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  1. Happy New Year everybody. Health & wealth, best wishes to all. Looking forward to seeing you all here in 2020 and beyond.
  2. Remember when all anybody could imagine was -- if only - we had a 64 bit version of this or that? Doesn't seem all that long ago, does it? We will see what this new MSFS2020 is all about when it hits the shelves. Going to stick with what I have and that is a very acceptable P3D.
  3. I really like overhauled and optimized. I believe I will have me some of that.
  4. This is going to be a perfect jump-off airfield - fly about 30-45 minutes in any direction and you will arrive at one of about a dozen ORBX airfield destinations (maybe more, didn't actually count).
  5. YES!!!! I always dreamed ORBX would do this one. Merry Christmas to me!
  6. BTW I love this project and I am super grateful for you having taken it on and seeing it through. And I hope you do more like this. Well done.
  7. Oh hold on! You did the local airport there and that USAF Base!! No kidding! Be sure to hold off on the static aircraft object placement over there, or allow us to deselect that as an option. I want to see all that big fat C-17 AI traffic goodness populating the ramps over on the AFB side. This is too cool. Really hoping to see this little trend continue....
  8. Love these port cities! Great parking for AI ships...! So what is that little GA airport there? That looks like a fun little addition, doesn't it? Is that KJZI?
  9. Gerold, this is one is just outstanding - I love that you recreate these RL experiences in sim and share with us.
  10. Yes I will be having a healthy large helping of this. Great choice, guys! This will be fun.
  11. No issues - just go for it. Blends perfectly with FSDT Honolulu. Loving it.
  12. Love it guys. Finally ORBX has arrived in France. I suspected one day it would happen. Evidently this airport is also somehow related to Denmark - not sure why, but I see the Danish flag flying next to the French national flag. Should this have been Switzerland?
  13. Fortunately you weren't stuck in Lodi again. Loved the shots. That approach shot over the airfield was really good.
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