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  1. Awesome shot's, it sure is a game changer, when does it come out for dcs ?
  2. Very nice will have to add this to the mix when it comes out.
  3. You guys are really pumping products out at the moment.
  4. ever heard of the old way of navigating it's a three letter word like gps M.A.P.
  5. lovely shot and a quick question what spitfire is that i know it's a tropical but what developer is it from
  6. very nice i love the first one, but one question where did you get that plane from.
  7. mine was A2A spitfire and NZSI from Orbx almost had the Spitfire for a year now.
  8. and yes i like it forgot to say that
  9. where did you get that hurricane from
  10. Hi guys, there is a competition here's the flyer, >http://www.fsxairsports.com/events/2012/stol/1013/ >http://dl.dropbox.com/u/85195138/FASA/Upcoming%20Event/BowermanSTOLFlyer%5B1%5D.pdf
  11. be careful with ssd and only buy Enterprise one's, Unless you plan to make regular back ups.
  12. nice shots very promising, can't wait for that and tacpack from vrs to blow them up (thats a joke)
  13. I fly few aircraft, PMDG 737-800 and 900, for Pax flights, if some one know;s were to get a AIR NEW ZEALAND repaint can ya let me know A2A Spitfire, Accusim, just for fun i love this plane and fly it alot, i've had it about 11 months and would have clocked some ware like 45h, A2A p-51, i am a member of FASA so i fly that in the air-races VRS FA/18E SUBER BUG one of my all time fav's i love the plane just for the fun of flying with it.
  14. amen also explore Milford Sound absolutely stunting in real life and very nice with ftx
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