airfields to choose, so few votes to spend... Voted for all Canadian airfields around Whitehorse, Yukon, and some around Bella Coola to have more destinations to go from there. Unfortunately my votes were used up there so I couldn't complete that area
  10. Nope, but my guess is that the runway and approach lights won't work, as this is the problem with basically all older AS scenery.
  11. NiceX is not P3DV2-compatible, and it will never be, as AS has stated they have too many products that would require some serious make-over, so only new developments will be implemented into P3DV2; therefore I'd rather see Orbx include their own version of LFMN. I'm sure though they'll make the default blend in just nicely.
  12. If you intend to use Orbx scenery predominantely or solely, buy P3D. If you want to fly PMDG here and now and use many of the older sceneries available, go for FSX. Or, what the heck, FSX is very affordable nowadays... buy both. It won't hurt. From what I've learned so far you might want to consider two seperate HDs for the two sims.
  13. I love Alaska and especially western Canada, but I'm with you on this one. Personally, I have reached a point where adding more regions almost makes no sense anymore, because I can't fly in them all, time is limited. The PNW/PF/SAK/NRM combo is everything I'll ever need, I guess. Then on the other hand, some regions have only a small number of available airport sceneries in them, with very long distances between them. Pacific Fjords is an example for this. I'd love to see the available regions filled with much more destinations to fly from and to, especially the British Columbia/Alberta/
  14. Nice screenies, Heiko. Could you tell us whether airports received an update, e.g. EDDF having the new runway?
  15. Great to see there's more stuff coming for Alaska and Western Canada. Really looking forward to that.
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