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  1. Misha your an artist right enough! Looks amazing and a perfect VFR addition to my California collection
  2. NA SCA My Final Shots.

    Merry Christmas Iain and thanks for the coverage...its another region that just has to be added to the collection!
  3. KFHR Friday Harbor my first look.

    Looking P3Dv3 sweet Iain great shots.
  4. Some truly epic screenshoots among these...now stop teasing and release it already
  5. FTX EU-WLS Welshpool EGCW - P3Dv3

    Looks like yet another stunner, somewhere to park the C182!
  6. Brilliantly put John and couldn't agree more. It's the 0.01% that threaten to jeopardise the existence of the developers that create the magic associated with the hobby we love and all the inconvenience in the world is not justice enough - we all have a responsibility to challenge anyone we know engaged in this illegal activity.
  7. 1. EGHI Southampton 2. EGPB Sumburgh 3. YMML Melbourne But agree its hard to narrow it down to three!!!
  8. Some really stunning shots thank you...this can't arrive soon enough! :)
  9. EU-WLS Welshpool EGCW in P3Dv3

    Coming on nicely
  10. The Great Glen... FTX EU Scotland in P3Dv3

    Some wonderous lighting on show...bring on that installer!
  11. The full fat FTX EU whilst not photorealistic has all major roads landmarks and built up areas that absolutely can be used for VFR navigation and is a major improvement over just ftx global.