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  1. Man, this brings back some fond memories of PNG airstrips.... fun little approaches these are!
  2. Now you will want every one of those AU airports. I remember how this started with me - how many years ago now?
  3. Another great shot there. love the ground shadow.
  4. Great shot right over the threshold!
  5. I'd picked up this DR400 Robin and still hadn't really played with it. Decided to give it a turn around Whangerei (IRL this plane is based nearby apparently). Not one of those that shares are lot of shots very often but I thought these might suffice. NZNI in full glory along with Active-Sky Weather Didn't bother cropping out menus and extra bits, for the most part - so just the raw shots fellas. Cheers
  6. Happy Birthday Tony. Enjoy your day - best wishes.
  7. Yes but nearly half of Asia is Siberia. That's 9 time zones of birch trees. The primary areas to focus on there will along the main rail lines and major rivers -- basically where the main population centers are. Plus I suspect data - really good accurate data - might be hard to come by anyway. Mongolia is probably similar with the obvious exception of the Gobi desert. Pretty country, though. I'd love to have a decent OLC for Asia. In fact I was a bit surprised Orbx didn't do Asia first, ahead of Africa.
  8. Outstanding - looking forward to this if/when you create a version for P3D.
  9. Wow some vast and diverse country to fly over in Namibia. Great shots in capturing that.
  10. Iains I guess somehow I was looking for a new set of previews like this as it just seems to have listed my spirits a bit. Well done.
  11. I do miss it, for sure. And I am happy in green (if not beautiful) Texas.
  12. Photo #6 is my home town. Can almost see my high school. Great shots.
  13. Arrrgghhh... lots of new airports to put on the cc. Good times!
  14. I enjoy these kids of personal story posts, and this is such an interesting project, in a number of ways. Honestly I didn't realize that there is a big alpine skiing area up along the border area there so now I am tempted to go for an advance recon flight just to have a look around.
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