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  1. Same issue for me. Sad it was never sorted.
  2. Alex, Several months off the sim. Just finished all my system upgrades and went straight to this after the new install and once again you F&*^*%$ KILLED it MAN!! Just wanted you to know. You never fail to impress as usual my friend! D'Andre
  3. I admit, I would have deffo pooped by pants if I discovered it in the livestream but nothing gets by these guys!
  4. Not entirely accurate: http://www.gettyimages.com/pictures/the-snow-capped-peaks-of-the-san-gabriel-mountains-can-be-news-photo-504726836 In Los Angeles you can surf at the beach and ski in fresh snow then go back to the beach and surf with only 45 minutes travel in between.
  5. Thanks guys and thanks to John for the post!!. Sorry i just saw this topic. Yes the livestreaming was coming from my iPhone mounted atop my camera rig. Unless thousands of dollars are invested in this like E3 coverage, this is as good as I gets for the time being. The goal was indeed for you all to be able to watch live through the iPhone in order to be able to be part of the fun but the actual audio and video was recorded through a separate high end camera for processing later. I sill have so maNY more hours of video to process so please bear with me it's all on the way!
  6. But why oh why did he use that aircraft?????
  7. Hi Maurizio, Just to be sure I understand correctly, are you saying the coverage area will now include Monaco? Like as a replacement for the Aerosoft Monaco or will your coverage area stop at the border? No doubt you would do a fine job with Fontvielle!
  8. Finally got around to this one. Found this after landing. FTX NOR installed.
  9. I love how in the profile pic he is already slapping himself in the forehead for having asked so many times...
  10. I noticed he used a heli. Even Iain is not yet ready to crash here just yet...
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