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  1. I was about to ask the same thing about P3D airports. My guess is it won't be long until this also goes the way of FSX.
  2. +1 FSX like FS9 just refused to die and soldiered on for well over a decade. Now there is XP & P3D that are still in their youth, relatively speaking - but here comes the reincarnation of the FS series. Now I am slowly coming to realization that P3D v4 is going the way of the dodo now. From one point, I get it. As a developer, you don't have to spend time/energy working on photoreal imagery to surround the airports - that is largely built in, from what I gather. Now you can focus on the ground materials and 3d objects. It probably saves big costs for all that ima
  3. I have seen photos that didn't look this real.
  4. Hey thanks guys - I don't post here often enough to really be remembered, so for me it was quite a pleasant surprise to spot this thread this morning. I appreciate it, thanks for thinking of me. Now I just need to decide which and how many Orbx airfields I can fly to/from before the game comes on (Go Seahawks).
  5. This is a deserving winner. Nice job ydelta - tell us which product you decide on!
  6. Already own these - but was planning to grab Donegal at some point. Any plans to include this one?
  7. I still cannot believe she has allowed me to keep living here this long... still, cheaper than drinking and gambling, I think.
  8. NavySKCS - am I correct in assuming you were a senior chief SK in the Navy?
  9. I grew up near there as a kid. We used to vacation right up ahead past your left wing in your second shot... great place to be this time of year.
  10. Jack I didn't think it did, but sure enough - they did use the cargo version for a good while. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroflot_fleet
  11. #03 is AYPY Port Moresby #04 is LDRI Rijeka #05 is YBCG Gold Coast
  12. I have been waiting for these shots when this scenery was released. In fact, after a couple weeks I started to get worried... had to check on you, Jack.
  13. Go over to MAIW and have a look around over there. All AI military traffic you will ever hope for, and more.
  14. Larry there are two, aren't there? One based in Everett and the other in Bremerton. But that's just where they are based - the carrier ops occur elsewhere. Pete, ah so you are one of us! I was special projects in Brunswick - one of the backroom guys. That's where the Ripcord name came from - unfortunate training mishap.
  15. Happy Birthday Brad (John). Health & Wealth, all the best!
  16. It was shown in the year-end road map. We may see it in the second half of 2020 (hopefully), unless we are wiped out by some other biblical plague. God save Tim Harris.
  17. Marcus this is incredible and it is a destination that we've been missing. The photos are impressive - both in quality and in sheer size of this project. You are crushing it, man!
  18. This looks great - I'll be getting this.
  19. This is good - I was planning to add these two at some point. Hope they do Calgary some day - wait, they already have. Maybe they need to update it? Hoping to get that as well. I own Panama City from FSimStudios so I wonder if that will also be migrated over to Orbx. Not a burning question, since it is installed and working, but curious. EDIT: Read the announcement more carefully - products developed before Edmonton won't be affected. That's a bummer.
  20. Pete, love the shots - including the gray ones. Grew up about an hour or so from there. Strangely, never made it to that air museum, so that's still on the list.
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