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  1. Fortunately you weren't stuck in Lodi again. Loved the shots. That approach shot over the airfield was really good.
  2. Good I was needing to add that one - now I'll hold on and get yours.
  3. What a great addition this will be! Great choice, guys. Looks incredible.
  4. I have been fishing there a couple times...
  5. wait, Koblenz means 'confluence'...? I guess that would make sense. Loved the shots.
  6. Hey Goose, love that you put yourself out there. Do this... Head on over to FSDeveloper.com and get started over there. Tons of training videos and material.
  7. Unable to download here as well. They are shown to be 'unavailable'.
  8. In order to cover the world in TE goodness, you need to have the satellite imagery at a high enough level of quality. Not an expert, but securing that kind of imagery in less developed countries will be tough sledding (forget about China or Russia). And because there is cost involved, there needs to be a real market for it. So based on this,, and for the reasons that Lars notes above, I honestly feel that the majority of the FS globe will continue to be LC based. No need to feel abandoned. And calling out JV over his statements of which projects are due when is just moronic, I am sorry. We've paid nothing for any of these products prior to release, and some here act entitled as though they have. I suspect that this only serves to make JV want to divulge less. Surely there is a more 'encouraging' way to relay that we are impatiently waiting....
  9. Changes almost each time I fly down there. Last time it was YWOL.
  10. My favorite airport is the one that I haven't visited for a year or so... it is like a brand new gift, a toy that I had forgotten about and I get to rediscover it and play with it again like it was new.
  11. That is what I thought. Important to have a nice solid foundation! Wow. I really cannot believe you made my high school as a POI. Now you have to do Hilander stadium...
  12. Roger, I was just wondering yesterday about you. Glad to see you here, been a while.
  13. Wow. Sure enough, looks like the place. Byron, it is very tall, however, like twice the height above ground that it should be. I would imagine this was done on purpose?
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