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  1. LDPL My Final Shots.

    Yep, I know what I will be doing tomorrow am while the wife-unit is still fast asleep....
  2. Ship Hunting

    Great book, OK movie, and fun game. I remember having a lot of gun in that game back in the day.
  3. North Island

    There are only two full fat regions that do not have at least one payware airport -- well, maybe three now that GES is out, but I am sure that one will be getting some new additions.
  4. North Island

    While maybe not a crime, it is still a minor offense that ORBX doesn't have at least one payware airport offering on the North Island. They make up for it elsewhere, but I still hope one day we see a project on NI.
  5. Vilshofn

    Thanks guys!
  6. Vilshofn

    My first trip in Germany South -- down along the river to Vilshofn at Passau. damn, forgot how to post a screenshot. I need to get over here a little more often...
  7. GES My Final Shots.

    Downloading now, just in time for some Oktoberfest flights. Well done ORBX Germany team!
  8. Germany South Frankfurt.

    Looking really good, guys. Bravo. This will be a most welcome addition!
  9. Cute kittens and puppies? Nah, ORBX exotics.

    Please let's not make this place into Facebook.
  10. Houston we have a problem

    If there are any among our FTX community members here that need a hand with something, please let me know. Or maybe we can team up and go help somebody for a day.
  11. Houston we have a problem

    We are back now. All is well. Getting caught up on life in general finally. Might be going to off later to help rip out damaged homes near us. There is just so much that needs to be done.
  12. Houston we have a problem

    Thanks guys for checking up on me. We are OK. About a week before, my family and I went on a road trip to DC. I attended a 3-day conference there, which ended on Sunday. Monday we drove down to Savannah GA, and yesterday to Orlando FL, to stay with some friends, since we cannot get back to Houston. We plan to go up to Pensacola or Panama City FL on Friday and stay a day or two up there, if we can find some low-cost hotel room there. Then we will go back home. Our little area in NW Houston is OK, at least so far. Our neighbors have been giving us reports. We will be taking some supplies from local people here in FL to take back to TX and donate to shelters. Not sure how much we can fit so it will be limited, but we will do what we can. Cheers
  13. Orbx Island

    What VH-KDK said -- same here. But I do like the PR idea. There are some good payware airports and a few good freeware renditions out there already, but there are probably still a handful that deserve the ORBX treatment. A better choice might be the Bahamas, but I'd be on board with PR. Actually, the BEST idea might even be the US Virgin Islands. Nothing good out there right now for those 3 islands. Who would not shell out some hard currency for St. Thomas, St Johns or St Croix (or all three) in full ORBX glory? You could throw in BVI as well, since it is all right there together.
  14. Richard, I really do owe you a pint of your favorite English beer. The detail in these preview shots is incredible. All your contributions here are very much appreciated, sir.
  15. Portland bridges

    These guys reproduced Portland pretty faithfully, I will say that.