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  1. Yeah baby, fire up the hype train! I need a ticket to ride.
  2. Those RAAF bases by Lawrence are maybe the best I have ever seen in FSX/P3D by anybody ever - as far as military scenery. Well, maybe the RAF Lakenheath scenery and several other RAF bases by the guys at ACG Scenery. That is the gold standard, right there.
  3. That it is a great shot, sir.
  4. Yes this is another great destination in Europe. Love this choice, looks great as always.
  5. Maybe not even the whole state -- just the SW part, with Kodiak and the Aleutians, maybe up as far as Bethel, that would be epic. Would love to also have Nome & Kotzebue as global payware airports -- something like what they have already announced for Barrow.
  6. Iain enjoy your day. Health and wealth and all the best things to you.
  7. I know this place Larne. Caterpillar owns a company there, they make generators/engines, etc.
  8. Heh, no. Not speaking. But my listening comprehension is adequate.
  9. This one was an outstanding selection by the team. Something for every kind of flyer.
  10. Clatskanie OR, Springfield OR, Kelso WA Monterey CA, San Angelo TX Sinop, Turkey Pensacola FL, Brunswick ME Seattle WA Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, out in Russian Far East Moscow, Russia (twice) Houston, TX
  11. I feel you. It is a bit hard to relate to others, or for others to relate to you, having had that kind of life experience in all these places.
  12. Still seeing off the old year here, Iain. Best wishes to you in 2019. I enjoy all your contributions and efforts in building our community here that is so welcoming to so many. Cheers!
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