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  1. Iain's Final Shots. This feels right - once again the world makes sense, just for a moment or two, in any case.
  2. Help me understand this - I guess Orbx is not going to do their version for MSFS?
  3. I know I gripe a lot about having fewer new products being offered for P3D than MSFS, but I do understand it - and I like that Orbx is continually/gradually reworking their old classics and giving them new life in MSFS. I applaud you for that. It is good to know all that is going to be there for me when I do finally decide to make the jump over, later when the sim is more fully baked.
  4. That's great news. Looking forward to ESSB as well. Thanks for continuing to support P3D... many of us prefer simulators that are actually done.
  5. I was about to object to your comment, Ron... then I realized I also don't understand bespoke. evidently it means ' custom-made '.... so how 'about that? learned me some proper English today, didn't I?
  6. Two comments... This airport has been needing some attention for many years - I had always hoped Orbx would do this one. Very good choice. It will be among the first that I purchase when I eventually move to the new MSFS. Second, wow... this is the whole city! It appears to be two products in one - the city and the airport! Incredible. What a massive project, Marcus...! Amazing.
  7. Love it. Keep these conversions going, boys.... I am going to want my Orbx environment ready and there waiting for me when I finally make the move.
  8. The Chair Force is on station. Happy New Year to all - all the best to you OND.
  9. Merry Christmas Don, thank you. Best wishes and a much anticipated Happy New Year to all here in our humble forums.
  10. May your holiday be merry and bright. Cheers to all, and thanks for everybody that contributes to make this community that makes so many of us here feel at home - starting with you, sir, Mr. Emms.
  11. I would love for Orbx to roll in and seriously dominate the regional airports of France offerings. I'd support that effort.
  12. Abriael, you are clearly a writer. I've hired blog post writers that aren't as productive as you. You dismiss views of others here as irrelevant, and then then you go on to call the 'game vs sim' argument as absolutely ridiculous. And several paragraphs on, you follow that up with the following statement - Try simulating ANYTHING at all with P3D without loading tons of addons on top of it, and we'll have a good laugh. Did I get that correct? I tried to type it out verbatim. So which is it? Sure looks to me like you are a major proponent of MSFS. BTW wh
  13. Hmmm... I'll have some of that, thank you. Oh crap, it is for MSFS only. Damn, I just bought it. Oh well, it will be there waiting for me when I eventually make the transition.
  14. I will be purchasing this to round out the collection. Planning on about another good year of P3D and then it's probably on to a more mature MSFS by 2022.
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