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  1. So does that mean we're not getting LC in P3Dv5 any time soon?
  2. Stand 7N has been removed... https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-06-18-AIRAC/html/index-en-GB.html
  3. Having already bought the UK2000 Bristol 2020, this doesn't look that much of a step up to want to change over. The building interior lighting at night isn't doing it for me at all. Rare that I say this about a UK airport but not one I'll be purchasing I'm afraid based on these screenshots...
  4. @Kevv Do you use Tomato Shade? If you do, try reinstalling or disable VC reflection profile in tomato
  5. That's because there aren't any - from the AIP: https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-03-26-AIRAC/html/eAIP/EG-AD-2.EGPH-en-GB.html#EGPH-AD-2.9
  6. Surely airports that are designed to work with Regions should utilise the same "season set"?! If a region is showing a particular texture set, then the airport should also!
  7. I believe the shimmering texture issue was raised here: Sorry if not, can't be bothered tracking back through it again while waiting on SP1
  8. It doesn't always rain in Scotland - I remember we had sun one Wednesday...
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